Spring Field Trip: Rodgers Gardens

I think everyones favorite time to go to the nursery, is in the spring. 
 Rogers Gardens is a famous nursery here in Southern California and going there is always a treat 
This living wall was right at the main entrance...it is just amazing.
My photos don't capture how beautiful this was.  
It even had blooming phaleanopsis orchids in it.
These cool little pitcher plants caught my eye. 
 They are really unusual.

This nursery is always so lush and they do a wonderful job of
 arranging flowers by color.

These huge spiraling ivy topiaries are fantastic.  
Can't you picture that in a large entry foyer?
They have tons of potted succulents.  
I like how they used the small olive topiary with the succulets around the base.

Look at those Japanese maple!  
Did you notice the little granite stone fountain in the front of the picture...I bought it!  
Its going in the center of the english rose garden in Ojai.  
I have been looking for just the right fountain for months!

At the rear of the nursery is the rose garden....and boy do they have roses.  
I'm talking hundreds!
Lots of David Austin's

This is "Tuscan Sun"  
I love this rose

New this spring is the Victory garden area.
Garden to table...and everything edible!

This was a sea of lettuce...
just amazing how many varieties they had.

Rogers is known for their wonderful huge hanging baskets 

Indoor plants of all kinds and lots of great cement pots to put them in.

Rogers has baskets and containers for just about everything
I thought this faux succulent was especially pretty
Wonderful quality silk flowers

I loved these bright yellow lilies all grouped together.

It was such a beautiful day
If you are ever in the Newport Beach area, you must visit this nursery.
You won't be disappointed!

  1. I love Rogers Gardens! My husband and I went there before Christmas, the decorations were gorgeous!!! I also did a post on it:) Your pictures made me want to get back there a.s.a.p.!!!!

  2. 1. That "Tuscan Sun" is unreal

    2. I'm kind of in love with the topiary succulent combos

    3. Must go to Rogers.

    Happy gardening,


  3. What a beautiful nursery! California sure can grow anything! Colorado is a tough climate to garden in.

  4. I went to the nursery today too. I could spend an entire day there.

    LOVE the fountain you got. It looks like the water falls down through the ground which avoids the nasty, rancid, mosquito and leaf filled cesspool. That's a smart way to go.

  5. I was SO excited to your post title - I just LOVE Rogers Gardens! I have a good friend who lives in Newport and I always make her take me when I'm visiting! It's always great at Christmas too - wish we had one in Texas!

  6. I may never get the chance to visit this nursery so thank you for the tour. David Austin roses are my favorite, I had over 70 but lost many in a freak freeze last year. I did be sure and replace my Abraham Darby though!

  7. I love Rogers Gardens! I have not been able to go for many years. Your photos are a treat!

    I like the suculent / herb combo. This would work well with Rosemary or lavender. They all like the heat! Spanish lavender underplanted with succulents would be a great color combo !

    I had forgotten about the hanging baskets. They are huge. I love the ones that they hung from the mature trees. The flowers are right at eye level.

    ~ Christie

  8. Your west coast plant nursery's just blow me away. The boxwood among everything else is amazing. I just purchased two little boxwood mini size round shrubs for $25 each. They look like a joke compared to what you have! My brother is in Pasadena and he is always bragging about his gardens - I can see why - Lori

  9. I just visited Rogers this past week! It's such an inspiration to kick of working in the garden for the season. I consider it one of the Southern California/Orange County crown jewels. :-)

  10. I live in zone 7 so we can't keep pitcher plants out year round, but during the summer I hang them by my back door and I've noticed A LOT less bugs sneaking in! They spend the winter hanging in the bathroom.

  11. hi kelley,

    i need to go there, i haven't been this year yet. i love the place too. no one does hanging baskets better. the fountain is going to look perfect in ojai. and i really should bring some pics of my roses and try to match them up and find out their names. oh and their indoor area is always to die for too. this will be a nice day trip, thanks for reminding me.


  12. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I got to go there last summer while visiting in the area. What a marvelous place!

  13. Such a beautiful place! I love that they arrange flowers by color, what a great idea! Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures!

  14. Hi Kelley, What an amazing plant nursery. Our plant selection here in Va is still rather limited. It won't be long until you will find me at the nursery every weekend.

  15. I've always thought that someone should come up with a business to incorporate into beautiful settings like this nursery, where they place tables and comfy chairs throughout and serve tea, lemonade, etc. Maybe have an internet connection? Wouldn't it be a pleasure to have an excuse to linger somewhere like this?


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