Animal House


I debated for about 6 months whether or not to  purchase this printed cow hide rug. It wasn't all that expensive, I think I paid about $400 dollars.
The thing that worried me was that I don't really like "cliche" decorating but animal prints in small doses are interesting. The pop it adds to so many different styles of rooms is why I like it and probably why it's so popular.   Read any of your favorite blogs and I guarantee you will see an animal print in every one somewhere, used in very  interesting ways.
The cheetah print pillows are a Barclay Buttera fabric and he uses animal prints in his rooms alot as most of his work is British Colonial inspired.  He is a wonderful designer, by the way!  The rug plays off the pillows.
The house below was designed by Carleton Varney and I love the  pink and lime green with the black and white...really fun.
There's the little cowhide rug peeking out from under the chairs.

We all love the accessories in animal prints and "hello gorgeous" Mr Manolo Blahnik and his shoes

Animal print inspiration:  An all time favorite of everyone and the set design was so beautiful in this movie.
I really like this chair from Palecek
Here it is in brown on a white spool chair from Patagonia Trading Company

I like the idea of the printed  pillows on this chocolate brown wicker from Mainly Baskets.  Love the orange suzani inspired pillow too!

This would look beautiful in a sunroom or guest suite, even a beach house.  Pillow from Williams Sonoma Home

The aqua and tan is beachy and  fresh looking
A girls room maybe or family room?

The bamboo lamp (from Jamie Young) feels right at home with the animal print rug from Williams Sonoma Home in a mojave color.  I actually like this one better that the one I purchased.

   This little stool is only $90 dollars at Bellacor
Here's the rug again

Fun stuff!

  1. My God Kelley your room is drop dead gorgeous. I had to go back and see if was your house or some image from a magazine. I'm not kidding. It is just beautiful. The pillows, the urns, the texture of the table all set against the gorgeous white. Really spectacular.

    I too have wanted to get a faux zebra rug for my living room. I think it would really look great with all the black and white. This has really inspired me.


  2. I just received on Friday my cowhide rug from Ballard Designs in a light brown all over color. I think I like it.....Still debating though. I love your rug and it looks great with your white linen sofa and accessories.

  3. Lovely lovely lovely. You always do that so well ;)

    I have a cowhide/zebra print...a bit more brown to it...also in between two white slipped loveseats. But recently (as I am getting ready to "re-do" the LR)...I have thrown it on an ottoman. Love that look too!

    Your abode is beautiful!

  4. Hi Janet, thanks as usual, you are such a wonderful friend!

    Deloris, I will look on-line at your rug , love to hear the comparisons and we should give everyone your recommends!

    Hi Linda, show us your stuff girl! Looking forward to that. PS Art work on your blog is just beautiful.


  5. The best use of zebra that I've seen in a while Kelley.
    BTW: I think you're better than Barclay Butera!


  6. I have this rug,,I bought mine Horchow's I believe,,have had it 2 years & I absolutely love it!!! It was in my foyer,,now it is in my living room over my sisal!!! Looks awesome & everybody has a comment about it & mainly how it fits me which is a huge compliment right?!! In the foyer I actually had friends that would step around it afraid to walk on it,,cracked me up!!! ,,I would jump on it going its ok look so its winter & decided to put it on top of my sisal rug in front of fireplace,,love it !! & would like to order another one to play with!! Thanks Linda

  7. Love the animal prints! Wish I could talk my husband into them...

    My SIL has a real zebra rug...the animal lover, that she is, was walking through antique stores and spied this lovely rug in the window. She went in...bought it without asking the price, because she couldn't stand the though of "Clarence" sitting in the impersonal window. (You have to know SIL...she is the one wild animals come to...for a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears.) "Clarence" has graced her home for more than 10 years...and he is truly loved. :-)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. Hi Kelley,

    Your zebra rug looks totally gorgeous, in fact your whole room does. I have to agree with Janet, your room looks like something out of a magazine. Is it always this tidy???? Is this room anywhere near your kitchen?? Do you put a room together over time or buy the furniture pieces quickly? When I first started seeing zebra rugs in magazines I didn't like them very much but over time they have grown on me, but I don't have one. I really like leopard print on chairs, in an office or an occassional chair in a living room. Thanks for sharing today, you know I always LOVE seeing pictures of your beautiful home. Oh by the way, I went and bought the antique bread board I was agonizing over and she slashed $60.00 off the price, so I was really pleased......sometimes the things we agonize over really work out for the best. Have a great week and I'll call in again soon.
    Take care.
    Tasmania, Australia

  9. I like to think moderate use of animal prints as a classic rather than a cliche.
    as usual your use of them and things you have pointed out are beautiful, timeless and classy!
    LOVE IT!

  10. Kelley,
    I've been debating on buying a zebra rug for my living room b/c it needs a "punch"..and I thought about the "cliche" part too ....but you've reinspired me to introduce the idea again....
    i think Carol is right: a moderate use of animal prints is classic....
    love the antique dog figurines on the mantel too!!
    Your living room is sooooo cool...just love it!

  11. Your room is stunning! Love the zebra print rug...and that coffee table is gorgeous.

  12. Hi and the comments are all really great. I did check out the Horchow site and they had over 50! yes 50 rugs with animal themes, most of which I really liked.

    I did look at the "real" zebra skins too on some interesting web sites and they run about $2000 and up. I think finding an antique would be fabulous! Thanks Jane for sharing your story of "Clarence"

    Janine: So glad you got a bread board and on sale no less! score

    Andrea: The table is called the Pigeon Cage and I think it is from BoBo Intriguing Objects

    Carol & Jeanette: I agree, I think it is probably a classic look too!

    Brooke and Artie: Thanks for the support and kind words as always!

  13. Hi Kelley,
    Beautiful as always--you have such great taste! My budget so far has only allowed for a couple of animal prints in the way of pillows. I find the older I get I am so very cautious about the purchases I make and wondering if I'll get tired of them or how long until I feel they are dated--uggh! It was more fun when I didn't over think things so much! Love to see your photos--you have such a great way of putting things together!

  14. Hi Kelli with an i: so funny as my sister in law is also a Kelly. I love all of the new Kelley's. A new shop opened up near us called: Kele's Klassic Kuts...I thinks that's a new one for the books.

    Thank you for the comment & don't worry about waiting to purchase, slow and steady wins always!

  15. GREAT inspirations! Terrific design and really well presented! Now if I can only figure out a reason to redo my family room that I just redid last year!

  16. Hi Cynthia, I know right! So very hard not to keep tweeking...


  17. Tweeking? After being inspired by you, I want to throw it all out and have the new look! Oh, and LOVE the coffee table.

  18. Hello ~I've just strolled in for my first visit...I've enjoyed taking a peek at your past posts. You've got so many wonderful ideas. Your blog is so beautifully inviting.
    We share similar tastes for so many of the same creative design elements.
    When winter landed on our provided me the motivation for a few indoor DIY projects. We're in the process of remodeling two homes. I'm always looking for new inspiration.
    It's wonderful how inspiring blog friends as yourself can be, that's why I love returning the gesture, by sharing cooking or DIY ideas too.

    I've joined your followers and bookmarked you in my favorites.
    I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
    Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  19. Kelley... PERFECT! Love it all! I have a brilliant idea... Move back to San Diego & you can work with me & my design team! You’re fabulous!!!!!!!! You have a great eye for detail. FUN FUN FUN

  20. Oh by the way my house is definitely an animal house... but we have dirty diapers, hot dogs, & cheerios... mixed in with a little milk all over the place. The perfect mix... Aren't you jealous? LOL


  21. Hi Sara & thanks so much for stopping by. I will definately visit

    Alexandra: I sooo feel your pain...but I really miss alot of that crazy "kid" chaos. I am hoping my son takes a job in San Diego and if so I will drop by for sure!


  22. I too have a cowhide "zebra" that is layered over a seagrass rug in my office. A few elitist design blogs are putting down the use of zebra because it is all over, but I say it is a true classic. Enjoyed looking at your blog after stumbling here b/c our blog names a so very simmilar, even though mine is not a design blog. I would love to hear what you or your readers would have to say about my latest entry, though. It is a design question regarding bathroom window treatment.

  23. My first visit...came over from Lime In The Coconut...wanted to see your lovely kitchen re=do. I think animal print will always be 'in'...I have several splashes of it in my home...leopard fur toss pillows, giraffe print pillows, giraffe slips on white director's chair, zebra pillows and throws. And Out Of Africa is my all time favorite movie because of it's beauty. I used to dream of living in my own house like 'karen's' in Africa. I loved the porch on that house. And her(Meryl's) wardrobe was divine.

  24. Hi to Shiny Pebble and Fairmaiden: thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! There are so many animal print lovers out there, who knew!

    xx kelley


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