Graphic Collectibles


Here are some really great collectibles with wonderful graphic appeal:  

So much fun
I would love to own any of these


  1. Oh La La...

    I really like the stop, school crossing, slow... etc. ones! Perfect for a kids room on top of an amoire {if they're small}. Great collections! :}


  2. I'm loving these! I bought an old foundry press a few months ago and was going to put it over the fireplace - but that quickly went out of sight when I decided to do the whole blue and white thing with my giant temple jar in the fireplace. I'm searching desperately for my large brass candlesticks - but they've run away and hid from me. Once this bathroom remodel is done - I'll have a better grip on it all! Right now my house is still upside down! Great post - love to see when you've got new stuff up! :)

  3. I love them all too. Gets my minding churning - I have the exact chair (the one with the cool wheels) same sort of chippy paint & patina too. I am going to attempt to add some wheels to it. Great post - Lori

  4. Hi LorI, I love the chair with the wheels too. Actually I love anything that has wheels on fun!

    Hi again Alexandra: I think the stop signs etc, were about 15x15 so not too big. Yes they would be great in the kids room, I agree.

    Hi Artie, I will let you know if I see your candlesticks running around any where!


  5. Fun stuff! I could picture any one of those things (or a collection of any) in your home. I don't collect anything, but am "eyeing" a few things to consider so it's fun to look at what others find or collect.


  6. Love it all...I'm really lovin' those old milk the ones you hit at a fun!

  7. Kelly,
    Janet from The Gardener's Cottage told me to stop by and check out your blog. She thought we had similar taste. It looks like you've done a great job and I can't wait to poke around a little more when I have time. steve

  8. Kelly these are great images! Fun, delightful, brings back memories!!

    Come and follow me as I am having a terrific giveaway soon!
    Art by karena

  9. I love all of this! Am going to the Alameda Antique Faire tomorrow and hope to find some things like this with graphic appeal. Great post!


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