Dear Mr. Grainsack, I love you but.....

Its over...I'm leaving you
It seems like just yesterday that we had our first fling, a little romance with a french bergere chair

You made my heart go pity pat and my friends just loved you, we were a match made in heaven

Oh my darling Mr Grainsack, I thought we would last forever.... but now I'm not so sure
You were my very first post, so simple and silly  
We were so inexperienced, you and I....we didn't even know how to upload

I loved you in spite of the fact you were such a country bumpkin with your scratchy surfaces and dangling burlap strings

 I used you in every way I could think of and found you so special and original.  I looked the other way at the mystery stains on your ticking.  I washed and ironed out your crinkles.
We were such a good match, you and I.  You were the peas to my carrots, the peanut butter to my jelly, the stripes to my florals
You and I seemed perfect in every way
So many places to go and things to do together.  We had such fun with our friends French ticking and rag rug.

I loved the way your arms seemed so strong yet so sweet, your stripes so bold and your printing so graphic
And what a  romantic you are Mr Grainsack, how could I not fall madly in love?
 Our relationship was strong and yet I found my self I spending too much time and money on you?

You started to follow me around every room in the house
I was beginning to feel crowded by you Mr Sack...I needed some space and yet I couldn't seem to let go, I felt possessed by some strange design disease
I even found a use for you in the bedroom, even though others thought you were weird and didn't look quite right
Then I started hearing rumors about your travels and saw photos of you popping up everywhere on the internet. You have become the darling of the blog my Grainy... my special Mr. Sack

At first I didn't mind it when I saw you visiting the upscale shops like Dan Marty and Juxtaposition Home.  I even looked the other way when you went to Texas to party with Joni at Olivene

Then I looked a little closer at the photographs and thats when I saw it.
 The ring on your upper left swatch corner!

Oh my god, Mr Grainsack...your such a FAKE.  You with your pretty new lable. Ha

And just yesterday I received this in the mail, sent to me anonymously, of course.

 There you were on page 56, laying on the couch with a bunch of embroidered birds

Say it ain't so my lovely and Pottery Barn?
I feel so cheap

And so my love, that is why our relationship is over.
You have crossed the line and left me no choice but to end our relationship.

Even when I brought you home today from the lamp shop with your new shades and your chunky little  bottom, my heart skipped a beat and I wanted to kiss you.

But enough is enough
What is left of us will be folded up neatly and put away in the closet, mere memories of the good 'ole days

I will think of you often and maybe even consider a reconciliation at another time perhaps, maybe in a few years but for now we are done, finito, kaput!

But please don't feel sorry for me my little Grainy... I'm already on the rebound 
French ticking called and we have a date

  1. Too funny!!'s over??? Because I myself didn't even have a chance to get started:) For once, a trend happened so quickly that it didn't even cost me anything-ha! Can't wait to see how you and Mr. French Ticking get along--hoping you'll share all the details!:)

    Thanks for the laugh (and for keeping us updated on what's "in" and what's on it's way "out")!

  2. Hi Kelli, 'mI glad someone saved some money cause I know I didn't!!!

    PS French Ticking and I have been dating for a very long time

    xo kelley

  3. sorry I wanted to say: I'm glad....

  4. That was a hoot Kelley! I must admit, I never dated Mr. Sacks;) but that lampshade in the second to last photo is swoon-worthy! Now, French Ticking- I have a definite crush there!

  5. Oh my do you really think so?! I afraid I am very invested and my furniture would look so bare with out the pillows. I love the photos of the lampshades! Still feel bad about the headboard comment from ages ago - I LOVE the headboard!! But I agree with you - with all the repros coming out the grainsack days may be numbered!

  6. That has got to be one of the cutest posts I've ever read...I'm with ya on the ticking.

  7. Oh, my gosh, I loved your post! And I just wanted to tell you that I can help you rid your life of Grainy once and for all - just e-mail me and I'll buy it all from you! It would not be the first time I had to take someone else's leftovers....!!!!! I'm okay with it though - if it helps you!!!!


  8. Cute.
    What about coffee with slippy slipcover?
    I have heard he has more than one look?

    Ha Ha,

  9. Dear Mr Grainsack,

    I have never had the opportunity to tell you this before but I have long admired you from afar. Infact, I can honestly say as soon as I laid eyes on you it was love at first sight!....

    Hi Kelley,

    Really enjoyed this post!!! I couldn't stop laughing, too funny. I hope this look isn't going to go out of fashion soon 'cause even though I have admired from afar I have never bought a grain sack. Maybe like a lot of things the original grainsacks will always hold their own but for the reproductions it will be a different story....ticking will always hold it's own, completely timeless (in my humble opinion). I suppose like most things, everything has it's day. You know how much I love seeing pictures of your home, today was no different, oh and those lampshades on the wooden bases just will keep those for a while won't you?? If I seen those in a shop I would have to have those, I'd be in and out of the shop so quick, I'd be a blur...Anyway, better go and clean the house or something, I think the house fairies have gone on strike. Bye 'till next time.
    Take Care
    Tasmania, Australia

  10. Boy do I hear ya on this one. Overload. I think Mr. Grainsack "sold out."
    I still love him though, but we need to come to our senses! Now French ticking is calling me too. I brought home some today for the living room chairs.
    Just discovered your blog! Love it! -Delores

  11. What a fun post. I still love the look; altho, I know what you mean. When Pottery Barn gets in there and stirs the pot to make it for all, it becomes a little less special. boo hoo. Yours are lovely. I want.....! cheers, -susan

  12. That is hilarious, I am in total agreement with you. Once Mr.Sack went into full scale manufacturing and production he changed. Out with the trendy in with the classic. Lori

  13. I never *loved* the guy....but maaaaan, his booty is ALL over town. Even walmart!

    Must say, your collection was one of the better ones though.

  14. One of the perils of sharing a good idea! Time to move on to a new "relationship"!

  15. Bravo Kelley! Well done! (or is it "Mr. Grainsack, well done"?! )
    I have to admit though, I'm just about to order one teensy more project with Mr. Grain.....but I do agree, it's saturated our market....what a bummer, cuz we had a good thing going w/"him"!
    But seriously Kelley, you must keep all those beautiful pieces & lamps you've've done the best work w/them....
    oh and how i LOVE that new lamp w/the weathered grey base....
    I noticed in one of your pics the front door opens 1/2 at the top! Oh, how I love California....we can only do that a few wks here (have the door or windows open)...cuz in Austin, either the mosquitoes, heat or cedar fever/pollen will blow in the door!
    Thanks as always, for fun reading/inspiring design....

  16. oh, yes, & this time of the year, even the cold will blow in through the door!
    like today!

  17. Hi everyone: a hugh thank you for all of the comments. I think we touched a nerve with the "Knock Off" merchandising thats gets every one feeling sort of ripped off at some point. I think it happened with the Shabby Chic look and before that the Southwest look etc etc.

    We can all enjoy our Grainsacks today however. The lamp in the last picture turned out really nice. The base is from the Wisteria Catalog and is very heavy and a great color, the only down side is it came with a very cheap Euro harp which had to be reworked to accommodate the new shade.

    thanks again for stopping by...kelley

  18. This is FANTASTIC! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!

  19. Too funny; I loved it!

  20. Love it! Your writing, that is. I never jumped on the grain sack wagon and I'm so glad. I'm over it. I'd like to double-date with French ticking :) Great, great, great. Looking forward to see what you're replacing it with.

  21. So, so funny! I do love that lampshade, though. It is great looking, but that happens sometimes with good looking men who get too popular - they cheat!

  22. Just found you via my friend/boss (Alex at rustic rooster interiors) We were in stitches reading this at work today!
    Love you blog!

  23. Fabulous post. It is a shame that it is everywhere, a little bit like father Christmas. I still adore them but only have a couple in our house which are the real deal as we live in France. We have a few real ones for sale but they are becoming harder to find since they became "chic" in the USA.

    The French are still wondering what all the fuss is about...

    Leeann x

  24. Hi Miss Hill Country...I so agree, nothing like a guys who's too popular to make us loose our minds!

    Rustic Rooster buddies: Thanks so much and I will visit you often!

    Hi Kerry: I love ticking of any kind. A few years ago I started using old feather filled ticking pillows for projects. I might just try that again...hummm

    Hi Leeann: American's can ruin a really nice idea in a heart beat, look at what we do with "knock off" fashion trends

    Janet: So glad you got a giggle or two!

    xx kelley

  25. LOL,,That was very tactfully Kelley,I can totally see French ticking perhaps on lamp shades etc..I missed the boat on this one but am very curious as to where you find your signs,,I also love them & am collecting but am finding it harder do you have some good sites that your willing to share if not it's cool but that is the first thing I notice,,btw,,Happy chinese New Year,,Year of the Tiger!!!!!!! Linda

  26. I absolutely LOVED LOVED your post. I have had a long time affair with Mr. Sack myself and have to say as much as I feel cheated by PB send me a line before you throw out a couple of those amazing lamp shades....hee hee. Great post! you keep it 'ticking'.

  27. Hi Linda; actually I find really great signs on ebay pretty often. I have become friends with a wonderful seller of salvage too. You can find him! Happy sign hunting!

    sheree8: Not ready to unload my Mr Grainey just yet but will let ya know!
    We still have feelings for one another : )

  28. i enjoyed every letter that you typed in this post.
    i am with you all the way.
    mr grainy is over for sure.

    this is my first visit and i will definitely be back.

  29. Hi Renee, thanks and I must admit to having a hard time letting go. What do you think? Anyone?

  30. I'm conflicted when it comes to grain sacks. I used them as pillow covers in my guest room, but I worry about over doing it. Then I see your home, and I think "I love this!", and again I'm reminded to buy what you love. Your bed is wonderful!


  31. Personally, when something makes it to Pottery Barn it almost always kills it for me. I like this retailer for many things, just not the attempt to mass produce something that has history and is really lovely. I also like the grain sacks, wish I could afford to do something with an original. All the images of your home show warmth, history and most importantly authenticity! So don't kick Mr. Grainy out just yet. It's so hard to be original, I struggle with everyday in my own home!

  32. Goodbye Mr. Grainsack - it was lovely getting to know you. Enjoy your new celebrity out in the mass market.
    Kelley don't look back - there are many fish in the sea!

  33. Ok,

    I think I have fallen in love with your BLOG, WRITING, HOME & YOU... He he he I was in my kitchen reading this post to my husband who chuckled as I was on the floor dying of laughter, practically crying. He kept looking at me like I was crazy. Loved it! Who cares what he thinks. Good bye with Mr. Grain sack... It's time to stop feeling cheap! Can't wait to see your next adventure. So fun! Keep on making "ME" laugh...


  34. I loved the writing and found your blog entertaining and I really love that, imagine, someone actually writing for the enjoyment and fun for a read by many....I always wonder why there are not more fun blogs, come on over for a visit, and I hope it will entertain you as well....i will be back for sure...Phyllis

  35. So funny! You can set them all to me. :)

  36. First time here. Your post had me laughing! I LOVE those big round chunky lamps, where did you get those??

  37. Hi Anita, the lamps are from the Wisteria Catalog. I had them rewired and then had the shades made to my specs. You would love them, especially if your a grainsack lover like me. Thanks for stopping by and Hi to Miss Mustard and Phyllis! kelley

  38. Great post about Mr. Grainsack. I love the pillows, but they are so expensive. I understand that you don't like them as much since they have become mass produced. Love your blog and will be back.


  39. I am a little late to read this- but it is so true. All of the wonderful vintage pieces feel so sad and lost once they hit Pottery Barn. It is so hard to keep your self out of the latest trend. Great blog...I just found you and am pleased as punch! It is great to find another person from OC by chance...

  40. Hi there,
    I'm a new visitor, thanks to Kim at Savvy! I'm sorry I can't open your shop on my iPad, because it doesnt accept Flash"! Anyway, you are a spectacular writer and creative spirit! Looking forward to knowing you better! (Poor Grainy...caught cattin' around!)


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