Added to the bucket list

 a few more little bucket lamps 
for the breakfast room
 these ice cream buckets are painted a wonderful aqua/teal green
 you may not remember my other bucket projects 
so here is one to take a peak at
 the custom shade I had made in fabric from those wonderful 
old drapery panels 
my new neighbor Ellie
so generously gave to me
you can read that post here and here

Ellie is hard at work renovating her home
 and I am hoping she will let me have a peek next time I see her!

 this is a small and sunny little space just off the kitchen 
and will change a bit when the kitchen is renovated
  there is not much room 
so every square foot matters
 I'm not sure how I will re-work the furniture 
but I like it in this cozy space and I think it is right for the age
and style of this ranch house in the country
 the roof line is really odd and low 
but can't be changed unless we pull the whole roof off
so that needs to be worked around
 I probably should have a table with leaves to extend the size of the dining area
but....just don't think I will do that either
 I'm sort of committed to the idea of small and tidy
which makes life pretty simple in this house
 there will be a window seat where the vintage planter is now 
so the lamps will need to be placed somewhere else
it's interesting how the vintage Ralph Lauren fabric on the shades
and the Benison fabric on the chair seats go so well together.

 I love these lamps in this room and will need to come up with some new ideas how I can work them into the new kitchen design
 do you have any creative ideas
or interesting spots for table lamps?
I'd love to hear your ideas

happy remodeling!

  1. I just love your lamps and especially love the aqua color. They are adorable! Also love your fabric lampshades.

    Once I am moved into my home in about three weeks, I have a old whiskey barrel that I think I am going to place a lamp on....

  2. Love those lamps! What a fun project! Love the color of them, too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Kelly, The lamps are fabulous and the aqua color..oh my! I am in love with the jars on top of your cabinet and I am wondering what they originally held. xo, Sherry

  4. Kelley the bucket lamps are so unique! I love what you have done with your room. The wicker and all of the cool colored glass jars!


    Art by Karena

  5. Love all of it! The wicker, jars, all of the baskets and lamps look so great! Loving those floors too.

  6. I just adore that room! Could you put the lamps on some wall shelves in the new design?

  7. I would crawl across hot rocks to get those lamps. they are wonderful...I don't suppose after you build the window seat that there will be room on either side to put small dressers with a lamp on each? ..the wicker in there is the best!...can't image how this room could get any better!

  8. Love the lamps!! I have one of the ice cream buckets in my garage and was wondering if you set a lamp down in it or did you wire it up for a lamp using the bucket??

  9. Those are the cutest lamps and are perfect in your room. I have a bit of a lamp fetish. Now I want to find a vintage ice cream bucket.

  10. It was a post re: your bucket lamps...or just a photo of them...which directed me to your blog...and keeps me coming back. I LOVE these lamps!

  11. I thought that fabric looked familiar! Good lord, I just go nuts for florals like that! I think I might like the floral in those shades as much as my favorite pillows you have!

  12. did you make those lights or found em already made? gosh my mom has some old ice cream buckets i may have to beg for em....but i never seen any that that cozy room

  13. TOTALLY PERFECT ROOM IN EVERY WAY. BUT, gotta say: are you totally sure you want a window seat? The vintage planter holding the lamps is just SO AMAZING, and you have the sweet other chairs......i placed a piece of glass ON TOP of my vintage planter to give my lamp & potted plant some height. That would really show your wonderful lamps in full view. Suggested w/heartfelt kindness. Please know this is one of my FAVORITE blogs. oh, the fabrics are the BEST.

  14. Hi Kelley,

    I've always said you are the queen of the lamp!! Good to see you haven't lost your touch. I love the style of the shade, perfect for the base (love that too). Not a huge fan of floral but I too would walk over hot rocks to have those for myself. Stunning!

    I don't mind the suggestion of Vintage Home....we all know whatever you do it will come together and look sensational.

    Read your posts via subscribe, I have missed commenting (and noticing your header and things have changed since I last landed here!).

    Always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  15. omg... I adore those lamp shades, and then to know they are from vintage curtain panels!!! I have some curtain panels from our first, old house (1930's/Portland, Oregon) and I'm always trying to find a perfect project for them!


  16. Your Ojai home is so charming and your ideas always fresh. Can't wait to see the kitchen re-do.

  17. what great coments! I love the little plant stand too but I really need more storage. The window seat will have drawers for storage which we desperately need.

    One of these days I will do a post on how these lamps are put together. It's really no very complicated but there are a few tricks!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    xoxo kelley

  18. Wow! The lamps are FABulous!
    Especially love the floral fabric shades!

  19. I vote for the window seat - storage is great and visually it will open the room into a more "outward" feeling! And I love an ice cream bucket and a chicken -they will find their place - good design always reveals itself!

  20. LOVE the lamps!!! Can't wait to see what you do:) I am sure it will be Fab!!! I will take the Milk sign off your hands if it doesn't fit in the new kitchen !! (we are dairy farmers so it would fit really nice here:)

  21. Oh my gosh, those shades are GORGEOUS. I have to admit that I'm not much a floral person, but those things totally steal the show. Wow.

  22. omg, I am loving this room.....I LOVE the lamps, that fabric is to die for!!!!! I love the chipped cabinet, the jars on top !!!! AWESOME !! I love a lamp in the kitchen.........sweet......

  23. The lamps look terrific, for sure, but what I really want to know is where you got those green-glass jars. I would love something like those in my home.

  24. Love, love, love those lamps. I'm a lamp junky! Can't ever have enough lamps, right? ~Delores

  25. I love your lamps and the custom shades!

  26. I just to a nice long look at the little house where you picked up that fabric. I love to see your creativity at work. Your bucket lamps look beautiful with your new floral shades. Love that's so cozy. I can practically smell the coffee brewing.


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