Bath Remodel: Done!

 This bathroom was a bit of a project, 
but now that it is done it feels great.
 It is very clean and unfussy.  
We opted not to have a door in the shower...just two large glass panels
 Positioning the freestanding tub on an angle is a bit of a challenge
 but it works well when you are looking to save on space.  
There is a lot of extra plumbing with a tub filler like this one too.  
Something to keep in mind if you have a tight budget.

All of the fixtures are modern and every thing is a chrome finish.  I actually like polished nickel too but chrome is sometimes a bit less expensive.
 The medicine cabinets will be trimmed out in rustic barn wood and I will be adding a few pieces of vintage furniture to warm things up.
 Bathrooms are really interesting to design 
because there are so many different components available...
In every color and shape imaginable.
Well, thats one down and one to go....

"Hats off" to my tile setter Mike! 
oh and my plumber Jeff
and my electrician Chuck
and my painter Dave 
and my  
This list just keeps getting longer!

  1. sleek, vintage modern amd rockin!!!

  2. perfection. did the restraint you use in color almost kill you? not what i was expecting from you ms colorful but i for one LOVE it.


  3. Beautiful! That tub looks like it's to die for!

  4. I bet sometimes you just sit in there with a little smile on your face, looking around!

  5. Gorgeous...hmm not quite. Divine...yes, that's it!! Those other words just didn't do it justice! I love it!

    Kat :)

  6. Beautiful choices and clean and fresh. Especially love the shower. We too left our door off and just made it a walk-in. Love it!

  7. it's the week of bathroom reveals!!
    love all the tile that you used- it is beautiful! I had that exact sink in Dallas except mine was the original 1950's seafoam green!! I loved it, and love seeing the design in your bath! Such a lovely space!


  8. That was quick (hehe)!!! The tub in the corner is so great...everything is so great! I bet you don't miss your scalloped sinks at-all!
    btw- I think the chorme looks fantastic, it has a more contemporary look that fits your more modern fixtures. We used polished nickel in the guest bath and chrome in our master for just that reason...brightens things up a bit.
    Well done Kelley, it's just bfeautiful!!
    xo J~

  9. Beautifully chic, Kelley!!! Can hardly wait to see the final photo with your barnwood in there! :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Oooooh, I can't wait to see the mirrors trimmed in barn wood! Your bathroom is sleek and beautiful! Love that you left a door off the shower. Gorgeous!

  11. Hey Kelly, Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! LOVE everything about the new bath - especially the trimmed edge on the subway tile above the sink. What a wonderful detail with great impact. All the best, Lori

  12. I love it!!! It's simple and still so beautiful!! :)

  13. Hi Ya Kelley,

    Your bathroom reveal looks beautiful! Love the bathtub and also love the sinks, and lights on the wall. I think I nearly punched the air when I seen how you have done the panels to the that's something I would like to try, a real no brainer to keep it clean. Do you miss the door? And does water go all over the floor when you're in the shower?

    Thanks for sharing. Love it!

    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  14. Kelley, it looks amazing. I can't wait to see once it is completely done with all of your fantastic touches!!!

  15. love the design! great job Kelley!! xoxo's nancy

  16. Wow Kelley, I love it! I am amazed at how perfect this bathroom turned out. I'm calling the contractor tomorrow to start my own remodel. Your bathroom inspires me!

  17. I so want that tub! My claw foot was my favorite but sadly, I had to leave it at the other house. I am looking for ideas for this new house. The standard tub is just not comfortable at all. And I am a soaker! Tell me about the tub and the pros and cons if you can.

  18. Nothing like a new bath. All the elements came together beautifully. I am especially partial to the lighting....are they vintage?

  19. Fantastic...I especially love the lighting and the tub on the angle. But the thing that resonates is that you put TWO niches inside the shower. I don't know how many million dollar homes I go to have the shampoos, etc. sitting on the bench or on the floor. YIKES!
    You are going to love this space for many years to come. Enjoy!

  20. Hi Kelley.....talent extraordinaire !
    Can you please send me the link to the rocking chair you redesigned with floral print cushions - I can't seem to find it on your blog?
    Thank you. A devoted fan,

  21. Absolutely gorgeous Kelley- bravo!! I would die to have a bath as pretty (and new) as this.

  22. the tub of my dreams :: beautiful!

  23. Thank you guys! Something about a new bathroom just makes us all happy! The bath tub is heavenly...the shape is super comfortable and it is really deep as well.

    More fun bathroom projects are just around the corner!

    Have a wonderful week!

    xo kelley

  24. Kelley so lovely and fresh. Where did you get those sinks they are perfect?

  25. it's beautiful! I am starting to think you can do no wrong.

  26. Love it, Kelley!
    We put in a new tub, love how it looks, but it is too long for me. Yours looks just perfect! Can't wait to see your colorful "flea" touches! I'd bet
    this is just the beginning!

  27. Oh! Wow, can't wait to see what vintage colorful pieces you add.

  28. Truly, a beautiful remodel! I love the floors...and the lighting. Can't wait to see how you accessorize it...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  29. Well done! So crisp and clean and overall perfect! Tub is to die for!

  30. Love, love, love your bathroom! I've been waiting and waiting for the final reveal, and then with the crazy Blogger meltdown last week somehow missed this. Gorgeous! Every single detail is just perfect! Love that you went without just the glass panels and no door - so simple and clean looking. The tilework is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Kelley,
    I got way behind on my reading. This looks wonderful. The tub and shower are a surprise. I LOVE the tile work especially. The marble details on the walls are great as is the wide border around the edges of the floor. The lights are beautiful but def too big for me to copy. The classic sinks are perfect as well. Very nice.

  32. lovely lovely...stunningly lovely!!

    ...did I mention lovely?

  33. stunning. frankly I think the tub at an angle was genius and makes the room seem spacious. I LOVE the tile work - it feels like a built in rug runner and leads your eye to the tub.
    Please post a picture when the the room is fully dressed with its warm touches because I want to see that as well.
    PS the chrome feels more retro and looks great - brushed nickel nice but trendy. just my opinion.


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