The Modern Country Bathroom....all the details

Come on in!
Finally.....sorry for the delay
but I had some weird issues with blogger 
As you can see,
 the star of this bathroom is the wonderful old table...
repurposed into a vanity
I found a wonderful old painted medicine cabinet and added a new mirror.
We actually took the back off because it was in such bad shape and then added new supports so it would be sturdy and functional.  
The color is a greenish grey and blends nicely with the colors in the Carrera marble tiles. 
It has that great old alligator finish and some wonderful hardware too
Here is the shower fixture from delta.   It didn't come with a matching hand held shower accessory, so I went through three different fixtures before I found the right one from Toto...lots of returns and restocking charges but it's all about the details right?!
The square head is so interesting and I have to say it is one of the best shower heads I have ever used.  Delta makes some great products and what is nice is the pricing and quality.  
I have to admit that I have been a brand snob at times, but I spend more time now thinking about the design and quality of an item as opposed to the price or manufacturer
There is no door to the shower...just a single pane of 3/4 inch glass.
The marble floors are very classic but I like the way they look 
in this little country bath 
At the base of the table there was a single rung and I added four more to make this a functional shelf for towels and things.  One thing to remember when using a table like this, is work with your plumber to hide your supply lines and the p-trap as much as possible.  I purchased a chrome p-trap from Kohler which was an added cost but it is nice to look at and excellent quality.
Here is the sink...actually a set, which includes the faucet,
 from Kraus
It matches the shower, but not perfectly...which I like.

We set the faucet on the corner of the sink instead of behind it...
very fun and practical because it is easier  to clean and it is out of the way.
More room for flowers....

The great big button sink stopper is really cute 

Behind the sink I was able to fit an old French baguette basket filled with soap.
This soap is from a company called the maak soap is amazing...
read more about them here.
A blue vintage enamelware soap dish fits right in
I found two old jadeite bath rods on eBay and screwed one to the side of the table...
I haven't use the other one, but it will find a home soon.

Some fun art and a small bamboo shelf for more towels...

I am having a cabinet made for this corner, because we need some storage,
 but for now this is fine.
Above the toilet is another old crusty shelf...
I guess I like crust 
The little clock is from Pottery Barn and the sign is vintage.
My robe hook is an old tree branch.  
The interesting towels are called Foutas and are hand loomed just as they have been for thousands of years.  
They are the original Turkish bath towel.
 They can be found in bright and interesting colors and stripes...
and they seem too get softer the more they are washed.
I love lavender and it is wonderful in a bathroom.  
It fills the room with scent when you brush by it or the rooms gets steamy.
The vintage market basket has been with me for a long time and I still love it.
You can find reproductions now too and they are great for flowers...
or taking to the Farmers Market!
The vintage orchard basket holds more towels
Here are a couple more  views of the tile work which is simple and clean,
 but interesting with the different scale and size of the rectangular tiles.  
Tile layout can sometimes seem difficult...
but keep working with it and you can come up with all sorts of wonderful 
unique options.

I put another great sign over the top of the cabinet...
it says "Willow Del Farm"

and the sconces add much needed lighting.

I have another interesting light fixture coming, for over the sink 
and will share that when I get it, on a future post.
This has been a fun project and it turned out just like I thought it would...
maybe even better now that its all done!

Any of these details could work in a modern urban setting...
 try a few of these ideas in your home too!


  1. Wow! I am speechless! Everything you do is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to see the rest of the house. For now, I will just keep browsing your old posts over and over. :)


  2. Ooooh Kelley!! So so so good! Love every single thing. What great ideas you have; the basket for soaps, the lavender basket, signs, the sink/table. I also like the contrast of the classic marble and a bit of country. Great! Can't wait to see the rest of your re-model! -Becky D

  3. Hello,
    It's absolutely beautiful! Love your blog and your love of decorating. I am drooling over everything fr thee basket of lavender to the towel holders, and the beautiful vanity. Thank you for inspiring me with your talents. I font postany comments but I had to. It's so breathtaking. Just love it! Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous! I am in love with the vanity, and the basket filled with lavender is devine!

  5. Hi again. Sorry for the misspellings. Cracked glass on iPhone and waiting in
    Line to replace. Hard to see and couldn't wait to respond. It's just gorgeous!

  6. I love this bathroom, it has your special touch throughout down to every little detail. I love the baskets and never thought to use lavender in the bath, something I'm going to try.

    Did you see my chippy turquoise table I just posted about for my sunroom? It reminds me of something you might have in your house!


  7. Wonderful...Great job...of course my fav is the table/vanity!
    It all looks wonderful together and very inspiring!...Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Very beautiful. Relaxed and homey. I would love to use this space. Did you put a certain finish on the table top? I did 4 coats of wipe on poly on mine but think I need something a little more durable.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I poured over every picture, love all your thoughtful details but particularly the lavender (lavender-on-wheels!) I think I need to rotate some of mine in the bathroom!

    I agree with you about shower heads, they HAVE to work really well. I love my Grohe Freehander because I have a curtain over a bath, not glassed in shower (sigh) and it directs the water into the middle of the bath, no more drips or huddling.

  11. Your bathroom is beautiful. You- like always, are so creative. Very inspiring. Julie

  12. *** ... it's so delightfully warm and welcoming!!!

    I... LOVE... IT!!!!

    So glad you shared this~~~ it's just DIVINE!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  13. Kelley, why you don't have your own show is beyond me! I might start watching HGTV again if I knew I could tune in to see your wonderful designs! I love every last thing about your bathroom!!

    Kat :)

  14. Beautiful room!
    Great mix of old and new.
    Love all the baskets, esp. the one with lavender!

    Kimberly :-)

  15. Fantastic space... filled with lots of unexpected items which makes it so unique. I love all the wicker and the bamboo shelf too.. Very nice!!

  16. Thank you for all of the nice and thought filled comments....and if I ever do a post without a bunch of would be a miracle ! Sorry ; 0 )


  17. Kelley,
    I am just amazed! I am pouring over these photos too over and over. Your attention to detail and your originality make this bathroom magazine worthy. Actually, book worthy! Yes, you do need your own show! My "Pin-it" button is getting some action--I'm pinning it all for inspiration on Pinterist! ~Delores

  18. Kelley, Your creativity and talent really shines in this bathroom. I love every single little detail. It is beyond fabulous!

  19. angie @ junkgardengirlAugust 2, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    I love it!! Perfect blend of vintage and new. I'm super jealous.


  20. Oh Kelley, what a GORGEOUS SPACE! But of course it would be, I mean, afterall, we ARE talking about your work! :)
    I had a smile on my face the whole way through, and I absolutely love all of it. But that sink base/dry sink conversion is SPECTACULAR!!! I love the tile, and the baskets, and the lavendar! OH ME OH MY! It's all so gorgeous! OH, and where did you get your turkish towel!?!?!?! I saw them on a bathroom reno that Genevieve Gorder did on her show on HGTV about a year ago, where she used those towels, and I wanted some ever since ... haven't found any that were already in the US though. You know me - I can't wait for anything! LOL!
    Beautiful job Kelley! Gorgeous as always, and absolutely you! xoxoxo,A

  21. I love it all, Kelly! Love the old things with the new...vintage with contemporary. Your 'old' finds are fantastic, great tile work and I love the cow and the medicine cabinet especially! It is so great to see the finished product! Bet you're glad it's almost complete! Congrats! C

  22. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute. love the sink, the shower no door, the basket of lavender. just beautiful!!!!!!!!! lucky you!

  23. It is just beautiful! I adore the sink console and the tile work is just yummy : o )

  24. Kelley,

    This is my lucky day as I am just starting to shop for a bathroom remodel in my 60 year old mountain vacation home and you have really helped me to solidify my ideas. I wanted a vintage look with rustic furniture. This is, love, LOVE!

  25. You nailed it...totally "Kelley" style!

  26. WOW - FANTASTIC!!!
    The two best design/function ideas are:
    1.the door-less shower - those doors never work properly after several years of frequent use! and they are awkward in small spaces and sometimes have a loud clang - no matter how high end they are
    2. the faucet set in the corner. It so less distracting to have it over there - now it is all about the sink and the feeling of the basin on the old stand.
    but I don't have to tell you any of this - you are a pro!!

  27. That is one GORGEOUS bathroom! I love EVERYTHING about it! It would be a beautiful room to get ready in. Very elegant, and country at the same time! Excellent job!

  28. Congratulations. What a beautiful job you did, with great attention to detail.

  29. Amazing, I know you have to be loving it! What great textures.

  30. Darling bathroom! Love all the mixes of stuff...marble - chippy paint - chrome - glass. Another fabulous room done by you.

  31. You did a wonderful job Kelley. I love the mix of vintage...classic (being the marble)...and the modern plumbing fixtures.

  32. I love your work! Both of your renovations are great!! I love the mix of classic and rustic!! Thank you for sharing your sources, but may I ask one more? What toilet did you specify? I know a weird question...but a simple fact of life!! Thank you so much for your posts...I am always anxiously awaiting to hear what you will share next!!

  33. Hi Nancy...I hope you stop back to read this because I can't send you an email unless you have it on your blogger profile

    The toilets are from Toto...and no that is not a weird question.

    Toilets are soooo important and I like them plain and easy to clean with a super strong "flush " system

    xx kelley

  34. Hi Kelly. I am not very savvy on the blogs....but I love reading the good ones!!! As for the toilets, did you spec the Toto Promenade? Many thanks! Nancy Mullins

  35. Did I miss the details about the door knob? Absolutely in live an a must!

  36. Silly iPhone - that is suppose to say in L-O-V-E and a Must. But I truly adore your blog!

  37. I have just installed the same kind of glass shower divider you have. I can't see the top of your divider. Do you have any brace to keep the edge of the glass stabilized? I am worried that if someone should slip and fall against the glass it could come lose and cause problems or an injury. Please email me if you have time, Thanks, Ann


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