Oh My...Garden like a Texan

 Go big or Go Home

love that

garden like a pro...or a Texan  


yes sir ...
 Lets order some plants...not 6 or 16
 not 60 or 116

{i would love to live in Texas BTW}

 how about 160...yes that is correct

one hundred and sixty
box wood

Ok you Texas weenies...we are in California now
on your mark...get set...
lets plant...

go home or..
well what ever...

I'm exhausted already
 lets just line 'em up and
send them off to a new location...
160 all in...
going to
the back yard pottager
once again I must go to the dump...

I have new friends at the dump... 
this is really scary...the dump is now where my new BFF's are...
people I know on an intimate level..first name basis


I feel really comfortable at the dump...this is not a good sign is it?

don't answer that...

 but what happened is:

mother nature had her way with the willow fence

and I tried to keep it tidy ...
but it is just not not working...
so we are doing boxwood

very New England for Ojai

what is next here?

a Lobster party...
Carol are you available?
hope so!
... but I think it will be great...
 there is my pitch fork...

my favorite tool in the garden

40 per planter...
boxwoods that is
millie as supervisor...
and some potato pictures

are you so happy you read this post?

life as I know it....


  1. Millie is exhausted just thinking about it!

  2. Whoop! (That means we like here in Texas) First off, yea!!!!! a garden post!!!! Second, I am soooooooo wanting tons of boxwood right now! I am excited for you getting so many! I was bummed to see the willow edging bite the dust though! Bummer....

    Keep us up to date with your progress!

  3. Love those boxwoods...they stay green all winter! Andrea @ townandprairie

  4. Wow! I have a friend who owns a boxwood farm and I love them but the hubby does not! :( You have a very cute supervisor! Happy planting!

    Kat :)

  5. I am deep in the heart of Texas and your gardens are spectacular! They look beautiful :D The daily temperature here is 110 degrees, and the deer eat boxwood. You've got it all over on me. :D

  6. I had a wonderful boxwood hedge at my home in TX...all along the front of our home. It was tolerant of the extreme temps...100s to freezing.
    (It even grows here in FL) Love it... Poor Millie...she looks worn out from all that supervising.

  7. Displaced California girl deep in the heart of Houston. Boxwoods here are AMAZING- but we need rain! Drought is terrible.

    Love, love your blog! I can almost pick the flowers from here....

  8. Looks great glad you got some things done around the house.I love Texas too!

  9. Hi, Kelley,
    I am with you. You have to go big -- not twee -- in the garden. The boxwood parterres you are now creating will look fabulous. I would love to grow a bountiful vegetable garden, as I am sure yours is, but unfortunately veggies do not like the hot and humid climate we have here in SW Florida. I am envious of those luscious looking potatoes. As for living in Texas, I don't think so. It is even hotter than Florida.

  10. When all else fails add boxwoods! I think I've added 80 of them throughout this year to my backyard. It started off slowly and now they are everywhere. They provide such a nice framework for other plants. Are these pictured around your David Austins?

    Happy planting,

  11. LOL! I have a knot garden and planted about that many boxwoods many years ago...I love the look. I did love your little willow edging, bummer that mother nature intervened.

    Good luck, you are planting them yourself, right? I did, but looking back wonder how I managed! :-)

  12. I'm off this morning to buy even more tiny boxwoods for my BFF's landscape project. I'll let you know how many. Oh, and lots of white roses, Japanese maples and Birch. Go big or go home. I like that. I'll tell Maureen we are gardening like a Texan today!

  13. PS: I think the boxwood will be very nice around the garden. Too bad about the willow fence. It was very cool. The boxwood will be a nice change.

  14. yes i do love it kelley. over the weekend i was reading about just how many calories are expended doing yardwork. i was shocked! raking leaves for 30 minutes was something like 400 calories. i could rake leaves here for 24 hrs straight and still not be done. no need for the gym. your garden is incredible and gets better all the time.


  15. Great post Kelley and your new boxwood borders will be divine!! Funny that you should mention Texas and gardening right now. Major drought + record high temps + watering restrictions = dried, dead, and brown yards and gardens. ;(
    I will begin my gardening in October.

    Happy digging my friend.

  16. oh my girl, take a breath! tell me you have someone coming to dig all those holes?! and if not, most importantly of all, don't forget the pictures of you digging, haha!

  17. Ooo! You'll have to give us the play-by-play, including, of course how you trim those babies to make a nice hedge. I always wondered how one does that...Also, I think a good hedgehog should be in store for you!

  18. OMG!! That is a lot of work - I don't think I can handle "Texas big!" but I have to admit I love the symmetrical, classic sensibility of the boxwood hedges.
    So when the digging is done and the last boxwood is watered...than it will be time for lobsters!!
    ....OH NO what about the trimming to keep their shape! AI YAI YAI! Your work will never be done!
    Here is a link I found for your trimming pleasure!

  19. I'd love to see your progress. I love the idea of the garden bordered in boxwoods...
    p.s. This Texas gal loves your blog!

  20. I agree with Steve, Kelley! Millie looks like she's exhausted just watching all the work happen around her!! My mom still lives in Texas, and because of the significant drought in her area, they've actually rationed their water. She can no longer water her plants! So be glad you're in California.

  21. I love love boxwoods but I am so glad I'm not planting all those. They are going to look awesome.

  22. Oh my gosh, girl! You've got your work cut out for YOU! lol! But I see your vision! I do! And it's going to look absolutely fabulous! At least you have wonderful CA weather for planting! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. come to texas girl.
    this is going to be gorjus - as we say here!
    we love those box.

    can not WAIT to see it finished.


  24. Kelley...your energy amazes me...I'm pooped just reading this! But if I had your sun...maybe I'd be a bit more motivated to be out there gardening. It's raining as we speak and I have fleece on! :/ It feels like February out there...or maybe March...Texas heat is sounding pretty good right about now...not to mention California heat, I'll take either at this point!
    Can't wait to see the new boxwood babies all tucked into their new home!
    xo J~

  25. Alright- You move to Texas and I'll take over the Ojai home- Deal? Don't worry, I 'll visit your friends at the dump for you and keep you up to date. :)

  26. I stumbled upon your blog post today. As a native Texan, I love all those boxwoods! You know what's missing though- a cowboy boot planter like the one I found at Lowe's this weekend: http://doordiy.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/you-know-youre-a-texan-when/! How funny is that?

    Thanks for sharing your new garden- very beautiful!


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