Big Garden Style: The Boxwood Hedge

 We worked and we dug and we killed ourselves 
for two days..
but we got 'um in!
 I liked the willow edging a lot of you,
 but in the end it was just to impractical for this spot 
and it was too much upkeep
 We started by doing a complete layout just to be sure we knew where to the way, I didn't have enough...I was short about  a dozen plants!
We used 172 plants in one gallon containers
 There are four sections of English roses and we worked a section at a time...digging a trench to accommodate the new boxwood.  I added lots of compost and some other soil booster amendment things to give these guys a bit of a jump start

 These will look pretty when they get a bit bigger and frame the lavender garden...
next spring will be really fun.

 Millie was amazingly helpful...
 The biggest challenge in doing this hedge is the rocks we keep digging up....they are everywhere and some are huge!
 See that big bad boy in the front of this picture...he was so big that once we actually got him out... we just rolled him to a bare spot 
and he will now reside there...

 Just in case you thought I was kidding about the rock thing...

 This gave us an opportunity to tweak our irrigation system in this area and make a few more decisions about our little water feature, 
which will go in the center of the rose garden.
 The succulents are really loving this spot too
 This rock was such a pain to dig up I feel like I should give it a name...I think we did actually call it a few names, 
as we were trying to get the sucker up!
I think you can get the picture...
 Any way....all done and I feel like it was worth the work.
I don't quite feel "Texas Big"....but maybe in the spring

Sorry to hear about the terrible drought in Texas...hope that goes away soon!
I will be announcing the herbarium giveaway winners tomorrow, in the afternoon...
so please stop by and see who wins....

I'm a bit behind on my emails... please don't think I am not reading your great comments...I love 'em all!

Enjoy your beautiful day


  1. A job well done! Now go enjoy the fruits of your labors with a nice massage and a stiff drink! Tell Millie that Mr. Quinn and Misty Belle said it's hard work supervising, they can relate! ;-)

    Kat :)

  2. Lovely! How quickly will the boxwood grow?

  3. Wow, Millie looks dog-tired out from all that digging! I'll bet she was really good at snoopervising. Andrea@ townandprairie

  4. I love Mille!!! She's so cute:)
    Everything is looking really wonderful!!

  5. I can just picture the gardens in the spring. It's going to be so beautiful! Millie will look back to this week and think, "job well done!".
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  6. Very impressive! If I tried to work that hard outdoors right now in Texas, I think I would die. The drought and heat are truly awful. Enjoy the beauty you have created!

  7. Hi Kelley!!!
    I love it!! You have me thinking of edging things in boxwood! Hmmmm? Wonder if I could get away with that in my sorta cottage-ish garden? I can't wait to see yours next year when it's all filled in and lush the way I know you can already see it in your minds eye. I'll really be drooling over it then! xoxoxo - Great Job! As usual!

  8. It looks wonderful, Kelley. Next spring it will go from wonderful to fabulous, I am sure.

  9. Wow! What an incredible amount of work! Your gardens looks amazing! Can't wait to see how it all looks next year in it's first year of growth. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kelley...I can't wait to see this next year!!! Millie is such a sweet girl.....she looks so tired from all that work!!!!! I love your garden and can't wait to see more pictures as it matures.

  11. This is going to look amazing in a few years. I think this will work out better in your area. Boxwood can be such a pain in the snow. It gets crushed, frostbitten and windburned. It's really a labor of love.

    Get those hedge clippers ready!

  12. It looks great and will look even more impressive next year when the boxwoods are hedged and standing united as a small fence around your roses. The rocks in your yard really are a challenge. Our son and wife (who live in Austin) have the same soil conditions...the rocks are enormous.
    Congratulations on completing the planting.

  13. Congratulations on completing ALL of that planting. The design is wonderful and you know how I love boxwood. It will be amazing when it fills in. I think I would have quit after the first giant rock. I hope you got to rest like Millie when it was over. Lori

  14. Loved this posting. Noce dolly tub and succulents. I am inspired and on my way to the garden!


  15. Post makes me smile. I have spent the summer searching fro rocks to add to my garden. Actually ended up buying a couple big boulders. C'est la vie!

  16. WOW - now that is hard work! Looks great but seriously - how are you not hospitalized with a bad back!!
    Can not wait to see how they fill in!!!!!!

  17. Is Millie a white Bainbridge Lab? I just found out about these and that will be our next dog. Thanks Ann


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