The Polished Pebble Shop

I have been working on this little project for quite some time and really wanted to unveil it before the Holidays....but things got delayed and I wanted to be sure 
everything was just right

and then I started remodeling my kitchen... 
like I need another project
what was I thinking?

Over the past few months I have been working on a collection of 
wonderful botanical potpourri's, organic soaps, 
delicately scented candles 
and lovely bath products
 There are also some great vintage items for the home 
like this little pitcher
 or this little McCoy planter
and of course there are pillows!!!
 wonderful things to make your home 
unique and special
 the packaging is 100% recycled paper
and all of the products are unique to 
The Polished Pebble Shop

Everything is shipped for
 just 5 dollars !

I included some
great gift sets to give to a friend
as a hostess gift 
or just to pamper yourself

 check out is easy with PayPal 
and you will receive your items in about a week

 If you would like to see more please stop by 
The Polished Pebble shop 

hope you like it!

  1. WOW! Congrats :) I have never Paypal'd (startling I know :) but do you deliver to say...... Canada?

  2. Kelley, Congrats on your new shop and wishing you much success! I am on my way there now.

  3. Congrats! I will go over and take a peek!

  4. Wowza...THIS is big {and fantab} news! How fun, wanna pop over right now to have a peek!

  5. happy you all like this idea. I will start a out really small at first and then maybe branckh out into some larger things if I can handle it!

    Thanks so much for your support

    xx kelley

  6. Hello,

    Congratulations! That is so exciting! There are so many wonderful things in your shop...Can't wait!

    Take care,

  7. I was very excited about this when I hopped on your blog a while ago and saw a little doo-dad thingy at the top of your blog and then it disappeared! So glad you are doing this! Can't wait to see what you have up for sale and super excited about the pillows because I have a pillow addiction. Have thought about opening a pillow only business myself! Super excited for you Kelley!


  8. You are such a doll Amber!!!

    love, kelley

  9. What an exciting adventure! (like you don't already have enough things to do!) Best wishes as you embark out into retail land. I am thinking about the little doggie in your shop...trying to decide where I might put him. He is awfully cute!

  10. Yipee!! I love it!! I just added "The Market" on my blog...Great minds think a like!!! You'll do great I know you will!! Can't wait to see your magazine ads with your products!! It's next! Be ready Kelley!! hugs

  11. Kelley, I'm SO excited for you!!! I'm off to check out your new site and all the best of luck to you my friend!!!


  12. Wow! I am so excited! I will head over there asap! I just returned from Ojai, (visiting my parents) if you want to check it out its:

  13. Wow, I am so happy to hear this! But, boy, 'do great mins think alike'...kraft and printed 'ribbon.' The same things I have been working on! Amazing! You have such great choices and wonderful things, I know you will have a great time with this new venture!!! Congrats!
    xoxo, Chris

  14. (That would be minds...if mine worked correctly!)

  15. Congratulations, Kelley, on your new shop. The site is beautifully done and I love your items. There is surely a market for handmade, natural products, beautifully presented. I once owned that vintage RL pillow. I was a little taken aback to see it described as vintage. It seems like only yesterday to me, but it was over 30 years ago! I bought some things from your store and am excited to receive them.
    Best of luck.

  16. I'm so excited for you....and me too ;o) I love your style and I adore bath to check it out.

  17. Kelley,
    How exciting! I love to shop from my computer and your items are lovely.

  18. Congratulations! I'm off to see the new store!

  19. Congratulations Kelly! You are my inspiration! I've been talking about an online shop forever, but you made it happen! I'll just keep talking! I love
    all your goodies and am off to visit your store. ~Delores

  20. Ok, I just visited your store. It's just amazing! Such a unique site with all the sound effects etc. Congratulations again Kelley! ~Delores

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! Hoe exciting - heading over there right now -well done! Paula x

  22. I love it! Handmade treasures are the best!

    I really excited!! Congrats - I am off to check it out!

  24. Wow! Congratulations Kelley! I adore your packaging as much as the products. You have great style! I love the idea of Ojai Potpourri.

  25. Kelley! I"m so excited for you!! Your shop looks amazing.....and I LOVE the details on your shopping bags, labels, ribbons, etc.....everything you do is always too cool.
    I'll go ck it out now!!



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