Power to the Purple

 The garden is in full bloom right now 
 The colors are all wonderful...but the purple flowers are beyond pretty
 I designed this garden with large areas of purple and orange
and it has really started to make a statement... 
especially in the spring

  I usually cut flowers in early morning or at dusk
 Right now I use the kitchen as my arranging and cutting area 
but I am working on the mudroom 
and it will have a nice spot for just this kind of thing

 Little simple baskets add to the arrangement...this is a Native American 
vintage basket

 I wont bore you with all of the varieties of plants..
but there are probably 12 in this bouquet

 the long and spikey Veronica
 butterfly bush

 Woolly Lambs ear....left unchecked and blooming

 So where to put this pretty purple project?

 It ended up in the master bedroom...
yes, a perfect purple spot

 Power to the purple!

have a wonderful and restful weekend


  1. Beautiful Kelley, and I love how you used the basket! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Kelley, you always make my favorite style of arrangements- so loose and natural! I just adore your blog and can never decide if I am more enamored with your interior design or your gardening. You are such a TALENT!


  3. Hi Lexi! I am just a girl who likes lots of different things.....probably like you. thank you so much

    xo kel

  4. I love the flowers Kelley, but what stopped me in my tracks was your twig side table! Tell me you made it...

  5. Love your flowers AND your photography! Also, I would not be bored at all if you named all the varieties of plants! It has been so fun watching your garden grow from infantsy!

  6. Hello!!
    I really miss my garden back in England
    We are just coming into Spring now here in Sweden, Daffodils and Tulips in bloom and soon the Lilacs will be in blossom.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. I haven't been on the blogs lately, but going to check out if you posted your finished kitchen :O

  7. I love purple in the garden. Your bouquet is beautiful as are the Native American basket and the wonderful console on your deck.

  8. beautiful! and i spy your new kitchen counters...are they a quartz or a soapstone? they look beautiful...
    and always love those cute antique dogs..

  9. I am loving purple in my garden, too! I can't grow much of what you grow...zone 6 sadness. However, I never thought of pairing it with orange. Great idea, thanks.

  10. Purple is not a color I decorate with in my home, BUT when it comes to flowers, ♥♥♥ purple, it gives just the right pop to any arrangement. I also us it in my yard, love purple with lime green foliage, so pretty. Your arrangement is free and fancy, love it and the basket you put it in is just the right touch, Happy Weekend,

  11. SO gorgeous... lovely series of shots! Sorry I been so quiet these last couple weeks, I’ve been really ill (now finally diagnosed with Whooping Cough even though I was immunized) and have had another very rough week.

  12. Another breathtaking series of gorgeous flowers!! Who knew Lambs ear would become such an interesting bloomer!


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