Cover Girl


About two and a half years ago...when I owned this house,  I was contacted by a magazine editor who loved it and she wanted to photograph it!

Well guess what, somebody finally did 
and she's now officially a 
"Cover Girl"

As many of you know I sold the house completely furnished.

When I stopped by for the photo shoot I sort of felt like a ghost...coming back to haunt my old house...that lasted about 5 minutes 
and it was back to business as usual
This is the first issue of a new magazine 
which will come out twice a year.  

It's more of a book format and 
has no advertising. 

It can be found at book stores and magazine stands in most states.

The stylist for this shoot was Sunday Hendrickson 
and we really had fun. 

Sunday definitely knows what she is looking for 
as she styles on each room.

I have to say I was relieved to see there would 
not be a single bowl of green apples 
or the usual pair of "Wellies" on a stair step!

Sunday's styling is very natural, 
relaxed and real
The writer is Marie Albert and she really captured all of the details about the house
and the story correctly.  I really like her style of writing too....

I spent at least an hour speaking with Managing Editor Janet Mowat,
 who was so kind and interested in the story behind this house as well! 

LA based photographer John Ellis took all the shots for this article.  
Sunday did a great job on the kitchen shot. 
OMG there all all my great  "egg" signs!
What is it about these old signs....they are just wonderful.

I brought quite a few things for the shoot too...including lots of oranges, lemons and limes
from our orchard in Ojai

We all thought the shot above might be the cover...
which I think would have looked great as well!

The colors of the tulips and the quilt are so great together!
I styled the little cabinet  with Roseville pottery and  lilacs that Sunday brought.  

I added a new/old sign I bought a while back 
that says
 "flower plants for sale" 

There are also some fresh limes from my garden!

The side bar in the photo above gives the reader detailed instructions 
on how to create the slip covered headboard 
I created in the guest room.  A really nice idea.

Below is a photo that I took right before 
we put the house on the market for sale

and here it is in the magazine...over two years later!
Thank you so much to the Harris Publishing Family,
 Sunday Hendrickson 
and John Ellis... 
and especially to Malia....the new owner of this wonderful little house!

It's been a pleasure!

happy decorating


  1. i JUST saw this mag in TARGET YESTERDAY and knew it was your decorating - & fell in love all over again! xo

  2. So beautiful! You should be so proud!

  3. Perfection! You never ever fail to amaze and inspire me! A HUGE congrats on this piece.

  4. And a lovely cover girl your former home makes! The pictures are beautifully don. Kudos to the stylist and photographer both. But of course it was your fabulous sense of style they had to build on.

  5. oh my goodness...such a warm inviting & welcoming home with huge personality!
    I am a fan of Sunday Hendrickson!
    Your home from before is a testament to your forever style!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I feel like I know a famous person now!! Can I get your autograph?! Great job - running out to get the magazine NOW!

  7. Phenomenal!! That home was sooo deserving of this attention. You are a pure genius in design, Lady!

    Huge Kudos!!

  8. Congrats girlie!!! I loved everything that you did with that house....that gal that bought it sure was a lucky lady :)
    I am gonna have to go hunt for that collectible mag now!!
    I am sure it is only a matter of time before your Ojai Ranch is featured somewhere too!!

  9. Hi everyone....thank you! I guess two years isn't all that long of a wait right?

    xx kelley

  10. Really wonderful, congratulations! Can't wait to read it.

  11. Shut up!!! I knew it should be in a mag, and I will be looking for it everywhere until I can find a copy! Janet is the best and I've been lucky to work with Sunday vicariously while writing about homes she has beautifully styled! John is supposed to be an amazing photographer and clearly he is!



  12. Anything Sunday does is great!
    Your home is wonderful, I'm sure the new owner is so very happy. You made me laugh with the comments about a bowl of green apples and the wellies on the true!

  13. Love the home, gorgeous photos! Congratulations!

  14. That is a long wait, My Goodness. I loved that house. It looks really good in the magazine, which I'm going to have to go hunt down. You really have such a unique cool style. I just love everything you do. Your new home is looking just as wonderful as your last one. Love the new doors in the kitchen.

  15. I am not surprised your house got published...I'm just surprised it took so long. I just love everything you did in that home. Personally, I cannot imagine buying a house with all its contents. How does a person live in it for two years and change nothing. Well, I know why it wasn't changed because it is fabulous. But I just could not live that way.

    I'll be looking for this new magazine. Congrats on being in it.

  16. Congratulations! Loved it when you first shared it, and two years later I will be looking for the magazine too.

  17. Please pick up the magazine if you see it. There are some really interesting houses featured:

    Sarah Richardson's lake side retreat in Ontario, a very unique and bright artist's home in Virginia and a great seaside house in WaterColor Florida. You will love them all!

    thank again k

  18. How cool is that, Kelley???!!!
    There is a 'je ne sias quoi' that runs through all of your designs, your fingerprint, that I love! Congrats and isn't it great that the house is still there with the original furnishings??? What a coup!
    xoxo, Chris

  19. Wow...over two years later and still so fresh! congrats!

  20. K-OM Goodness! What an incredible honor! Your former home is stunning, and your influence on it-- imprinted forever. That kitchen is so refreshing, I love the white and green color combination present thruought the room. It's all very fresh and clean, yet real and earthy. I will be on the lookout for this special looks like it's going to be a keeper, and not one that's passed on. LEt me know when it hits the shelves! Congratulations to a very lucky and talented woman!

  21. Where is my brain this morning? As I hot send I see it's suppoed to be.."Throughout"...I CAN spell, my brain is just not fully engaged yet... :) HAve a great day! Memorial weekend is almost here!

  22. Your former home is so charming. I am sure your furnishings had a great deal to do with the sale of the home. It is sophisticated and approachable at the same time. Brilliant. Congratulations, Kelley. I will look for the publication.

  23. So fabulous. Congrats. I'm pinning it all. I need to get that magazine.


  24. Congrats Kelley! Well it's about time....this precious house should've been in a magazine a long time ago, IMO!
    I can't believe even those CUTE antique dogs went with the house sale!
    Someone recently inquired about buying our house and with some of our furniture, etc, and it's VERY tempting...but waiting on that contract....all talk right now!
    It's hard though to let go of some items...I'm sure that must've been very hard for you too.
    (we did sell a beachhouse one time furnished, and I must say it was SO nice to only move out a few items!!)

  25. I have always loved looking at the posts that had your beautifully decorated home in them and now I am going to really love looking at the magazine! How wonderful and congradulations!!!

  26. Congratulations! Was it difficult to sell the house furnished?

  27. Congratulations Kelley! I can't wait to read the article.

  28. Congratulations Kelley, your home is amazing and so YOU!! I know your new Ojai house is going to be another master piece!! How exciting to see your home in a book/magazine!! Kudos to YOU
    xo Kathysue

  29. Congrats on your photo spread! Your home is lovely.. It is in your heart and you have left your stamp on the house and whomever lives their now I'm sure is loving it too. A beautiful piece...

  30. Incredible! I will definitely look for the magazine on the racks. Thanks!

  31. Kelley...I am relatively new to your blog. That house was absolute perfection.. I admire you for being able to sell it lock stock and barell...I don't thing I could do that with something so personal!!

  32. Oh I can't wait to pick up a copy! How exciting, Kelley! I'm sure your latest project will be gracing a magazine cover someday too :)


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