Vintage in the Garden

 The wisteria covered pergola in the back of the grape orchard 
is one of our new "favorite spots"
 The vintage gates are getting really rusty 
 and I had these great old shovel's which I hung 
on the ends of the support beams
 on the interior....just because 

 I hung these old painted 
heart cut out shutters

 hey...looks like a little bird found a nice spot for a nest!

 I love adding old seating and benches

 and a few roosters for good measure

 the last of the apples are in bloom and the bees are still busy as ever

 and the English rose garden started blooming 
 some of the blooms are so big that the 
stems fall over from the weight 

 and in a few more weeks the lavender garden will start blooming and be ready for picking in June and July 
so tomorrow I will need to put on my grubbies 
and get some work done

and finally

a huge "thank you" to every one who purchased things for the new shop
and gave me the courage to do this!

have a sunny happy weekend



  1. Just a suggestion...cut your ribbons on the angle. Crisper look...

  2. Congrats on opening your new shop! I love your lovely little blog and gasped when I saw the second rose beautiful. In CT we don't have anything like that blooming yet!

    Much Love, Sue

  3. I adore a pergola! Yours with the shovel is wonderful. Hopefully one day I can add that to my garden.

  4. You have fashioned a wonderful outdoor space Kelley, very unique and the flowers gorgeous!!

    I have featured an Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  5. hey kelley girl!

    your garden looks drop dead amazing! the roses are so beautiful. btw, i tried to click on your new store (yay) and it would not open. i will go try again. xo janet

  6. I love your wisteria pergola and all the embellishments you have added, especially the shovels. Your roses are incredible. My purchases arrived from your shop yesterday and everything is beautiful. Best of luck with your new business.

  7. wow wow wow - the pergola, the roosters, the roses, all of it! I love it and what a nice spot to take a few minutes in. Very Jealous - here in New England we are blooming early (lilacs, bleeding hearts & lilly-of-the-valley, etc) due to unusual early hot weather but now we are missing it staying inside because it turned cold and rainy! agh!

  8. Tantalizing little garden! Everything you touch turns to gold!

  9. That's definitely my kind of pergola style. Fantastic job!

  10. Good Morning Kelley! Just catching up on my blogs this beautiful Sunday morning... I always am so happy to see that you have a recent post. I want to pin EVERYTHING as future inspiration. Crazy about the bean t-pee, the bird nesting in the gourd, the bee drinking from the apple blossom, the apricot rose & the Pergola. God has blessed you with some extraordinary talents and we are so lucky that you're sharing with us. Congratulations on your new business!!! Jenny from Palm Desert

  11. Kelley,
    We had a wren family nest in a decorative bird house one's so fun being up close and personal with nature!

  12. Kelley, I love vintage pieces for the garden they add so much interest and texture. Your garden is absolutely amazing!! Kathysue

  13. I absolutely love your pergola area....So relaxing and beautiful with all your flowers included! Love all the extra touches that you have added!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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