Old Fashion Romantic Roses

The roses are blooming 
What is it about a rose that just shouts romance?
Is it the smell of sweet tea or the loose petticoat like petals?
Or just the fact that when someone give you a bouquet of roses 
know they love you!

I don't really have a favorite rose, but I'm partial to the soft peachy colors and light pinks

When they start to droop a little after a few days... 
I really think they look even more beautiful
I like to gather them up in large bunches 
and squeeze them 
in to the vase

How romantic!
A pretty bouquet just for you

Have a happy weekend

  1. I think of the word "blowsy" for the roses in your pictures. They are just lovely and I know they smell like heaven.

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  3. Beautiful! You're so lucky to be enjoying them in May. My David Austin's are just now starting to green up a bit. It will be another month before I have blooms. I believe you try to practice organic methods (as do I). I'm curious to know what you use on your roses to prevent bugs, I.e aphids. My roses rarely make it I to the house because the bugs "bug" me. :)

    1. I really have had very little problems with aphids. I use a pre-emergent rose and pest food right after a heavy prune in January. Throughout the summer I add organic compost around the roots and work it in with a little trowel. Thats about it. I think if the pests or mildew are really bad a heavy prune is your best bet. ; o ))) They always seem to do better after a good haircut!

  4. Beautiful roses...they are my all time favourite flower.
    Love your bouquet!

  5. Your photos and your roses are so beautiful, Kelley! Happy weekend!!

  6. So beautiful, soft and sweet! Lucky you to have these right at your fingertips! Xo,Kathy

  7. How beautiful your roses and photography are! I thoroughly enjoyed this. The dark background images are stunning.

  8. Just gorgeous!! How heavenly to be able to walk outside and pick your own bouquet.

  9. Absolutely beautiful!! I love the full, ruffly-ness of old English roses. Yours are gorgeous in that vase! :)

    xoxo laurie


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