Pots in the Garden


These huge garden pots were added along our long gravel driveway last summer...and honestly 
after I planted them I was not sure if I really liked them....
did I say HUGE...
they are 3 feet wide and about 3 feet tall
The idea was to add some color along the drive and the front of the house 
and allow the plantings to cascade over the edges
and over time 
completely cover the terra cotta pottery.

Each pot also has a dwarf Meyer lemon in the center

The plant combinations are pretty simple: 
colors of pink, blue and orange 
and a bit of yellow

Meyer lemons do very well in pots so 
if you have the urge to plant one 
try a pot!

My experience has been that Meyers are a little finicky
...they like water 
and they like fertilizer and minerals. 

Here you can see the leaves are turning yellow 
so I usually feed them a little Ironite 
which is just a mineral supplement to help them green up again.

Meyers are wonderful tasting...try my vinegarette
 Back to the pots....I used lantana, geranium, 
gazania and Phlox

there are some succulents tucked in 
and some petunia and thyme

but really it's just your basic Nursery annuals and a few perennials  
in a mixture of the same colors
and all of the pots are a little bit different...which I like
Getting the soil for right for large pots has been a challenge actually... and over the years I've tried every type of potting mix on the market

I have  never found anything that worked that well...
(if you have a favorite please tell me!!! )

The soil either dries out took quickly or the the plants never root completely...the list goes on

So for this project and for all of my pots and containers 
I now use my new favorite soil recipe

Here it is:

1 part bagged potting mix...the kind that contains nice sterile soil, perlite etc
1 part bagged compost...the kind that contains mycorrhizae, guano (poop) and other good stinky stuff
1 part bagged sterile sand...the kind you would use for a sand box

mix together in a wheel barrel or if you don't have one 
use a large plastic yard bag and mix it on top of the bag with a shovel 

add water...get it good and soaked before it goes into your pot of choice

This is work 
so be prepared to get dirty...
but you get to wear your "girly girl" gardening gloves, 
get a sun burn 
and look like a gardening babe...at least that's my story
Fill your containers, 
then sit down and enjoy the view.

I really love container gardening and I'm sure you all do too

Good things come in pots!


because your are

  1. Beautiful! Do you have to water them a lot? Or do you have an irrigation system in them?

    1. Hi Jenny...I water them by hand but the soil stays pretty moist with the compost, sand etc.
      Miracle grow helps too ; 0 ))

  2. I want to live in your house....seriously! I just ordered my twig trellises and I'm going to get wine barrels to TRY and recreate yours! Lol Love all that you do!! Xo,Kathy@The Daily Nest

    1. Hi Kathy, you will love your willow trellis. They are very cute and look great in the wine barrels
      Thanks so all of your lovely and kind comments!
      xo kelley

  3. Lovely! I have two Meyer lemon trees for two years now- still no lemons. Am I doing something wrong? They flower, but never produce.

  4. That is interesting about the Meyers. I really don't care for Eureka lemons but the trees are always so much healthier than my Meyers. I am going to try them in a pot. Ironite doesn't seem to last in the ground. You are my garden guru for sure!!!

  5. Oh, how I love your pretty pots full of flowers! They have gotten so expensive now, and I'm trying to be content that I was lucky enough to buy 3 many years ago. They add so much to the garden!

    Your lemon looks so healthy in the pot, too!


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