The Fireplace Mantle: Part 2....done!


Wow ...what a ton of work
And this was a lot more complicated than it looks 
because in order to do this project
I used/coordinated the following trades:

Stone Mason
Stucco Contractor
Drywall and Painter
Stone Supplier
Stone Fabricator
Cabinet Maker


 There are many nice components to this fireplace...
the first being this huge piece of old train trestle

I purchased it from a company in Salt Lake City

A very interesting piece of history now resides in my living room...
just no cho cho!

Read about it here

The hearth is toped with soapstone 
which is really one of the prettier and user friendly stones available
 This slab was quarried in Brazil
but soapstone can be found all over the world
 I has a wonderful chalky grey look
and is really warm and natural
 The actual brick fireplace was given three coats of stucco
with the final coat being
a hard troweled and burnished finish

It is left natural and we did a nice soft bullnose to all of the corners
 for a really clean look

You may have noticed that I pulled down all of the old fake ceiling beams too...
that was fun...!

*think really big sledge hammer*

Peeking out on the right is a new cupboard I designed to house the TV and stereo stuff
It is made from reclaimed barn wood 
and yes it was from a red barn!

 The wood is left in its natural state and it has some wonderful knots
and variation of color

I have to add a word of caution about doing this....
get a good cabinet maker!

 All of this type of wood is very irregular and needs to be planed and modified 
to be useable for cabinet work...but it's doable 
 The doors hinge to the right to keep out of the way of the mantle.  
Here you can see the back of the old wood after it is run through a planer...
it looks like it's new! 
 There are old nails and other things found in the wood too 
so that also makes this a bit more labor intensive
 I did the top two doors on a diagonal for some interest, 
used plain grey barn wood for the fronts 
and the red barn wood as the trim detail

The top is stepped back from the base
for more of a vintage cabinet design

I have some really interesting knobs on order and
will show you those when they get here
 It's a really nice transition now 
and not all chopped up

Although there are a variety of woods used
they all work well when used together in this space

Here is the before below:
Below is my inspiration:
Thank you Ina
 And now finished....
at least this project is!

Have a wonderful
creative week

and as always
thanks for stopping by!

  1. Kelley, you are a master at texture! This reno is stunning. I just love your use of textures and repurposed items. Such a cozy setting to curl up! andrea@townandprairie

  2. Hej Kelley
    It looks really wonderful!
    The reclaimed wood cupboard is soo unique1
    Well Done!
    Now sit back and relax

  3. It turned out amazing Kelley!! Love it~ xo

  4. ooooooh. You are just THAT dayum good!
    [shakes head]

    Linda@Lime in the......

  5. Girl you have vision. I never would have transformed the original into that. Stunning and looks so great in the space.

  6. Kelley, This is a wonderful transformation of the fireplace and I love the custom cabinet. Beautiful!

  7. wow - what a fabulous change! love the floors too!
    just beautiful.

  8. Kelley-Wow! That looks great- You did a marvelous job pulling it all together-Diana

  9. Your vision is realized - and what great vision you have. Not only useful but artistic.
    - Joy

  10. the barn wood is to die for! really looks amazing! super special!

    ashley over @

  11. I love what you have done!!! It gives me inspiration for our fireplace!!! Ok and the mantel....beautiful!!

  12. You are so creative! I would just look at that fireplace and have no clue what to do. The barnwood adds so much texture and I love the choo choo beam! You must be so pleased.

  13. It looks incredible! Nice job and so unique!

  14. I can't take my eyes off that railroad tie...I love! Everything in the room works wonderfully together and is much cozier and charming than the before (not that it was terrible anyway). Awesome, awesome job- kudos!

  15. I love the unique cupboard you created, and the railroad tie looks beautiful on the fireplace!!

  16. Kelley, I am stunned. This is such an exciting transformation. Congratulations. it was lovely before, but now it is fabulous.

  17. looks awesome Kelley! I love the old trestle piece and the old reminds me that we recently covered some entertainment niches with pine and distressed them to look old (but i wanted old barn wood)...i'll have to write a bloggy about it've inspired my next post! now, i just need a camera lens like yours to take those fab pics you take!

  18. Quite the stunner! All of the elements came together to provide so much interest I didn't know what I loved more :). All of it.....!

  19. You always leave me speechless! Absolutely beautiful transformation!!

  20. What an outstanding job!

  21. What a great job on the entire do over. The fireplace was so tastefully done. It can sometimes be difficult to know what to do with old brick. The stucco idea is clean and makes the mantel stand out. The mantel is fantastic. I love the organic feel of the wood. Mine is very similar and the only thing I wish is that I would have planed the top so things on the mantel would sit evenly. The pies de resistance is the cupboard. It looks like you did have a good cabinet maker, at least from the pictures. The wood is awesome — especially the red. I love that you reused wood from a barn. There is such an earthy feel to the whole room no. Brava!

  22. Well that was fast! ;)
    It's all so beautiful Kelley...and I love seeing how you used the trestle, it's perfect...I can't wait to show Mr.24! Love the barn wood too...and the soapstone! Ina would feel right at home here...and be very proud!
    xo J~

  23. Oh Kelly, Its so you! It looks fantastic. You are going to start a look where people just know it is you. Like Anthro, or Shabby Chic. Very creative..

  24. Thank you all so funny how a project that seems pretty simple can get very long and involved.

    But in the end, when I don't cut any corners I am always happy with the result.

    And don't ever let any one talk you into doing something that you know is not right....I have done it and have regretted it!!!!

    Cheers, kelley

  25. v-e-r-y-c-l-a-s-s-y and you are one smart cookie Kelley this is my favorite part of design getting the bones right. One of my favorite designers is Nancy
    Brathwaite, an Atlanta gal like me. She always puts a "power piece" in every room.
    I think the about the bones of the room that way too
    Well Kelley you got bones now and its is awesome.

  26. Kelley,

    This is amazing...I love all the materials you used. Everything looks beautiful and that cabinet you designed for your television...WOW! So creative and it adds so much to the feel of the space!


  27. Wowza! This absolutely took my breath away! The wood cabinet works so well in that spot. I want to visit and just sit and warm up by the fire. p.s. I also caught a glimpse of some more of your special designed lamps. I want to come visit and grab a couple of those.

  28. Wowza is right!! Incredible! What is nice is the whole area is allowed to shine because the visual clutter of brick pattern, beams, paneling is gone. nice job!! PS I do love a hidden TV as well.

  29. Love it!!! I love the texture of the materials!

  30. I'm a bit late commenting on this post, but I just found your blog and am perusing the posts. Wow, this fireplace transformation is amazing! You certainly have vision -- I would never have envisioned or attempted this. It looks great, and I love the mantel!


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