Whisk Broom Window Covering

 Sometimes the simplest of everyday objects can find a new life,
as something other than originally intended

 We have a really funny odd room between the kitchen and the garage,
 which has become one of the most used spaces in the little Ojai house
 I call it my "pop-up pantry"...but it functions as both a mud room and laundry room too
 This room will eventually get a total makeover, but in the mean time I needed storage...so I ripped out all of the useless goofy cabinets that were here and  gave it a fresh coat of white paint.
I thought it might be fun to try something new over the top of the window...not really a shade but more of a detail!
 How about using a collection of vintage whisk brooms hung on an old rack with hooks?
Well...alright-ee then lets do it!
 Now this might not do much in the way of covering the window...it looks really fun and costs just a few dollars
 Here is a peek of the "pop up" pantry/laundry/mud room
I will share a few more details on the next post!

Thanks for checking in...
cheers to a great week ahead!

now where did I leave the dust pan?

; 0 )

  1. Super cute idea - reminds me of something one might see in Country Living or on Martha Stewart - adorable way to display a (fun) collection!

  2. Well, aren't you a clever little minx? What a fun and funky idea.
    I am still dreaming about your barn doors... seriously. I think I might have to get some help about it. hee hee.
    xo isa

  3. Great minds think alike! I have a very similar window treatment with my whisk broom collection! I will have to take a picture of it and send it to you!

  4. I love the little brooms and the shape of the window itself! andrea@townandprairie

  5. Nice laundry/mud/pantry room. Neat idea with the vintage wood/hooks and wisks.
    - Joy

  6. ...and they're so convenient to grab when cleaning up a mess. ;-P

    Really...it's a cute idea.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  7. I agree...we need to have our cleaning stuff right there.

    what a mess

    xo kel

  8. Very clever. There's something about old whisk brooms that always has appealed to me.

  9. Kelly your so creative. Looks great. I am posting your doors on my blog on Wed. Check it out.

  10. Very cool...and I love your laundry cart!!

  11. Hej Kelley
    I LOVE it!
    I have one of those little brooms that I found here in a 'loppis' in Sweden...didn't know they were called whisk brooms, but it's a whizz a flicking the crumbs off the table cloths in my little tea room lol!
    LOVE your pantry/mud rooom/laundry room
    I bet you couldn't be without it.
    Have a great week ahead my friend
    P.S. Thank you soo much for your kind words... and YES we do kiss each other ALL THE TIME :-D

  12. Such a clever idea! Love creative ways to display collections! Thanks for sharing.

  13. A clever idea that is just perfect for your laundry/mud/pantry room. I think the rustic hooks and board really add to the collection. The cart is adorable too.

  14. In the old days that might have been a summer kitchen. Great idea. I think I try to adapt that for my sewing room. I wonder what I can hang. Hmm...Ann

  15. Hehe - they look like really cute "eyelashes" for the window!! - great idea!

  16. Too cute Kelley- I love it!

  17. Very cute...especially for a laundry room.

  18. super duper creative! love what you did! you don't even need to remodel that room! beautiful as is!

    ashley over @

  19. Love this Kelley...it's fantastic!! It should be in Country Living or something!
    xo J~

  20. This is darling - what a great idea!

  21. I can't wait to see what you end up with in that room. We have the same space, in function, between our kitchen and garage. It could use some inspiration. It's tidy and organized, but a little lack luster.


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