CG's New Apartment: The Bedroom


 Well now....where did I leave off ?

We last left our College Grad  "CG"
with her living room and dining area completed

We have spent $3,580 dollars of our furniture allowance and have about $3000 dollars left to finish the new apartment

On our next shopping day we hit
West Elm

CG had seen this bed before and really thought it was cute...
 the price was definitely great at $359 dollars. 

 We purchased a new mattress at Sears with a pillow top for $300 dollars  
and didn't have to buy a box spring!

Since the bed doesn't have a head board but we found this really fun vintage "crazy quilt"
and will use it at the top of the bed frame draped over a basic wood curtain rod.

It cost us $79 dollars for the quilt and $20 dollars for the rod and hooks

CG wants to buy Matteo linens for her bed
 but we need to see how much money 
we have left at the end, before we spring for expensive linen sheets
We only have room in the bedroom for one side table and need some storage for books, magazines and little odds and ends.  
We hit Urban Outfitters and bought this great Market Basket table 
 for $179 dollars.  
The lid flips open and you can stash things in the basket!

Back to West Elm....we both fell in love with this owl lamp. 
 It is really whimsical and different....$99 dollars
I suggested we put a rug in the bedroom over the carpet to give it a little more warmth.  I ordered this ticking striped cutie from Dash and Albert...$208 for a 6x9

 Also from West Elm we purchased this raffia/sea grass wrapped mirror 
for over the was a bit pricey at $249 dollars.....

but we can use it down the road in a lot of other areas
 if we want to

Our next two items 
were the big ticket items

I really wanted CG to have an 
antique "something"  

A piece that she can say down the road...
"that was my first antique and I still love it today"

The dresser above totally fit the bill
 and we negotiated a great price at a consignment store of $500 dollars
The room needs a nice place to sit or to toss her purse, coat and scarf...

CG loves to shop on Overstock and she found this great club chair in a neutral linen 
for $420 dollars

We can use this chair in the living room if we want 
because the fabric is really similar to the sofa we purchased 
at World Market

And finally just to add a nice pop of color
 a lamp for the dresser area 
from West Elm called the Mia table lamp 

it sells for $129 dollars

We can swap out the lamps from the living room and the bed room 
if CG gets bored 
and wants to move things around.

read about the living room here

and the dining area here

And here is how CG's bedroom turned out

Now lets see how we did with our money
Living room $1975 dollars
Dining area $1625 dollars 
and our Bedroom came in at $2533 dollars

So our total furniture bill was $6133...and we really got a lot of great things! 
but don't forget we need $3000 for rent and 
$500 dollars for move in miscellaneous expenses 

which puts our grand total at:
$9633 dollars

 but here is the good news....we came in under our budget by $367 dollars

CG will put the extra in the bank and start saving 
for some beautiful new linens for the bed

E-Design is such a great tool and can really help to visualize the end result of your project

If you would like more info just drop me an email 
and I will send you out a packet of information with all of things you will need to know

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful relaxing weekend....

cheers, Kelley

  1. Interesting to follow this process. I love {but am surprised} that the bedroom was the most expensive. I love it because that is where we spend most of our time, so it should be a priority when it comes to decorating. I think my favorite item is the chair from overstock, great shopping you 2. Hope it was a fun process.

  2. what a wonderful way to start your life after college. She is certainly one lucky girl! Great pieces at great prices!! BTW, I tried your living and dining room links and it said page not found?

  3. Wow, these rooms are great Kelley! Fantastic job!!

  4. I am so impressed with all that you have come up with! Love the addition of the old crazy quilt and the antique chest. I am a firm believer in adding some age to all the new! Great Job!

  5. Thank you all....I really love it! I think what I love the most is that so many of the furnishings can be switched from room to room when CG gets tired of her little space. We all know how fun it can be to re-decorate with what we already own!

    And thank you Marcy for the info on the links....all fixed!

    kelley ; o )

  6. I love the mix of things you've chosen - everything works so well together. H&M do lovely linen bed linen with scruffy ruffles around the pillow case and it's very reasonably priced - could be a temporary solution or bedding that is used when the good stuff is in the wash. I'm not sure it's available in the USA but check it out and if you like it I can order it and send it on to you.
    Will you be posting a photo of her finished room - I'd live to see it!

  7. She must be so excited. You both did a great job! I'm in love with her dresser. I have a thing for 1800s pine. Love!

  8. I love it all and so much for the price. Smart to buy that great antique dresser. She will use it in many different rooms in the future. I bought an antique walnut table with my first job about 40 years ago and it is still with me through many different apartment, condos, homes, and husbands. I still was still crushing on it when I recently decorated it for Fall. As for the Matteo bedding, 3rd St in LA has bedding at 60% off, mixed bag, mix and match but soooo worth it.

  9. I just love that you can move and "play" with moving things around...and the dresser is perfect.

  10. Looks gorgeous, and I am in LOVE with the Urban Outfitters market basket table - that is a great piece!

  11. Love everything and how you priced everything out...really gives someone an idea of what they'll need to spend on their "first" place or for a small second home. Great ideas!


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