Early Autumn Gardening


 It really does not feel like fall considering it has been over 90 degrees every day, since the middle of July...but this morning it really cooled off and it finally felt like Autumn

 I have started some cool season veggies
like carrots, broccoli, cabbage, beets and tons of new mesclun and lettuce
 I thought I might try a late season tomato and see what happens ...I planted two, about a month ago 

but as luck would have it.... last night the raccoons were out 
and made short work of the squash plants

what you think your garden should look like 
 and what it actually is
at the end of the summer
can be very different things

I did not get even a single zucchini this year....all munched

 there really is no way to stop the critters
especially when you have good looking zucchini!

the weird thing is that they ate the stalks too...they even ate some of the hot peppers and eggplant!

and the squirrels have been even worse...but it's all part of gardening...you take the good with the bad
those raccoons are so destructive...
we don't have deer in the Arbolada, because there is no water source this time of year, but I have heard that they are a huge problem for those that live near the creeks.

 I planted chives between my tomato plants and have really enjoyed them all summer...
I was about to pull them
  up, but then saw these blossoms forming

 nice to have some chive blossom's in a salad !

 I have planted chives in a variety of ways either self sowing in a large area
or dividing up little six packs form the nursery...both methods work pretty well
 Lately I have tried a new method for sowing seeds directly in long rows
as opposed to larger 24 x 24 inch plots in the raise beds

The new seedlings need to be really well irrigated or they die and some seeds need direct sunlight to germinate so be sure to read the back of the seed packet 

 The grapes were a success...but these are three years old now, so we knew most of them would produce this year

again, the critters had a hey day...but we enjoyed some grapes too

 I really love how the vines trellis along the fence
enclosing the four apple trees

 this variety is a champagne style grape
which is really small and purple when it ripens...and really delicious

Our family citrus orchard is finally in great shape...
after hours and hours of TLC, spraying, mulching, pruning and watering

I think these trees are probably about 30 plus years old,
so it takes time to have large beautiful citrus trees,
but boy do they produce the fruit

the goal is to get the  branches to fall almost to the ground
with an enclosed sheltered canopy
 this is a better picture and you can see how the branches are just above the soil
 and loaded with green oranges that will begin to ripen this winter

this is such a beautiful time of year for gardening...and next month, October,
 is the busiest gardening month of the entire year...so rest up!

bye for now

  1. Thanks for sharing, your garden is beautiful! I wish you lived closer I have lots of zucchini !! I'd share !! Some hidden ones got to be the size of baseball bats and clubs !! Lol.

  2. Hi Linda...I know right! they get huge. Last summer I wrapped a big one up in a baby blanket and scared the heck out of my husband!



  3. Loved your orchard. It is lovely and your garden as well.

  4. I love looking at your garden Kelley, so beautifully structured and so productive. I have a family of seven raccoons living in the caves under my garden - mama + six. Luckily the only thing they seem to like is my figs, no grapes for them this year!

  5. always love to see your garden. I can't wait for it to cool down. It's just been to hot for way to long! soon!

  6. You have a wonderful garden with lot of veggies. Make sure your garbage is secured or secure with the lid to the can in such a way that the raccoon will face difficulty in getting the top open. Put up the screens to keep the raccoon out and save your zucchini and squash plants.

  7. Kelley,
    Your garden still looks amazing, even if the racoons decided it was their garden too. I agree, this time of year is my favorite for planning and planting. We have the cutest bunnies that love to thwart my efforts, but like you said, you just hope they don't eat everything. :-)

  8. How do you keep the deer out of your garden? My fruit trees first get eaten by the deer, what is left the birds peck and the squirrels polish the rest off! Your garden is so beautiful! I am finally posting tomorrow! Hope you like it!!

  9. Love to see the garden, Kelley....love the citrus especially. Try freezing the champagne grapes...they are so great cold!

  10. That's really great looking garden. Thank you for sharing yours gardening tips wit us. And you're right it doesn't really feel like fall is coming. Not with temperature that high. But the preparation for autumn is indeed important as we are getting ready for the busiest month of year in gardening. Raccoons aside, I wish you luck with your work.

  11. Your gardens are beautiful Kelly. Its hard to believe it is fall when its over a 100 degrees here in Calif.

  12. Love your garden, Kelly. I have multiple generations of rabbits and racoons living in my property. Only this year after building the raised beds I don't have problems with rabbits, raccoons and gophers for now. I am crossing my fingers and hoping to stay like that. Ojai is a beautiful place to live.

  13. Your garden is beautiful! It is so BIG! I think your garden is larger than our entire plot(meaning our house, front and back yards). Our zuchini and bell peppers did great this year but our tomatoes and most everything else didn't. We are harvesting tomatoes now but about a 1/4 of what we are used to. You are so lucky to have an orchard. Thank you for sharing...I love to see gardens especially since not many people garden nowadays. I remember when I was a child everyone had a garden in their backyard.

  14. Your gardens are so divine, love the stone borders : )


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