Got Rocks?

Whats that saying?  When life gives you lemons.......
This is the former hedge that separated our lot from the street.  As we prepared to grade the site for landscaping we were surprised to find some rocks.  Not just a few, mind you.  Gobs of rocks.  Mountains of rocks.  All shapes and sizes of rocks.  What to do?
How about a nice wall.  So as it turns out, we have about 180 linear feet along the front of our little abode.  We are now three weeks into this amazing wall.  5 guys, about 12 tons (not kidding) of hand constructed wall.  It is 3 feet high and 2 feet across and solid! Almost all of the stone is from the yard with a little supplement from the local quarry, which is conveniently about a 5 mile drive from here.

This is a shot from the street.  We have two pillars at each end of the driveway to accent the entrance.

Should be done in about a week more.  More rock projects are sure to follow  ~*~kelley
  1. WOW! I can hardly believe that you got all of those just from the excavation! Isn't it nice to be so resourceful that when you get when you find yourself between a "rock and a hard place" you can truly turn it around, and into somethign so beautiful! The mark of someone with true talent! Great work! It's coming together, beautifully!

  2. Your stone wall is amazing!! Can not believe they did this in only three weeks- wow. Such a feat would have taken a good 6-8 months here!


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