New Best Friend #2

Some girls love power tools:

My new DeWalt 3100 PSI power washer $699 at Home Depot

What is not to love about small machines that run on gasoline and can clean just about anything?  I bought this bad boy to clean up around our house and property during all of the construction we have had going on.  I also needed something to wash off the rocks we are using for wall and planters.  This pressure washer is so amazing.  Easy to use and maneuver around the yard.  It comes with 5 nozzels, each for a different use of the power spray.
After I washed up my dump truck, I used it to clean my market umbrella, all of my teak patio furniture and to get sap and grime off the porches. Once I got going with this thing I tried to wash just about everything I could think of.  My dog Millie got a little freaked out when I started to look at her.  Hum...she is a little dirty.... I think the photo below is a beauty shot of the carburetors?!

Whats not to love, DeWalt tools are my new best friends ~*~kelley
  1. Kelley - we have an electric powerwasher, which isn't nearly powerful enough to wash a dump truck, so it's a good thing I don't have one! LOL! But I too, was a like a kid with a new bike when I first got it. I couldn't put it down. The house, the car, the driveway, the porch, the fence, the neighbors fence - I even offered to do the neighbors porch! LOL! Powerwashers should come with a sticker on the box: WARNING! MIGHT BE ADDICTIVE!

  2. Power tools are so addictive
    Artie, I agree,

    A clean dump truck is a happy dump truck, kelley

  3. LOL - I had the same experience 2 years ago when we decided to power wash the house!
    I like your sense of humor!


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