Porch Project: Ojai Update

A front porch is one of the most important aspects of any home. It is like your smile. : ) It reveals how a house is most likely going to look on the inside. While this is not the worst looking front porch in the world, it was a little shabby and the metal screen door was very unwelcoming.It looked so much better after a new coat of white paint and the pretty new screen door with the oak leaf cut out. Even still the brick was dated and crumbling. So off it came.
The projects started with a band of stones from the yard in a gentle swirl running the length of the porch.

We then filled in with blue stone pavers.

The combination of the rock with the flag stone is really complimentary and adds a nice interest instead of just a completely flat surface.
We then added a new walk way and again swirled a variety of small pebbles and aggregate through the center in a random pattern. The flag stone was used to fill out the rest of the walk.

Here is the result. It still needs sealer which will bring out the colors a bit more.
Plants have gone in and the porch is such a nice place to sit. We really like the rocking chairs, they are actually really comfortable and fit the mood of the house.
I think this is a nice way to say "welcome to our home"
  1. By the way, the wonderful galvanized pots are from the now defunked garden store Smith and Hawkin, so sad!

  2. I LOVE the part about the front porch being the smile. I agree! You have a beautiful smile now! Do you mind me asking what sealer you used and how it is holding up? Love the whimsy of the differnt rocks and the pattern! Great job!

  3. Hi Kelsey!

    I just used some really basic stuff from the hardware store and it doesn't look much different really....probably won't bother again to seal it!

    kelley ; 0 )


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