Fabric Ideas for Pillows


Vintage fabric is a true love of mine.  
Wendy Lewis always has the best selection of vintage fabrics  anywhere and I bought a nice assortment for some new pillows.
The black floral is a french quilt top and will need backing because it is so sheer, but the colors are amazing.  Pinks and some salmon with a dark  black background.
She had a few new feed sacks in black...I know I know......but I couldn't help it!  
The pretty French ticking looks great with the print as well.  
It has a cream back ground and the stripe is sort of unusual, which I liked.
I usually back the pillows with this great hemp that she sells in large rolls.  The down side, is that it is not all that wide, so if you are doing larger projects you will need to seam the fabric together.
I like to throw the fabric on the bed or the floor and take a look at it all together, to edit and see how it will all look.
This soft purple orchid floral looks so pretty with the sweater weave pillows
I bought this really bold Indienne floral too.  Wendy told me this was one of her favorites from her last trip to France.  It is from the 1880's and in untouched condition.  Its has a strong coco brown ground with the pink coral and gold floral motif.  She has more if you like this!
Project #2 is Americana inspired. 
 The little tea stained american flag is new but will sew up into a wonderful pillow. 
 I like the brass grommets! 
 The blue stripe is a vintage American ticking duvet cover.

I had another stenciled sack to put with this grouping too
What also caught my eye is how the french floral looked with this group.  The gold from the flag ties these together and will be very fun if I end up using them that way.
What a great combo!
Well, I'm off to visit the Upholstery guy and I will share the results in a week or so. 

 Don't forget to visit Wendy.   You will love her store!

PS:  Hope all the MOM's had a wonderful day yesterday
  1. I LOVE Wendy, the loodylady on eBay. I just had a pillow made for my mom for mother's day with things I bought from her. She's such a pleasure to do business with. I love that first combination of the floral and the salmony stripe. And the last floral with the burlappy hemmp/linen is quite handsome too. Can't wait to see what you do.

  2. What great and eclectic combos of fabrics...I would have a hard time deciding which goes with what...and sizes and all...can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I love pretty fabrics and yours are gorgeous. Love the vintage and rustic look to them.

  4. I see some gorgeous pillows in your future! Can't wait to see them.

  5. I just love spreading out fabric like you did and playing with all the possibilities. I eagerly await seeing your results! xo,

  6. I'm in love... Can't wait to see them as pillows!!

  7. Hi Kelley,

    Loved seeing all the fabrics that you have bought. The first three look really good together. You almost sound guilty for liking the grainsack and the french ticking - don't 'cause they are all fantastic!(smile). My least favourite one (only because I have a dislike for mission brown, our house was painted in it when we moved in and I haven't gotten over it yet!!!)was the indienne floral. Can't wait to see the end result. All exciting, isn't it, a real buzz feeling, a natural drug. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  8. hi kelly, i am attempting to sit in front of my sewing machine maybe one of these days. love your fabric choice and i would like to check out the store you mentioned. your backyard looks gorgeous...can't wait to see the finished pillows..this is inspiring! verbena cottage

  9. Hi Kelley! LOVE everything you've picked! I'm really liking that splash of salmon - so dramatic next to the black! And I say be proud of your love of feed sacks!! : ) It's going to be beautiful - can't wait to see!


  10. oh i can't wait to see what you do with those beautiful fabrics!! off to check out wendy's site. thanks for sharing!



  11. ahhh... the "grain sack addiction!"


    (beautiful fabric choices - I know final results will be gorgeous)

  12. That's some amazing fabric you have there...and I'm so with ya on the grain sack love.

  13. The first grouping of fabrics is wonderful! Seeing them all laid out on the bed really struck a chord with me...beautiful combination! Looking forward (along with everyone else) to seeing what you make of them all. Off to visit Wendy's store...xo Jessica

  14. hi kelley,

    love them all. all the combos are gorg. i hope you are fixing up my guest room!


    ps ~ notice how i went from dropping by to staying over!

  15. What agreat selection and combination of fabrics! Just stumled uppon your blog. ILOVEIT. xx

  16. Nice fabric you picked i am a big pillow fan,check my line www.fillingspaces.com

  17. Hi, Kelley,

    I am passing on a blogger award to you for all the wonderful work you do here and for the kind soul that you are. Thanks for being a part of my circle of friends!


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