Doug Strickland: Artist

I'm not actually sure how I stumbled onto this amazing artist
but his work is simply wonderful.  I have a framed print of the work above and it is stunning...even as a print!

 His name is Doug Strickland 
and he lives in North Carolina.  
He is a portrait, landscape and still life painter 
who is deeply in touch with rural America
 He paints primarily the every day comings and goings 
of small communities...which are probably not far from where he lives.
 There is a really magical touch to his work 
and he draws you into the location 
 When I look at these, I get a true sense of the moment in time 
that the painting is capturing.

You can almost hear those little chickens clucking....

 The simplicity of the subject matter is what I really love 

 He does commissions of family members and pets as well!

 You can view his web site and more of his work here

Hope you have enjoyed a little sample of Doug's work.

Have a wonderful and simple weekend!
Thanks for stopping in....

  1. Amazing! At first I thought I was looking at a photograph. Oh to be able to capture shadows and light like Doug...

  2. What beautiful paintings! I love the way he captures the light in them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Talk about talent! I thought I was looking at a photo at first too. I really loved the painting with the chickens in the yard.
    Have a great weekend Kelley!

  4. Wow! I especially love the yellow can teetering on the step in the front porch painting. What amazing detail. Really great!



  5. What a fantastic artist - capturing a lifestyle that is fading. Great detail. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was born in the wrong era ...


  7. oh my word......these are simply amazing. Thank you for sharing. I really think I could look at them all day. :)

  8. love all of his pictures.
    I would take all of them..

  9. What talent! He's not that far away from me. When I saw the first picture I thought, how familiar a scene. His work is great! Thanks for sharing!
    Debbi @ the beach

  10. oh wow Kelley,

    Loved looking at Doug's work. There is not many like him that can make a painting look like a photo. My favourites were the old car and the grey shed. That shed with all the different colours is stunning because it looks so real and the painting of the house with the chooks out the front is my absolute favourite! I don't think I've ever seen a window painted that good that it looks like real glass.

    Wish I had half of his amazing ability!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are keeping well.

    Take care

    Tasmania, Australia

  11. beautiful work! love the small town with the flags..thx for sharing...

  12. He is pure Americana. His work reminds me of that of Norman Rockwell - such realism. He has a real gift to admire. I look forward to going to his website. Thanks for sharing.

  13. His work is truly wonderful and he perfectly captures life in small town America! Thanks for the introduction!

    Kat :)

  14. wow! love it but I have always loved photo-real painting and I agree with cottage by the sea - he reminds me of a "norman rockwell of the south"

  15. In all paintings I really impressed with the way you captures the light in them. And I really like the painting with the chickens in the yard.

  16. Hey there! Doug was kind enough to send me an email and he loved the mention here on the blog as well as the wonderful comments you have left.

    Thank you for viewing his work and yes I agree about the Norman Rockwell reference too!

    xo kelley

  17. His work reminds me of Bob Byerly. He's an American artist out of Kansas City and he captures the same spirit as Strickland but with children.

  18. Amazing! Simply amazing! I looked at a couple of the painting twice because they truly looked like photographs. Very nice!

  19. Oh, I'm in love. The detail is blowing me away...and how he's captured the feeling of old country roads and the like is astounding...again, in love!
    Off to visit his site...thank you so much for this post Kelley!
    xo J~


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