Designing for your "Inner ChIcken"


Is it just me 
or is has the chicken coop become latest 
urban back yard
 "must have"?

Is there a national 
chicken craze happening?

Can you catch it from being around other people who love chickens?

Like the flu?

And if having a coop loaded with clucking hens wasn't enough 
we are now putting carriers, 
statues, towels 


all things chicken
in our homes too

I love the little shed above 
and think it would be a nice design for a chicken coop, 
with roses growing over the lattice topped roof...

and maybe a nice couch and coffee table for the chickens...

slipcovered of course

see.... I have it too!

oh no

the dreaded

chicken syndrome
If you really love your chicken 
you can put a diaper on it
 and it can come in the house 
and play with the kids...


 Some people love their chickens so much 
that they let them play 

and wear custom designed chicken coats...

so now that I have
come down the dreaded 
chicken virus...

I am finding all sorts of  ways to create a wonderful environment 
surrounded by things 
that will sooth my

"inner chicken"

how about using some chicken wire on your walls...?

this is a wall paper from Peter Fasano

I really like this!  

I found this little coop at a flea market and added some little red wheels..
it's a fun little table with storage for books


 the chickens can sleep in there while I'm running errands

with their diapers on...of course...
silly me

 Chicken collectibles
are pretty fun too
like these old concrete yard ornaments...
and the added bonus of no diaper

how about a custom painted portrait of you 
and your favorite feathered friend Flossie

to grace the walls of your coop...
I mean house

there is now chicken poo poo
lip gloss


and chickens for the kitchen
how about a chicken handbag...any celebrity sightings yet?

Or chicken shoes...
for a night out on the town

these are cute little shoes for your chicken 
in a variety of colors....
guaranteed not to be pecked off

you can find your inner chicken 
in so many about a hat?


wrong bird
that's better

and of course
how could I not include the iconic wardrobe of every
gal with a serious case of chicken syndrome

the chicken suit

OK so now you know 

when you get chicken syndrome
it may take you a while to get over it

so just go with it...I say

I'm so chicken pooped 
I need to take a nap

on a chicken pillow of course


wrong pillow





  1. Fun post Kelley!!! I am interested in joining in on the chicken craze too... they gorgeous color eggs some lay would be a treasure! Love the coffee table with the red wheels! I have a chicken crate under my coffee table in the family room... but don't see chickens in the house anytime soon :)

  2. Oh, Kelley, That is hilarious! I will show my boys to give them ideas of things to do with their chickens! (yeah, right! The grandsons would love their chickens in the house, though!) Thanks for always having such clever blogs!

  3. Glad I don't eat chicken anymore. I would be hungry!! I have always been intrigued by chickens and would love to have a coop.

  4. I would love to have chickens, but I think our Homeowner's Association would squawk ; o )

  5. I too would love to have some beautiful chickens...not sure that feasible where I love...but still fun to think about...

  6. Haha! I love it. Seriously?!! Chicken diapers? Chicken shoes? Who woulda thought! Thanks for making me smile!

  7. But that coffee table sure is lovely!!

  8. OMG! are too funny :) I would love to have chickens. Maybe one day when I live out in the country. I won't be a crazy chicken lady with diapers on my chickens! Really, who does that ?!
    Funny story though.....I have worn that chicken suit! I pulled together a last minute costume for a Halloween party. I paired the chicken suit with a boxing outfit (ala Rocky Balboa). Guess what I was?........
    Chicken suit + Rocky = Cock Fighter! And yes, I won 1st place for most original ;)

  9. This was fun. I have chickens and I enjoy them, I have heard and seen the chicken diapers but the shoes and coats were new to me. I have a pink climbing rose growing up my chicken house, can't wait for it to bloom. :)

  10. My Mom had a chicken coop painted on her refrigerator....then the refrig died so she had my hubby make a cabinet with the old doors for the refrig now re-used on the new cabinet !!! It's really cute !!!

  11. I love your chicken coop/hamper, but steady on! And you are right, there is a great craze for coops, I wish I could have one here, my father kept chickens and I love their contented clucking... and I live on Chicken Point.

  12. OMG, I'm laughing so hard! But I do love that chicken coop coffee! And I was going through emails yesterday and found your last email in my spam folder?!!! How the heck did that happen?! I will be replying soon.

    I have to admit that I've been wanting chickens too, but I don't think they would do very well with the eagles, hawks, and foxes around here.

    Kat :)

  13. What a comprehensive, hysterical chicken post!!!! You crack me up.

    I just think it would be cool to have those organic eggs...not that I could do it on Lido Isle. NO SPACE.

    I have a couple of very funny chicken hats I'd like to show you :)

  14. Toooo funny! I'll admit that I loved the wall paper and the concrete chicken though. ":o)
    Thanks for the smiles!

  15. ...I'm still stuck on chicken poo lip gloss....really?!

  16. You are killing me! I came down with the virus about 20 years ago. What took you so long? Before I die, I will have a chicken coop in my back yard!
    In the meantime, I have chickens everywhere inside--beautiful collected chickens! But don't have the chicken poo poo lip gloss yet or a chicken handbag!

  17. What fun Kelley! We got a chuckle to see pictured the former storage shed - now rose-coverd cottage - we fixed up for my mom at our home in Nantucket. We always tease mom that we're going to send her out to the "shed" ... now it'll be to the chicken coop!
    Love your blog, and especially your passion for American country antiques.

  18. Fun fun post and Yes I think you can definitely catch chicken flu! I have a friend that has some urban chickens and has for over 10 years and it has made me want some too. Hubby says NO so no luck so far, but still working on him, Kathysue

  19. My brother and sister in law just recently built a cute coop and purchases four's definitely a craze...and more work than they ever imagined, but it's also been very rewarding and super fun for the kids...the eggs have been pretty great too!
    xo J~

  20. What a cute post. I confess I've been a little sad that we cannot have chickens in Irvine...there was a person in the neighborhood that used to have a couple of chickens in her backyard and she told me they kept the snails and slugs to a minimum...I would like the eggs, but the darling dears are probably more work than I realize. Your house in Ojai would be a perfect place for them!

  21. too funny! love the coop table though ;) Just saw this on a houzz update and thought of you too. Enjoying your posts & style.

  22. Ohhhh, so that's what happened. I bought some new curtains and some material w/ roosters(does that count) on it to sew up a tablecloth, and when I threw the rooster material on the table to see what it would look like I discovered, very much to my surprise, the design in the new curtains looked like chicken wire. At least this explains it, it's catching. My question, are we all going to need to go through rehab?

  23. So did you go for it and just up and order your baby chicks yet? I LOVE the wired wallpaper... I have not seen that before, but will keep that tucked in my mental charming! We've got our hens and I can attest to the proliferating of chicken decor in the home.. I have a chicken LIGHT FIXTURE that we bought before we even had chicks. I was doomed from the start.

  24. My first time here and what a great LOL!!!!

    love your sense of humor esp. the rooster wearing booties and the 'girl about the town' chicken shoes.......thnks for fun
    your newest fan

  25. Cute post! I've been wanting a couple of backyard chickens, but the hubby won't give in. Love your chicken coop table! Thanks for sharing.

  26. OK all of you little chickens....gosh I never knew so many of us had the chicken syndrome!

    Hope we all survive it!

    xx kelley

  27. What a fun post Kelley! You do have a wonderful sense of humor! I know what you seems everyone is getting on the chicken coop bandwagon. As much as I love the idea of fresh eggs...I'm pretty sure it's not for me. The farmers market from May to November a few blocks from my new house in CT will have to do for fresh eggs.

  28. HAHAHA!! I laughed out loud! thanks! the chicken craze has hit here in the Boston area too - at least two people in my office are raising them in their suburban backyards!I am hoping for fresh eggs when they really get producing!


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