Zinc Project

I haven't had much time to post about the kitchen remodel we are doing in Ojai...because I have been knee deep in drywall dust and flying paint splatters... etc etc

But here is a little shot of the kitchen before we started demo

It's not too bad...but the cabinets are old and the drawer fronts are pulling off and the tile is terrible and cracked and the lighting is horrible and the windows won't open and ...nothing major really


Major horrible!

But I love this big commercial Fridge that I bought for the kitchen!

Its a Frigidaire glass front on wheels....gotta love anything on wheels right?!

You've seen these in your local deli or Circle K

It has no freezer or bins or fancy pull outs or much of anything on the inside

It's just a big old Fridge and I love it
To fancy it up a bit for the new kitchen I decided it would be nice to put a covering of metal on the sides and top

So being the kind of gal who loves herself a good, messy, sort of weird project that involves power tools, liquid nails and flying sparks...
I bought these big rolls of zinc
Now let me just say this...I could never have done this with out hiring someone who understands how to work with sheet metal

It's sharp, heavy and requires special tools
Here is how the fridge comes from the appliance store...
It has black shiny sides that are not that bad really,
 but since it can be viewed from all sides and is essentially free standing,
I thought cladding it in 
raw aged metal would be really interesting
First we cut down the metal sheets into 3 sections to fit the sides and top
The sheet were then glued to the fridge using a really strong commercial adhesive

I wanted some sort of trim around the sheet metal 
so we used raw steel angle iron for the edges 
and flat iron along the front

The iron edging was cut to fit with a saw and then welded at the corners
 to tie the whole fitted zinc skin together

It was really important to clamp the entire fridge on all sides and along the top with straps and clamps for 24 hours to be sure the adhesive would hold correctly

The edges are going to be left raw and will have an interesting patina over time 

 maybe even a little rust
You can actually patina the zinc with acid or cupric sufate  
if you want an aged look 

I will share the finished fridge project 
as soon as we are done!

I purchased the metal from a company called Roto Metals

Here are a few photos of projects done using their zinc products

 great tables
 this is an outdoor bar
 counter and table tops
 entry gates

wow is that cool!

 And these gorgeous range hoods

 The ideas are endless

Stay tuned for more!

  1. That is true attention to detail Kelley, and I love the zinc. Always a pleasure to read about skilled craftsmen and see the wonderful things they can do!

  2. The amazing ideas you come up with! That fridge alone is a cool idea, then to dress it up like that...great. I've been waiting w/baited breath for an update on your Ojai house. Can't wait to see the finished product. Are you living there full time?

  3. Love that fridge and the zinc additions!

  4. Yep...this was a bit of a stretch!
    sometimes when I tell the guys what I want to do the say " what? are you joking"

    makes life more interesting...and keeps me on my toes!

    xx kelley

  5. Where do I start?!

    1. Only you would make a custom fridge!
    2. I can't believe that is a Frigidaire!
    3. I wish I was super organized so I could get this fridge!
    4. Blown away by this :)


  6. I love that fridge. I wanted a glass front fridge when I bought a fridge a few years ago but just could not afford. Adding the zinc to the sides is a great idea. How about that range hood second from the last. Wow...I love that one. I know this house is going to be so gorgeous when you finish.

  7. does your mind ever stop I mean how cool is this
    really cool!

  8. Love the fridge! It is such a statement piece! I have one and it's so fab!
    Did you do the range hoods?
    LMK I need a source for one...
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. FABuLOUS post!!! LOVE that glass front fridge!
    How are you? WONDERFUL I hope!

  10. I actually looked at that company when I was thinking about doing zinc on our island...small world! You are so amazing and talented, I swear, I love everything you bring to fruition from that creative head of yours!


  11. The ideas you come up with just amaze me! What a neat fridge.

  12. Your projects constantly amaze me!

  13. I'm so happy that you wrote an article on this process. LOVE LOVE this look on so many pieces.
    Hey, you know I have that fridge in my house?! It's been a fave as a 2nd fridge in our current house and the last one, and will be in our next one.
    Here's the Crystal Creek one:

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Love it! I'm seriously dying over the fridge...I want one!

  15. I love that fridge project! So creative!
    Several years ago, we looked at replacing countertops in our kitchen. We were on a very limited budget, and as it turned out, our cabinets are actually deeper than the average kitchen so even laminate (ick!) would have to be custom. We knew we wanted something different, and considered concrete as well. I had seen an antique zinc table at an antique show and thought "Wow!" I want that!
    So... Hubby is game for trying to create any crazy idea I come up with and after removing the old countertops, measured sheets of MDF to fit. He then cut, formed, glued, and soldered sheets of zinc over the MDF. It has patinated beautifully. We always get great compliments. It's not for the person who loves perfection because water and acid foods change the color. But we LOVE it.

  16. ♥♥♥ this!! You always do something unique and different, that is what I love about YOU and your blog. It keeps me coming back for MORE !! Happy, beautiful weekend,

  17. Now THAT is a craft project! LOL! Can't wait to see the final product! BTW where is the freezer?

  18. I love what you have done to the fridge...brilliant.

  19. Girl, you kill me! First of all, you know I love a fridge with a glass door right? Just got one myself and I love it. Yours is so perfect for Ojai. Love your idea of cladding it in zinc. Anything clad in zinc is ok with me. I've been toying with the idea of topping my kitchen table with zinc. Can't wait to see the finished project. What brand is your fridge, BTW. Maybe our house in Asti needs one! ~Delores

  20. Duh, just read that it's a Fridgedaire. I seriously love it!

  21. Oh I just love any project that involves zinc!

  22. That fridge is amazing! I would just park a big cake right up front and stare at it every time I walked through the kitchen. It's really coming along!

  23. OK, I had no idea that this was even possible. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that finished glass door fridge...we just finished remodeling our own kitchen ( thecavenderdiary.com ) and the black eyesore of a fridge is that last piece to address......I would love to do this to our own..thanks for the inspiration.

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