Chalkboard Art...finished for now

 Here we go...this is how my project ended up
but just to be sure....
I thought I would just sleep on it and see how I felt about it in the morning

It's only chalk right?

I wonder If Dana Tanamachi does that?


Just as a reminder this was my original graphic design

 about 1/2 way through...
I do like the banner
and Dana uses lots of banners in her work
 and this is the final project...the next morning, I removed the little knives I had added, re-worked the area where the banners was
 and enlarged the lettering on 
"petit cafe"

 I put my basket of bread boards underneath it 
but it just needed something a bit higher
 I have a nice little collection of old bottles 
that I use for vinegars and oil for cooking
 This is a great little bamboo shelf...a nice size for a smallish I gave it a try here
just in case you are wondering about the old bottles...I actually sterilize them like you would a canning jar prior to using them and if there is even a question about cleanliness I don't put any thing in them except maybe a flower for the garden

 a few little dishes, some fresh lemons 
and an old baguette basket on the chalk shelf
Here is a little peek of the kitchen with the new chalkboard

this little sign reads:

the daily bread
petit cafe
open daily

I hope you give this a try....
it is so much more fun 
than spelling and arithmetic 




I didn't seal it 
because I have a feeling I will find some new things to draw 
as Spring approaches...
and I agree with Dana
that there is something interesting and simplistic
about just erasing it
and doodling a new idea

  1. It looks wonderful, love where you placed it near the pretty, great art work...

  2. Kelley it is fantastic! It looks so cute. You are so creative. How is your gorgeous home not in a magazine yet? Please tell me there is a photo shoot in the works!

  3. Very cute; love it with all the bottles!

  4. Absolutely lovely, Kelley! I'm inspired ... and I just so happen to have a chalkboard. Hmmm... ;)

  5. Kelley,
    This is just fabulous for art, for fun, for gifts- to sell?! I love it just the way it is- has all my favorite foods :) but I can totally see you coming up with creative ideas all year long- Valentines Day will be here beofre you know it!

  6. I am ever so impressed! It took more patience then I have ,but looks awesome! I love the finished product,your changes were spot on!

  7. Thank you for the nice and thoughtful comments . I was actually sort of nervous to share it! ; o )

    It is just a fun way to use a little vintage board and I may put it on the porch to leave messages for total strangers!!!!

    xxx's Kelley

  8. Truly wonderful, original and amazing. I wouldn't expect anything less from you Kelley! ~Delores

  9. C'est une belle ouevre des arte!

    You did a marvellous job! Love the little bamboo stand. What a lovely kitchen, from what I can see!

  10. Great job, Kelley. I looks perfect in your charming kitchen.

  11. you're always such an inspiration K! love the chalkboard art and your adorable brkfst. room!

  12. Love the photos!

  13. so cute! I have an identical bamboo table/shelf to that. My mother-in-law gave it to me 30-some years ago. She bought it at the little antique shop next to her house way before that. Little Bit


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