Ina's Garden in the Hamptons

One of America's favorite cookbook authors is Ina Garten.   She lives and works in East Hampton, in  a lovely shingle style home with beautiful manicured gardens.
  Her cookbooks are full of easy recipes and lots of hints on great entertaining, but I find myself looking at the photos of her house and her garden just as much as the food photography

Lets go on a garden tour!!!
This is actually a somewhat newer remodeled home that she and her husband Jeffrey purchased, after living in a rental property, while she ran her successful food business The Barefoot Contessa. 
She hired landscape designer Edwina Von Gal to create a series of Parterre gardens on 1/4 acre of land near the house, calling it the "kitchen garden".  Initially she envisioned the parterres filled with vegetables but as most gardeners find out, deer and squirrels will take a bite out of just about anything edible.  The parterres soon became filled with flowers and very little in the way of herbs and vegetables.
Over the next ten years she tried to persuade her neighbor to sell her his property (so she could build a new kitchen and entertaining area)  but to no avail...then finally in 2006 the owner acquiesced and Ina acquired the property and was able to build a new barn inspired kitchen, a walled herb garden and cotinued to plant more beautiful expanses of flowers and trees
Ina is so cute!

 The photo above from an early cookbook shows the young boxwood hedges and lavenders just starting to fill in.  Boxwood hedging is really wonderful but takes years to look really full.  The porch with the wisteria vine has since been screened and now has a permanent roof.

 I love some of the old wood fencing and little sheds she has on the property.

No matter how hard people try, the look of time worn wood and the structure of old trees and shrubs just cannot be duplicated
The new barn sits directly across from the house 

Below is the  new walled herb and vegetable garden which sits adjacent to the new barn.
To be honest, I'm not sure how much I like this garden.  I love the rustic touches in the barn design but I hope she plants it full of veggies and wonderful produce.  It will be so much prettier.

The walled garden has really filled in, in these photos... love the simple bird bath
Here Ina is growing cherry tomatoes, chard, dill, squash just to name a few.  
In the corner is a fig tree!

I think Ina's tomatoes are in need of some trellis work...nice to see some one else has these crazy 
10 foot high tomato plants too!

love the orange roses!

There are dozens of articles about this wonderful barn and all of the beautiful details of  both the exterior and the inside...including the amazing kitchen and great room

Most of her table arrangements are simple and I suspect she uses as much as she can 
from her gardens to fill in the centerpieces

In the first of her two cookbooks there are a few photos of the early years of the garden just beginning to take shape. 
 She definitely has a thing for hydrangea, doesn't everyone?

Her food styling is always so pretty, especially the shots taken out of doors.

I like the photo below with the old lichen covered fence and 
the grey shingle shed in the background
She seems quite  at home in the garden and I suspect she is a confident clipper and snipper 
but not so much of a digger and planter

Are you a clipper and snipper 
or a 
digger and planter
       I'm a little of both!
Hope you enjoyed the tour
Happy Gardening

Photos via House Beautiful, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, O Magazine
Ina Garten cookbooks
  1. I am both. I just love Ina and her easy style.
    Thanks for tour a few inside photos I hadn't seen. Enjoy, Kathy

  2. I enjoyed this post so much - thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Ina and it's good to see what a nice couple they are. Her cooking show is one of my favorites. Thanks for this informative post.

    1. Thank you Kathy, Susan and Karol....she is a favorite. I like that she has not endorsed any ridiculous products and sold her integrity to a big of yet! It keeps me hopeful that all is not lost in the name of money and fame

      Cheers, Kelley

  4. A friend gave me one of Ina's books years ago, and it is still one of my favorites to this day. Her gardens and her barn are so lovely, and I kind of like the austerity of her veggie/herb garden, it looks kind of like something you would find in the south of France, whereas the rest of her gardens seem to be English inspired, which I also love. Thanks for the wonderful post, as always. And although I've done both, I prefer to be the clipper and snipper.

    xo Kat

  5. Ina rules! Have you been following her current Food Network season (airing on Saturday mornings)? It's called "Barefoot in the City", which has her exploring foodie hot spots in Manhattan + Brooklyn, after which she returns to the Hamptons to, as she puts it, "Cook up a storm!"
    Kay from

  6. It was so nice to find all of these photos of her gardens compiled into one post! Love it. Thanks for all your research. I am both...but really don't like the digging...just do it to be able to enjoy the plants in the ground.

  7. Kelley,
    This was great. I love Ina and the bits and pieces I've seen of her home and newer "barn". But there were images in your post that gave us a tiny peek at a 'behind the scenes' of the great lady and her darling husband. Thanks for this.

  8. Yep, Ina is my hands down favorite. A total CLASS ACT. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings to you!!!

    1. I agree, she really is one of the few television chefs that is enjoyable to watch and listen to. I like to learn something when I watch a cooking show and most of the other "cooks" are just silly and annoying, but Ina can really cook!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Ina is just one of my favorite people. She has such a calm gentle spirit, I love watching her cook. I always tell everyone that one of my dreams would be to live next door to her and she would stop by to invite me to lunch in her garden! 😀 (Every girl has a dream). Such a beautiful home and such a lovely lady. Thank you for sharing your post and collection of photos. Wishing you a wonderful week!


  10. Wow......I could be very happy in a house like that surrounded by gardens like that! Just beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing such inspiring photos!!!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Thanks for the Ina garden tour. I think you are right. I don't think Ina is shifting through her compost heap to much and admiring the red worms. Have always loved her flair, style and cooking. Big fan. Appreciated your comments on her gardens.

  12. I love her kitchen...the work space is amazing!

  13. Kelley

    Do I remember hearing I am having a hard time thinking of things to blog about?!! What? You have knocked it out of the park with these last two posts...I guess the blog god is with you!! Anotheer wonderful post!!! I love Ina's style and especially her recipes!! She is in a class by herself in my mind...

  14. Hola

    I'm not that bozoputer savvy + cannot e-mail you, it seems.

    But I must share this blog post:

    Gosh, I hope this reaches you!

    Orlando, the blogger is the assistant of Emily Henderson (HGTV Design Star).
    Isn't he funny?

    KAY @

  15. Digger, clipper, dirt under the nails kinda gardener here!
    Love Ina, and love that her tables look like anyone could do it!
    I also love about Ina, that she has stayed true to her beliefs for her show--not a parade of celebrities thru her kitchen!

  16. I really enjoyed this. I love seeing, tasting, cooking, smelling anything originating from Ina; her garden is no exception. I love the way she put the Russian sage in the parterres. I love Russian sage, but it's so lanky I'm not always sure what to do with it.


  17. I'M loving those purple napkins and the kumquats are growing on my trees so I will have to place them on napkins soon too!

  18. I'll happily add myself as a member of Ina's fan club. She seems so down-to-earth, genuine and incredibly talented, and I am just tickled by the sweet relationship she has with her husband. They adore each other and I love that!

    As always your compendium of words and images was wonderful, and, spot-on, Kelley. Before I read your narrative about her new walled garden I was puzzled by the almost modern look of the beds themselves and instead would have enjoyed seeing lots of curved lines in the beds. While the windows in the wall were lovely, the stucco just didn't seem to mesh with everything else that I had seen before, or the coastal flavor of her home and barn. Stone would have been incredible, but weathered wood, like her other fences would have better integrated the two spaces. IMHO. The barn is simply dreamy and I could easily park myself there for ages!

  19. Lovely! I like her cookbooks too. I need to catch up with her show.

  20. What a wonderful post about Ina's charming 'estate'. I too have always loved her cookbooks as much for the house & garden pictures, as well as the cooking. Her home was such an inspiration when we were building ours..I had even called about her living room paint color and she actually checked out in her garage to see if she still had the paint cans (she didn't, and couldn't remember the color), so kind and gracious of her to do so. She truly is one of the best, and her home, garden, show, and books are as well.
    xo J~

  21. charming post, always have loved Ina and her wonderful home...Loved hearing about her great garden, thanks for sharing it her good taste and simple presentation...Phyllis

  22. a little catch up reading....
    I love Ina and had the chance to meet her at a book signing in Boston! So nice, real and genuine. I love her easy going style too!

  23. I'm a little of both as well. What a great, comprehensive study of this wonderful icon's residence. I loved going through all of this. Well done.

  24. I've always admired Ina, her house, gardens; well everything about her! Thank you for the lovely photos

  25. I'm both. Thankyou for the post I enjoyed the photos and the read. The house and garden are truly inspirational.

  26. Yep...totally love her and the original house and garden...but not her new barn or veg garden...too contemporary. Yes, I'm sure she's a clipper NOT a digger.... Great pics!!

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