Hello friends!
Lets get caught up...OK?

Lately my life has been a series of events, changes, holidays, 
family, work and gardening...all of which, 
has left me with very little time to devote to blogging

But I'm still here and would love to get re-aquanted with you 
and share a few fun new decorating projects 
and my usual musings and antics 
in the garden and kitchen

lets get going...

 This is my scary old garage/guest room (kidding) just before we loaded up for the
in beautiful San Luis Obispo in November
 I was pretty organized and the packing was not all that bad....yes we made the trip in a u-haul
I know right?....what a way to travel!

My husband kept saying to me....
"Don't ever tell me I don't take you any place nice"

during the unpacking at the venue I fell into 
a complete insane panic.....
 I only had about 5 hours to unpack everything and completely merchandise my booth 
before the opening day on Saturday

It all came together...in the end...
at least I think it did

Flowers from my garden made the trip 
as did lots of signs, pillows, folk art and garden goodies, 
including some fresh limes from the orchard...just in case we wanted  a margarita maybe?!!

 The tractor sign sold almost immediately...remember it from Country Living?
 When the gates open to this event,
 it is a crazy surge of shoppers.

But, most people seemed to know exactly what they were looking for. 

 My booth was pretty packed and super busy, 
but it was fun...yes it really was a ton of fun!

 I managed to meet a few friends...Trino 
was just around the corner.

His booth was amazing and he and his partners are so nice. 
Talk about pros...they know exactly
what goes where
and not a single item looks out of place!

I purchased a really great basket from him and probably should have bought a few other items
but now I will have to visit him at another show....right?

 Clearly, I am seriously cracking myself up about something?

By the way...yes those are overalls...a fashion statement
chosen just for this type of thing.

Notice the extra pockets for:

sales tickets
business cards
wine opener

Carhart work pants, size mens XS...perfect

luckily I had a leather strap on my glasses too or I would have really been in deep trouble

On a side note...I wore a great vintage beaded sweater early in the morning
and set it down in my booth later....could have sold it 10 times!

 On Sunday is was a bit damp and chilly 
 It was great to have a few hours before the gates opened to rearrange and tidy up

 I sold quite a few items for the holidays and baskets went quickly,
probably for Thanksgiving tablescape's

quilts and linens sold too

 My husband was such a trooper.
I really can't believe he did this event with me.

He had a couple of cups of coffee and acted like he'd done this a million times

 all of the small purchases 
found their way into a Polished Pebble Goods gift bag
this was a great item..a vintage 1950's brushed steel lawyers cabinet

I marked it way, way WAY down on Sunday 
and sold it to a really wonderful young college student...she was seriously happy!
Just before we ended the event my husband took my picture
shirt untucked
totally pooped
frizzy hair 
lost glasses

 but still smiling
and yes I might do this again...just in case you were wondering

Thank you
 to all of the friends who so graciously stopped by 
to say hello!

I so appreciate you and your support

and to my blog family
thank you so much too for hang'in  in there with me 

cheers and love

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  1. it looks like you did a seriously amazing job. to bad i am thousands of miles away to visit. fantastic product and i love your outfit.

    1. Thanks Meg! Overalls are very under-rated ; o ))

  2. Your booth looked amazing and you look adorable! Glad you had fun!

  3. You make it look so fun! My college student daughter, an English major at UC Berkeley, would have been thrilled to buy that grey desk too.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda, Kerrie and Karen. It really was fun but the trip home was exhausting!


  5. What a great looking sale. I wish I'd be there. All the stuff looked so good and you look so cute in your fun outfits! Glad you are back. I'm struggling to blog too and I'm not doing anything near as exciting. I love the new look of your blog.

    1. Hi Nita! Hope you and I can find our blogging mojo again!

  6. how fun!! wish so much that we lived there , we would've been there for sure.....your booth looked adorable!!
    i was just going to write to you this wk and see how you were doing, cuz you haven't blogged in awhile...i'm not consistent ever, but it seemed like it had been awhile since you'd written a post .
    ok, LUV the first outfit, especially the floral shirt (i would've wanted to buy that)....and then the last pic, i adore the whole outfit!! so, if you sell any clothing lemme know :)....i luv floral shirts and sweaters and try to scoop them up when i find a good one too. And the minty necklace is so pretty.....

    i set up a booth one year at Round Top but not sure i'll do it again...it's alot of work, but some people do it every season and luv it....what did you think? will you set yours up again? I guess Round Top was tuff for me b/c it's a long drive there...
    happy holidays and welcome back!

    1. Hi Jeanette, I would love to go to Round Top some day! Need to put that on my list for next year and then we could meet up for a famous San Antonio margarita too


    2. sounds great! the next one is March 26-April 6....if you decide to come out, seriously I'll walk and buy it with ya! (there are various markets up/down the hwy of this area that all run at different dates, but this is the time frame) I just came back to this blog post cuz I'm about to start renting an antiques space in a town close to me. It's an antique type mall with a mix of old and new...so I can sell a mix. But I've really been wanting to get back into it (did it awhile down at the coast in Rockport, Tx.) Anyways, went to this blog post to eye your merchandising/displays again......lol.......but you always inspire! Anyways, I'll be going to Round Top this yr to add to my space (wish it were this wknd so I'd be more prepared ...but i had to start my lease there in Feb.)
      Anyways, let me know when you decide to come out our way and yes, we'll have a margarita!

  7. Wow! Wish I lived closer! I would've cleaned your booth out, you sold some of my favorite things from your home. Now I'm wondering what your home is decorated like today. Hopefully you'll do a post soon and give us a peak. Love your blog and have missed your posts!

    1. Unfortunately I haven't done many new things but have a big list for the New Year....!!!

  8. Great to see your post. Every year I want to go to the show and I find out about it when it's going on. Could you try and post before the show about the dates, so people like me can mark our calendars? I'd love to shop your booth. It looks like it was so much fun!

    1. Thank you Sharon@!!!!!
      The next show is in June in the San Jose area. Should be a really good one

  9. What a fun booth you had!!! And I love your colorful outfits...so pretty even while you are working your rear off!

    1. Thanks Mary Ann...hope all is going well with the move to San Francisco! ; o ))))

  10. Kelly,
    Welcome back, I have checked on you regularly!
    Glad your well! How cute were you at the sale!!! I would have tried to buy that sweater also!
    I'm in love with the "Kelly/Polished Pebble look"
    As we head into our much awaited remodel of our farmhouse--I have lot's of wonderful ideas from you.
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Kelly,
    Hugs garden friend, Stacey Down to Earth Digs

    1. Hey Stacy! Happy Holidays to you and your family....and happy gardening in 2014 too

      xx kelley

  11. Okay, that's it!The pail lamps are on my must haves! Where do you get them?

    1. They are still available! I was really surprised they didn't sell. Every one took pictures of them so I bet people will try to make them too!

      thanks for stopping by, Kelley

    2. How much are you asking for them?

  12. omg !! I love your sweater !! Where did you get it ???

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you...it is vintage Ralph Lauren from the 80's

  13. glad to see you back! your husband is hot. :)

  14. awesome!! LOVE it all Kelley! HOw fun! xo nancy

  15. What great wares you had, and I can see you doing this many more times in the future! Love the pics of you and your husband too!

    xo Kat

  16. Kelly..your both looks great! Your vignettes look beautiful and your husband looks like a trooper...Wish I could of gone....looks like you had a great time!

  17. Hi Kelley!
    I am doing some much need "catch up reading" and have enjoyed all your posts!! what a great time that sale looked like!! Wish we had such things around here int he Boston areas - even yard slases and flea markets int he summer pale in comparison.

  18. Oh am I ever kicking myself for not attending this year! Your booth looks amazing and I would have loved to meet you in person. Next year? You look adorable by the way! ~Delores

  19. Kelley, I see lots of wonderful things in your booth...if only I lived closer! Sounds like you had a good show.

  20. Kelley,
    Wish I could have made it....You look adorable before, during and after! Looks like a great show and your booth, bags and goods all look beautiful!


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