Dusting, Cleaning and Re-discovering Favorites

 About this time each year, I clean out my shelves, closets and over loaded drawers.
I donate the items that have lost their usefulness (at least to me)
But books are sometimes the hardest to part with.
Book lovers would say that a good book never looses its value to the reader and I suppose that is true... but decor and lifestyle books are as bit different.
 Like all book lovers, there are the old decorating classics that I can't seem to part with even though they seem outdated today.

But looking through these older books (I found a few from the 80's...yikes) gives me an opportunity to re-discover things I really like.  

And what is really  interesting is how my taste has come full circle... from when I was young and a new wife and mom and loved really modern contemporary design...
then fully immersed myself into folk art and antiques 
and finally here I am today...
back to those more modern and spare rooms which are really appealing again
 The blurry definition of what is a "country" look 
is really at the center of my decorating style...and I suppose my dilemma.
I like to think today it is more about what is left "undone"
 than what is clearly "overdone"
 I have been a huge fan of Tricia Foley for many years and find her style to be so wonderfully pure and admire how effortlessly she masters the modern country vernacular 

In her book:  At Home With Wedgwood
She writes about about the history and design of this most beautiful and popular 
pottery and china
and shows the reader the beauty 
of the simple well set table

I love how the flowers are not in the center of the table 
and the lantern is placed at the very end
The history of Wedgwood is actually really fascinating 
and the variety of china amazing
Wedgwood is really beautiful!!! 
and all of the settings photographed in this book seem so natural 

The fork and knife on the napkin and the spoon on the far right...love that

 what is more beautiful than this drab ware with the silver chargers!

 Her style is somewhat Wabi Sabi in the true definition:
finding beauty in the most basic natural objects and perfection in the imperfect

everything is set a bit off kilter 
but perfect none the less...
perfectly imperfect

She seems very comfortable styling photos that are both formal and rich in texture and layers but manages to find that balance of simplicity and natural beauty in
what are very detailed, formal objects like the Wedgwood lamp

I love this mix of antique with modern 
and simplicity with formality...very Wabi Sabi

 Much of her design work features utilitarian furniture and basic shapes
 Tricia uses a very narrow color pallet too 
 A beautiful spare house in the country

 the trim detail on the back wall 
with the sliding doors is just enough...a bit un-done

 A loft space in Soho

 A penthouse in Atlanta
those chairs!!! and look at the collection of china!!!
and a romanic day bed...simple linen bedding with very formal furniture...
so pretty

you can find more about Tricia 

Thanks for hanging in there on my 
very much needed
blogging hiatus 

I've been a busy girl...but we all are really busy right?!

Cheers dear friends.....xo


  1. I haven't been on the computer much lately, but so loved coming back and seeing this post. My mother was a lover and collector of Wedgwood, and the pattern we chose when we got married is a simple Wedgwood pattern that I still love today.

    I was cleaning things out to donate today, and like you, I am finding I crave a simpler palette and less "stuff." I never thought I could love modern or minimalist design, but I find myself being drawn to it more and more.

    Have a great week, and welcome back!


    1. Hi there Kat! You are so smart to start your Wedgwood collect from the beginning of your married life. And what a wonderful gift to pass to your children one day.


  2. Thank heaven you're back. I miss you when you're not on your blog!

    1. Hi Karol. A break is a good thing and it really gaves me time to think about what I want to share and talk about. I have missed all of my wonderful blog friends too...I actually took a break from reading blogs as well. Hope all is well

      cheers, K

  3. As I scrolled your first few photos I was picking up a Tricia Foley vibe, and I hadn't seen these photos before so thanks for sharing them! And thanks for the reminder of how great her style is. Her books The Natural Home and White Christmas really changed my whole thinking on design. I was obsessed with them forever. Really enjoyed this post, Kelley!

    1. I know Karen...her style is really easy to recognize. I'm glad you are a fan too

      kelley ; o)))

  4. I met Tricia in the early 1990s when she wrote an article about my home for Victoria Magazine (photographed by the very talented Wendi Schneider). I have many of her books (keepers for sure) and have purchased items from her General Store because I love the simplicity of her style and her limited, calming palette. I can see why you were attracted to her style, Kelley; it is very much like yours. So happy to see a post from you.

    1. How great Victoria! I don't know if she works with magazines at all anymore but it would be fun to see more of her work! I would love to have her style my house someday....and thank you for the compliment about my style,I only wish I could do "Tricia"....where would I put all of my buckets ; o )))

  5. hi kelley!

    i adore tricia's style so much. love that un-done decor look, love her narrow palette. love it all.

    1. Hi Janet...well of course you love her look! You two were separated at birth....in a decorating sort of way. Your house looks like her house or vise versa

      xo kelley

  6. Taking a hiatus makes blogging fun again. And this post was like a little vacation for me.

    1. hi Mary Ann! We all need some time away ; o ))) Makes things feel fresh again...K

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Dianne, so glad you stopped by

      ; o )))

  8. Ooo, I absolutely LOVED reading this post about Tricia Foley, who I also admire greatly. I strive for that minimal, sincere look. It is so appealing. Plus you have so many images I've never seen before, so of course I'm getting ready to pin away. Thanks, Kelley.

    1. Hi Camille, I think so many really love her look, it is really calm and well thought out. I like your word "sincere"

      thank you for a lovely comment !

  9. I am so thrilled you are back ! You were one of my first blogs I followed and I literally squealed in delight every time you would have a new post. Such good timing I just changed all my patterned curtains to simple white linen. My home feels calm and fresh ! !

    1. Hi Melinda...wowow thanks so much. Now I feel a bit guilty about having left the blog for so long...K

  10. I LOVE these places. It's a look I strive for the hunter/gatherer/collector in me usually wins out.

    1. Hi Steve, I agree! It like a little devil on my shoulder saying "buy it...you need another firkin!"

      cheers, Kelley

  11. Hi Kelley, I always enjoy your post that share your perspective on design. I pinned away, thanks for sharing your insights with us,

  12. hi kathy sue....not sure about insight but enjoy that you pin stuff. I love keeping so many good ideas in one place to share...what makes me crazy is that... I /we/us/us girls did not think of pinterest to begin with....right?

    love your new kitchen!

    xo kelley

  13. Love seeing you back - but I too have been guilty of taking ablogging vacation! Thanks for the Tricia Foley insight!


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