Nancy Fischelson Architectural Designer: Part 1

 Every day I read posts on blogs that allow a glimpse into beautiful homes 
more often than not 
we never really know about the creative process  
and more importantly 
we never really know much about these renovators, architects
and designers

The interiors that stand out amongst the millions of photos we see
 in magazines, books and on the internet,
are those special images
that capture our imaginations
possess  a style that is timeless

Those homes are as captivating today as years ago
and I dare say we long for more pictures and more houses...
that have that certain
which we can't seem to get out of our head
 I received an email about a month ago regarding one such person 
whom I so greatly admire 
named Nancy Fischelson

Her work is timeless, humble and graceful

Her work doesn't shout...
it is a whisper of enjoyable collections, neutral pure colors
and serene light filled rooms

 I had the opportunity to speak with Nancy for couple of hours 
and I am so happy to share some
of her thoughts and insights with you
Nancy calls herself an Architectural Designer 
  She draws elevations when needed 
and passes those on to a draftsman or structural engineer 
if the project warrants it

Her career saving and remodeling old houses 
started with a wonderful friendship 
with a contractor in Los Angeles 
some 20 years ago
 You remember this house right?
A little bungalow in Venice California
 This house is full of salvaged windows, doors and fixtures 
which make it a simple and inviting and interesting space.  

She always opens up a floor plan as much as possible, 
sometimes loosing bedrooms in the process
to accommodate more visually open and light filled rooms

Another renovation in Mar Vista California
 Wonderful light filled rooms and beautiful old American furniture

 An awesome antique mantle 
with an architectural fragment above

If you look at most of Nancy's living rooms 
you will usually see the most incredible mantels,
and full of charm character 

She is a collector and Antique dealer as well 
and has a great eye for the 
"simple" form and shape
of objects and furniture
 A lovely old home in Park City Utah built in 1898
 I never told Nancy this but I know this house!
I lived in Park City for about 3 years and some friends of mine rented it...what a small world!
It didn't look quite like this but I loved it even then.

 Nancy was collecting and using French sheets, linens  and grain sacks well over 15 years ago 
when no one knew what to do with them

She credits her mother for her love of white slipcovers 
as her mother always used them in her childhood home 
in the summer time.  
Another LA project
A cluster of 5 small building and garages

Los Angeles again...a home filled with Americana, folk art and signage
Another one of her beautiful mantles
 Nancy's color pallet is always neutral tones of white and grey, 
with an emphasis on texture

 Her interiors are always interesting with so much character
and allow for  space to move
 Nancy's told me she is a bit claustrophobic 
which is why she feels more comfortable 
in open clean spaces

Next up...Nancy moves East 
and more thoughts on her design and renovation process, 
future projects
and how her style has evolved

I'll hurry back 

xo kelley
  1. How odd, just the other night I stayed up way past my bedtime researching Nancy Fischelson's work. It started with that vintage kitchen -- the one with the wall mounted sink and the curved under-sink cabinet doors. Her work is calming -- it feels totally restful to me. Can't wait to read part 2 of this post.

  2. I love these pictures. Some I remember saving from magazines. Great style. Alaina

  3. I love everything that she does. And so do many others. She is all over Pinterest!

    1. she is the pinterest queen of repined images

  4. I LOVE Nancy's work, she is one awesome talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for sharing!!!!! Can not wait to see more!!!!!!!! Now forgive me, but I need to pin these photo's!!!

  5. I just recently designed a neutral room. I typically like to use bold colors, so I was worried it would turn out boring. After stepping out my comfort zone I came to realize neutral rooms can be beautiful.

  6. Nancy's houses are among my favs! Would love to see something recent. I wanted to mention the 4th picture down is not Nancy's house but it was her sign. My friend Tricia Everett bought the sign and that is a picture of her kitchen. She has a darling house that was featured in country sampler last year.

    1. Hi Jillie, thank you for the info on that photo. I'm not sure where I found it but it ended up in my Nancy F file so I assumed it was one of her clients houses. Very pretty kitchen and the sign looks perfect there! xo k

    2. I was just tickled to see my friends kitchen among Nancy's. She'd be thrilled!

  7. Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures. She has been one of my favorites for years and I still have all of the magazine pages I have torn out over the years that feature her work. I also love everything you do as well.

  8. I have seen pictures of the lovely rooms on this post but did not know the designer, so thanks for the feast for the eyes:)

  9. I definitely remember that last house. I saved that photo of the living room mantle. Thanks for compiling so many of her photos. It's easier to note a designer's style when you put them all together. I especially love the blue mantle on the previous post. Gorgeous!!

  10. I adore her style, and yes, have seen some of these images and they stay with me. So clean and simple- exactly what we are striving to do in our tiny tudor. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Your home is so beautiful, and so warm and welcoming as well. You are so kind and helpful to include all the information and resource lists you provide, so I am a bit embarrassed to even ask this weird question: what kind of beverage bottles do you have in your bottle holder? They are the perfect size for a similar holder I have. Thank you!

  12. Beautiful summery of some of her amazing work.
    Thank you for such a wonderful interview and look at her work.
    Look forward to the next installment.

  13. I recognize so many of these photos because I've been a fan for a long time. I agree with your lovely description of her work, it 'doesn't shout.' Which explains my attraction to here style. Such classic, simple beauty. I can't wait to see the next installment.

  14. I am familiar with many of these photos used in publication. I have even torn out the pages holding on to them in my inspiration folder for someday home reno.
    I love this post it was a perfect place to be tonight looking for some calm in the tone on tone that my home life so requires at this time in our lives. (My Daughter and My life)

    I too live in southern Ca. And find many homes of great design begging to be re-imaged with rustic rural beauty.
    I love designing around the tones of whites, grey's, and neutrals, they are so comforting to ones soul and inspires much.

    Thank you for ooooh-ing and awwww-ing ! my night well spent here with you.
    Looking forward to you hurrying back with more history of all things aged with grace and beauty!

    You have been added to my side bar so not to miss a thing you are posting about.

    Beautiful Sunday to you.



  15. I feel as though Nancy and I are design twins separated at birth! Of course the talent is all on her side. :) I just love every single thing she does. So timeless.

  16. Yup....those are some perfect interiors. I could live in any one of them. Thanks for all of the eye candy:)

  17. What a beautiful home. Those peacocks and the hydrangea lined lane are stunning. I think it's always best to follow your heart and not trends! Take care.

  18. funny, I have saved every story on Nancy as I have found them! Love her look!

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