Downtown Loft Living

Many of you may remember that when we sold our little ranch house in Ojai 
we left the country life behind, at least for now 
and chose to live in the city 
while we begin a search for our next house project
(a little Spanish cottage in Santa Barbara)
For a variety of reasons, we chose Pasadena California 
and set our sights on finding a big open space (to rent)
right in the heart of Old Town 

 yes that is a big truck whirring by... and yes I cross a bridge over the freeway 
to get downtown, 
by foot 
and usually in my running shoes
because I rarely use my car 
if I can help it

and that my friends 
is one of the many perks of living right down town in a big city

another perk is fabulous food
....more on that later
 our city apartment is large and white with very tall ceilings and big windows
 and it was very fun to design the main living room

I started with inspiration colors from a small Plein Air Painting
 and a few pieces of Roseville pottery

 these are some of the original fabric ideas

For those of you that hate orange 
and I'm sure there are many, 
you won't believe how pretty these bright velvet pillows are!
the color is even more wonderful in person
mixed with the vintage faded blue batik 
the orange pillows are a color called Melon
it's yummy 
The sofa and chairs I designed to fit specifically in this space 
but they will be useable in any large living room or family area

They are slipcovered in a bright white twill 
and can be tossed in the washer 

There are a few more interesting textiles in the works for this space 
so I will share those when they are all finished

 I chose to purchase a few key pieces including a small 
Saarinen table 
for the dining area 

iconic modern pieces fit beautifully in this apartment 
and I took my Husband on a shopping trip to Design Within Reach
so he could sit in the iconic Herman Miller Eames chair

how do you say "chair love" in guy talk?

He owns this chair...I mean really owns in "I will never give up this chair" kind of own
as one else gets to sit in it...
we can look at it 

but it's his chair
what's not to like?
 beautiful white pebbled leather and rosewood 
 It is so comfortable too...I know, I got to sit in it once for about 2 minutes 
while no one was looking
I paired this with a small rustic side table

 some vintage items for color and texture
 the clear glass table lamps are from Arteriors
and the victorian bamboo tables came from an estate in Ojai's a long story how I ended up with them but they are wonderful

 I still have my old sculptors stool and found a pretty antique 
guilded Trumeau mirror and huge French Tian pot to pair with it

 Millie finds all of this coming and going and moving around  really quite annoying so we won't bother her for the next few months

She of course prefers the new rug 
as opposed to her dog bed 
but who can blame her?
hope you 
have a great week !

  1. OMGosh, Kelley, I lurve everything you've done here! The melon against the blue pillows on white immediately drew me in. I love the Herman Miller chair, the Saarinen table, the vintage mix, and the happy dog. I could certainly do loft living like this, this looks perfect!
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. I'm so confused...but I how this looks! Did I tell how much I love how this looks? So, are you going to end up in Santa Barbara?

  3. Hi Julie, sorry for the confusion. We are spending our weekdays in the city and go up to Santa Barbara on the weekends for now. It just worked out that way with work obligations etc. The Santa Barbara house will be remodeled and so I'm happy not to have to live in it while we do that. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and I can see your "look" in what I have picked for this apartment too xo kelley

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I'm with Julie, a little confused...Thanks for clearing that up. Pasadena is a cool little enclave to enjoy. The big city, yes, and such history and charm! Not to mention the flea market at the Rose Bowl. I look forward to seeing the progress on your SB home.
    The ouse of Hampton

    1. So sorry for the confusion. I haven't posted much about what we have been up to! The Rose Bowl is a mile away so we walk there too. Pasadena has really wonderful architecture which helped with our choice for a temporary apartment. Thanks so much Sharon!

  5. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the updates on the Santa Barbara house! Blessings from Missouri!

  6. Kelley, I LOVE what you've done here. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a clever mix of modern and classic and you've done it perfectly! Love!

    1. Hi Karen...thank you. It is a nice big room which really helps!

  7. I all looks fabulous, of course. Keep sharing.

  8. I love every piece in that living room. Oh my!

  9. Such a fresh and wonderful space. I hear apartment/loft living can become addictive. Some dear friends of ours rented for nearly a year while they remodeled a new (to them) home. They said there was such a freedom while apartment living. You've made this such an inviting home. It's wonderful the mix of modern with the warmth of country accents and warm colors in the pillows.

    1. thank you Karen! It is actually very odd at first, at least for me. We have to take an elevator and schlep our groceries to the apartment. But alas I do love many things about it. I don't cook as often and take out is wonderful. I will be bored soon....well maybe not ; o )))

  10. My sister was recently visiting from Washington state and is interested in architecture, so we spent the day in Pasadena. Finally made it to the Heritage Square Museum. Love your work.

    1. Yes Beth the architecture is quite amazing and very diverse. The stores in the downtown area are very interesting too with most fitting into smallish restored buildings. Pasadena has done a wonderful job with preservation and it really shows!

  11. Hi Kelley, I love, love your new space and adore the orange with blue. That Eames chair and ottoman is such a classic! I would be thrilled to live downtown or right in the city again!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  12. Kelley, you should get on Instagram! You take so many lovely photos....would love to see more of your photos there. I am homesweethollywood on Instagram if you decide to go for it! :) xo

    1. I am on Intsatagram Karen I just don't do it much but I will follow you! I will try to get in the groove....xo K

  13. Kelley,
    This is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors with the white...and that chair! Our next house will have one.

    1. thanks so much Annie, I know you love modern too...I soak in all of your photos!!!

  14. I don't know how I missed this post! I love, love, love the orange with the blue hmong!


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