Jessica and Jennifer: A Beverly Hills House Makeover

Remember this house?
It was all over the internet and blogs about three years ago.
It was owned by Jessica Simpson and listed for sale for around 7 million.
Guess who purchased it?
Actress Jennifer Lawrence

You can read about the prior owners in a post I wrote here

 What is really interesting today, is how it is now decorated.

 I'm pretty sure I know what everyone is going to say 
about it's young Hollywood makeover

The house from the street. 

 Very private, gated, really large secluded yard, all the things one would need 
to escape those crazy ass paparazzi

Ironically I believe the house was built in 1990 by Kerry Joyce which is the same year that Jennifer Lawrence was born!

When Jessica Simpson owned the house she hired super talented and cool, Rachael Ashwell to decorate it for her after the birth of her first child

I really loved it but thought it was lacking a little in the owners personal style,
 which a house like this house should have and did have with some of the prior owners.
Gorgeous entry 
 Beautiful living room.  I love the drapery in here.
Rachael chose beautiful soft pastel rugs throughout the house 
and added all of the chandeliers 
 Another view.  All of the lighting looks very Rachel Ashwell 
and remains in the house today
Ok....hold on to your corn cobs chickens....
 oh no...really?

 Well?  What do you think?
You get a little peek a boo view of the entry and stair case to the left of the photo.

I really like hummingbirds...but that guy scares me.
Rug? Pillows? 
Accessories? Flowers?

I honestly do not understand the furniture choices here given the style of the house, 
which was described as French

They left the beautiful antique chandelier and added odd sconces 
I realize art is very subjective but it all looks very out of context here

Here is another shot of the same room prior to Jessica.   
Really beautifully classic and timeless.
Does this room look dated to you?  
Maybe a tad stuffy for a 26 year old but still beautiful
Here is Rachael's simple but elegant dining room.  
Love the drapery and lighting
I know I know
Can we all have good cry now!

This entire room is just terribly uninviting and odd.

 I don't care how good the food is 
this would give me an upset stomach if I sat here too long.

...Ok so moving right along
Master bedroom: Jessica and Rachael
Master: Prior owner
Master:  Jennifer.
What is interesting is the lighting looks wonderful here and someone added all the ornate French molding and plaster details which is pretty.

 Interesting that there are no rugs.

I can't tell if this room is French inspired or modern or what.  
Maybe Marie Antoinette 2015?
Another large guest room

 The kitchen got a makeover too. 
This is the before kitchen
And today.
This has all been re-worked and beautifully updated. 
 But I have to say I loved the simplicity of the old kitchen too
This was the en-suite master bath pre Jessica 
and it is gorgeous.
 This actually is the same bathroom but they are so different looking.
I'm just not sure about this bathroom.  The stone is beautiful but it really has lost 
the personality of the older bathroom.  
And why change out the tub?
The property itself it really beautiful and has so much Beverly Hills charm.
So here were the nagging questions while I was writing this:  
First I couldn't find any reference to a designer anywhere.
All of the photos of the new interiors were on "Celebrity House" features
 on a few digital magazine sites.

Why was the house photographed but not really staged properly?

Here's what I dug up...Jennifer Lawrence actually purchased it from another owner
 not Jessica Simpson.
Someone purchased it from Jessica, re-decorated it and Jennifer Lawrence then purchased it from that owner completely furnished.
Which is another reason it sold for about a million and change more 
than what Jessica got for it.
This seems to happen a lot with celebrities and most end up re-decorating.

So lets just hope that she hires a great LA Decorator  
and gets it right!

Who should she pick?
I have a few suggestions....!

We're rooting for you Jennifer!

  1. Most of the revisions hurt my eyes as well. The color and texture choices, the tub, the floor finishes...Yes, Jennifer, we are cheering for you to make it right. In addition, I doubt I will never look at a hummingbird quite the same ever again!

  2. WOW. Just wow. Hate that super modern stuff- love a touch but that was just bleh circa 80s looking. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, beautiful - let's hope she does something and this isn't her!

    I liked the one before Jessica best - I like classy and timeless traditional best I think, it's stunning. What a gorgeous set of bones that home has though!

    I just saw the new XMen with JLawrence last night so she was on my mind today. :)

  3. I really don't understand the bathroom change? Fun post.

  4. The outside of this house is so charming and I had hopes the inside would reflect the same charm but virtually everything missed the mark. Too slick, too contrived, too over the top- nothing squared from inside to outside from one room to another. The living room from one change to another never looked the least bit comfortable. What do people do in living rooms that look like that? Where do they read, where are the books? Zero personality, zero charm and very disappointing all around. Incomprehensible. Perhaps they only stop in to change clothes and grab a bagel.

  5. I prefer the new version. It is elegant. Old one is outdated - -shabby chic

    1. I love modern furniture in every way and have quite a few pieces which I really cherish. Shabby chic and modern would be a nice mix for someone young. And the furniture is comfortable too.

  6. I'm always happy for the homeowner if they love the decor of their homes...even though in the case of certain homes I'm sad to see them decorated a way that doesn't seem to be a cohesive fit with the overall architecture of the home. We have a wonderful remodeled cottage in our neighborhood and sadly, the home owners taste is quite whimsical where garden adornments are concerned. I sort of feel bad everytime I walk by! :-)
    Thanks for the tour.

  7. Hi Kelley,

    I can't help it but I was laughing in a good way about your posts. So funny and spot on. Enjoyed your comments about this whole thing and can't wait to see your next post.

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  9. Reading through all of the comments is interesting; most of feel the new décor is a bit confusing. I've been confused for months! Most design magazines I've stuck my nose into, have left me scratching my head. It almost seems as though the new trend is a collected, contemporary, Bohemian style. I understand and realize that ten years is usually the extent of a trend, and our beloved neutral pallets must fall away to be replaced by something "new". Shouldn't "new" be based upon design principles? I to prefer the neutral -

  10. Once again, money doesn't not guarantee style. It's all a bit of a yawn. Rachel Ashwell's design is lovely and charming but, very predictable. It just all lack personal they ever live in these homes?

  11. They did not replace the bathtub. In the older photo, what appeared to be a pedestal was actually a skirt which covered the legs we see in the new photo.

  12. I found your blog quite interesting and i am big fan of Jennifer Lawrence and waiting to Watch online her upcoming movie passengers which is going to be released shortly and all the images you posted above are really so amazing thanks for sharing...!


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