Feed sacks and vintage fabric

These are old bergere chairs with the monograms on the front and the detail of the fabric on the back, seat and arms. Notice the double welt for extra detail.  You need a really good upholsterer for these kinds of chairs or they will look really sloppy.
I usually find my fabric on ebay.  A favorite seller is "Loodylady"  aka Wendy Lewis.  All of her fabric is in excellent condition and she is great to deal with as well.  Definitely a favorite of mine.  Yea Wendy!

These chairs are oversized and finished with white denim, which I never seem to get tired of using.  Each chair has a different monogram on it, one the left and the other on the right so you can see the detail when they are placed facing one another.
What about using this nice fabric for a lamp shade.  The lamps themselves are old ice cream buckets.  Its easy to find two that are somewhat the same on ebay.

So  here is my first post.  I really love vintage fabric and have used it in alot of fun ways.  What do you think of my new creations?
  1. I LOVE what you did with the chairs and the lamp shade! You are so creative! Best of luck in Blogging - It is great fun!!

  2. Thanks Gina, more fun projects to follow! best Kelley

  3. your house is so adorable!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!! love love love!

  4. Kelley,
    YOu know I have one of these old buckets in a pale blue....I usually get real creative w/uses for lamps...but I've never thought about using my bucket for one! LOVE, LOVE this idea...brilliant!


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