Carmens Best Guacamole: foodie friday recipe #1


With all of the new citrus trees just planted including a Bearss Lime and Haas Avocado it really got me thinking about what to cook this weekend.
I have a little journal, actually a couple of them, full of random recipes and thoughts about parties I might host and what kind of food to serve.  I usually jot things down on the weekends when I have a minute to sit and reflect.  I don't keep a journal so I suppose this is my version.

A wonderful gal who worked for me a few years ago was also working for another family who happens to own a couple of really good restaurants in the LA/OC area:  El Cholo and Cannery Seafood.  She did  plating and food prep at the restaurants. One afternoon before she left for her "2nd" job of the day we talked about guacamole.

Here is Carmen's version and the one I always use when I make guacamole.  It's not hot because I don't think thats the way it was intended.  Serve with your favorite salsa and chips.  My fave right now happens to be Santitos which are about $2 dollars for a huge bag!

In a large bowl combine:
     3-4 ripe avocados (Haas) pitted and flesh scooped out
     1/2 cup finely diced white onion
     1 jalepeno finely diced
     1/4 cup cilantro or parsley, finely chopped
     kosher salt to taste
Work all ingredients together with a fork, the mixture should be chunky.  Cover well and refrigerate for about 1 hour.

Remove from the fridge and add:
     1/2 cup ripe roma or firm tomatoes rough chopped
     Juice of 2 limes
     Recheck seasoning and add salt and more lime juice if needed
    Top off as garnish:  finely sliced radish (I have white in the photos because it was at the farmers market)

I  usually serve my workers "the landscape guys" something every friday before they leave.  Usually cookies and soft drinks but today it will be chips and guacamole.

Happy Foodie Friday ~*~kelley
  1. Great timing! Just last weekend I made quac and decided I was not happy with my go-to recipe, so I can't wait to try this! Thanks!

  2. I know you will like this, very chunky and I said it is not spicy but alot depends on the heat of the jalepeno pepper. kel

  3. hi,

    i have no idea how you found my blog but i'm sure glad you did, cause it led me here. what a beautiful home you have. are you at all familiar with redlands? we are inland quite a ways. i have not gone all the way through your posts but i went through most of them. i was just in ojai at the oaks for a few days of no salt/sugar and lots of yoga. what a beautiful town. like i said, so glad you found me!


  4. HI janet, thanks and I love your blog!! xo kel


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