Lovin my Oven: Bertazzoni; Direct from Italy


Back home today in Newport and already knee deep into another project.  I have so many things going on right now I feel a little dizzy! 
 We are doing some construction to fix a structural defect in the house we own and while we were doing that we also thought it might be a good time to give the kitchen a face lift.  Nothing is ever an easy fix and we've already run into a bunch of little problems but there is always Plan B.  I'm not sure what Plan B is yet but I'll probably find out really soon. 

The highlight of my day today was the uncrating of my new Italian free standing range form Bertazonni. The company has been making stoves in the Emilia-Romagna  region near Parma Italy since 1892 and they have just recently started to become available in the US. This region of Italy is really the heart of the food world and the stoves are a work horse for the home cook as well as the professional chef.

The stove comes in quite a few colors including stainless, this shiny black and bright red which would be really fun to do with stainless counter tops.  I love the logo at the base with the wings.

Heres a sneak peek at the reno and my new Italian love.  The paint on these is like automobile  paint, really shiny and deep looking.  The knobs are really interesting as well.

  We are pulling out the stone on this center island and replacing it with black absolute granite which should really add some bling to this little kitchen space. 

Stay tuned for more demo and the finished project!
Have a great week~*~kelley
  1. Oh I agree, absolute black is going to be stunning with your beautiful new range!!

    Question for you Kelley- I'm really enjoying your blog; now is this a weekend home or your new primary home? It's wonderful!!

  2. That is one stunning stove!! The black granite will be gorgeous. I love the floors in your kitchen, too - and the new look of your blog!
    xo Isa

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments and sorry if my blog is a bit confusing at times, sometimes I'm even confused. We live most of the time in the beach community of Corona del Mar right off of Pacific Coast Hwy. About a year ago we purchased a small farmhouse in Ojai CA which is about 2 hours north of here.
    All of the interior designs posts have been from the CDM house and the exterior construction is happening in Ojai.
    However....we are redoing the kitchen in the CDM house right now as well. Crazy I know!
    I"m glad you like the stove, I have not had it hooked up yet so I can't tell you if it is going be fun to cook on but it has gotten excellent reviews from others and I really wanted to try something different.
    The finish is really great...very Italian. sending my best to all~*~kelley

  4. What a stove - like a Maserati! can't wait to hear how it works. Also like the new look of your blog.

    One question: what will you do with the stone you pull? re-purpose it I hope - or perhaps into the landscaping - or donate to habitat for humanity?

  5. Hi Carol, great question. In order to re-use the stone it has to be pulled up with the plywood backing still attatched, which was such a job. You can then flip the piece over and score the plywood with a skill saw to remove the plywood in small pieces. The installer used liquid nails as well as screws! The piece will now be re-cut to fit adjacent to the new stove on either side because the original cut out is larger that the new stove. It took about 4 hours to do this because you want to be really careful not to break up the slab. But...it worked! kelley

  6. Wow - good info - gotta love Liquid Nail!

  7. Love the range...and your kitchen looks wonderful.

  8. Researching a Bertazzoni and found your blog. It's not easy finding reviews online, so I'm wondering if you have any comments? What the best and the worst thing about it? I'm looking at a 30" model for a city apt. Thanks!

  9. Hi Anon, wasn't able to access an email for you so hope you read this re: the oven.

    Yes I would recommend this oven!

    It is great looking, very Italian and shiny. The gas cook top is excellent in all ways and heats a large pot of water for pasta in about 3-5 minutes. It vents air through the top of the stove, which is somewhat different. I had absolutely no issues with the install which is also great.

    The only thing I would do differently is get the dual fuel (oven electric). I opted for all gas to save a few bucks but it cooks rather unevenly if you like to bake. I knew this would be a problem because I have had other all gas ovens and they all cook that way.

    I will use this oven again in another kitchen redo. The black is really stunning and the knobs are really interesting as well.

    Hope that helps : )



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