Jug in a crate: lamps to love


I have a serious love of light fixtures.  Pretty weird....but I really find them such a great part of the design of a homes interior.  Ambient lighting is much more gentle and easy to live with that harsh lighting from the ceiling.  I found these great vintage demijohn bottles in old crates and thought they would make great lamps.

You can buy a similar item right now at Napa Style.  These look amazing and are taller and more narrow than the two that I found.  My bottles were around $150 each but you could probably find them for less.

I cut the tops of the crates down so the lamps look less top heavy and lightly sanded and stained the wood.

I had the bottles wired though the bottom and secured with a large washer to prevent the jugs from moving around.  A local lighting store does custom work and these cost around $80 dollars each to rewire.

The shades are a very modern white linen with no trim and clean lines.

I've used these in a hallway near the dining room table on a large red chinoise chest.

A very interesting mix of styles but I think they look really interesting and were fun to do.  More light fixture posts to follow.....next:  feed sack lampshades!

Have a great weekend
  1. Hi Kelley! I love what you did with the demijohns - they look fantastic!
    xo Isa

  2. Wonderful Idea! They turned out beautiful!

  3. I'm starting to feel like a broken record! Every time I read one of your posts I think "awesome"! This time was no exception!

    I love the lamps!

  4. Hi Kelley,,I love the lamps but for me this is my personal opinion I would like to see them out of the crates or on something not so square shape as the cupboard,beautiful cupboard ,its to much squareness sort of speak,,I love that yo uthink out of the box and recycle most items into something wonderful!! Thanks Linda

  5. They are just beautiful. I love all the texture. And I love the way you styled them. Rally amazing.


  6. To Anon last comment: I think you may be right. The spot is perfect but may need more length.

    To Alex: I miss San Diego soooo much. Long story short I was born there and lived in Solana Beach for a time (bellyup) any one?

    Isa: your store and blog are so amazing,,,,in LA I think? please advise

    thankyou for the input; kelley

  7. Kelley,
    As always, GREAT ideas girl!
    They're a wonderful idea.....

  8. I love your home and your style. I keep "lurking" here and have never posted but I had to say how wonderful you sense of style is. Some people just "have it"!

  9. Hi Kelley,

    This is the first time that I have called in. I came over from Joan's For the love of a House. I can't believe what I've been missing!!! I love what you have done. Your sense of scale and proportions in my humble opinion are spot on and like Teri the above commentor said some people just have it. I love the demi-john's as lamps and they are so different in the crates. Also love the lamp shades on them, dateless. I haven't got time right now but will come back soon and read what I have missed out on. Thanks for sharing. (I seen an antique breadboard here and passed it up 'cause I felt it wouldn't go in my kitchen, but LOVE the simple idea of putting them in a basket.
    Take Care.

    Tasmania, Australia

  10. Hi Kelley,,Yes maybe more length is the answer,,I love the cupboard and the lamps but again someething seems a bit off but I imagine the total space you have in & bet that it works betterin the whole picture!!! If you change something please post it,,very inspiring,,Thanks Linda

  11. Thanks for all the input!! Love it all.

    xo kelley

  12. It's weird to have a SERIOUS love of light fixtures??? Oh, say it's not true or I'm doomed!!!!
    Have an old demi-john lamp myself and love it (ok, I LOVE all my lamps;)! Lamps were our specialty when I had my antiques business and I could not agree with you more that they are an extrememly important design element. I think a lot of people veiw them as secondary. I've been known to design a room around a great antique lamp:O!!

  13. Hi Teri...thanks for the lovely comment and please stop by often.

    Janine: all the way from Australia, wowow. Yes the breadboards are a new collection, sort of useless most of the time but I use them at parties to serve off of. They are really huge so the basket was the only solution.

    Hi again Joan, yes I think we have a problem here, who likes light fixtures that much! crazy

    Have a wonderful weekend~*~ kelley

  14. I love lamps, too and you gave me lots of inspiration... thank you. I enjoyed visiting your blog... very beautiful.

    xxx Monica

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