The New/Old Bath: why color matters

I have to admit to being somewhat of a sucker for the color of Jadeite. It must have something to do with Martha Stewart.  I collected it for a while in the 90's but found I enjoyed the color more when I use it as an accent color in fabric and knobs etc. as opposed to having too much.

This is a nice little bathroom with a large shower and wonderful vintage inspired toilet and pedestal sick from Waterworks.  The fixtures are brushed nickel from Rohl.  I like the simplicity of the mirror but it was really lacking in some pumped up vintage color to compliment all of the nice black and white tile work.
Enter Rejuvenation catalog.
One of my all time favorites for vintage inspired lighting & in the last few years they have begun reproducing bath and kitchen fixtures to compliment the period lighting.  The Jadeite green is so fun in this little bathroom.
Along with a pair of sconces, I purchased a toilet paper holder, small towel hook (which doubles as a flower vase holder) and the tooth brush goodie.  I like ice cream buckets for trash cans!
The floor tile is a small 1/2 inch mosaic of tumbled marble and the walls and shower are just simple 4x4 porcelain nicely arranged
I added the fun vintage post cards, all found on ebay, of various locations around Newport Beach.  We had them framed with little photo edges and a really narrow black frame

Here is a close up of one of the post cards:  It says  "Yachting, Balboa, California"
Bath hook as vase holder, Nantucket inspired!
I used the simple Jadeite glass pulls on the cabinet doors and more Nantucket inspired baskets for extra towels

The detail in the shower is really simple but using the 1/2 inch tiles as a detail is a great idea and very inexpensive.
Here is a close up of the sconces (not the best photo) but they are porcelain and very 50's.  I found the great green "No Vacancy" sign and thought it would be fun over the mirror.  I am such a sign junky it's not even funny anymore.  Some one please help me!!!
Take a look again at the before picture and I think you will agree that in the New/Old bathroom color really matters

Have a wonderful weekend and try not to get too crazy out there!

smiles : )
  1. This was a very smart way to add the green color that you loved to you bath. Those sconces are incredible. I love all the little touches of jadite. PERFECTION! All the best, Lori

  2. You never cease to amaze it!
    I really love the way you framed the vintage postcards w/the old black photo edges....great idea that I just may have to copy Kelley!
    I'm a sign junky too , and so I can relate!
    Thx again for sharing your creative ideas and your beautiful home.....

  3. Kelley there is NO END to your talents! Would you mind if I share these pictures and your blog on my blog next week? I am redoing my bathroom and I've got about a million ideas on my head! Your floor is perfect for a post I'm working on!

  4. Nice looking bath, and I too love the color of Jadeite. You did an amazing job, congrats!

  5. Lovely bathroom! Isn't Rejuvenation a wonderful store? I too just remodeled my bathroom and all the lighting was courtesy of Rejuvenation. Yours looks wonderful.

  6. Hi Kelley,

    Your bathroom looks amazing! The jadeite is such an unusual colour. Wish we had half of your stores here, like rejuvenation and what some of your hardware stores carry are just amazing. Actually, so I'm not greedy I would settle for Pottery Barn anyday. Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  7. Won't get crazy this weekend (I have a horrible cold) ... however I am crazy about your blog. Artie is the best isn't he?

  8. I am so humbled right now with all of the nice comments.

    I was afraid of getting to "cute" with this bathroom but it is very cheery and has a nice clean feel about it. I am a huge fan of tumbled marble in the bath because of how it wears and resists etching and staining like limestone and other high end marbles. Porcelain is underused right now and has sort of become "out" with designers. The funny thing is some of it is actually more expensive that stone.

    Anyway...happy remodeling guys and yes Helen, Artie is THE BEST!


  9. LOVE the green ice cream bucket too!


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