Vintage Water Bottle Lamps

Making lights out of jugs, baskets and buckets is really fun.  It's sort of that philosophy of:
 "re-think, re-use, re-cycle"
 I saw these old bottled water jugs in their original wood crates and knew they would work perfectly as an interesting lamp base.
Each bottle was different but both had great detail and a blueish green color to the glass. 
 I love the diamond pattern of pressed glass with the bottler's logo, Arrowhead and Bustanchury
The old crates were sturdy and only needed a good scrubbing to clean them up before I had them rewired.  This one has some great old green paint.

I have a small grouping of vintage seltzer bottles on that table too. 
 Probably about the same age (50's ?) 
which is why the glass seems so similar.

Recently I have collected some of this old Mexican tourist pottery.  It looks great filled with oranges and lemons from the orchard

No, I'm not collecting birds nests...... but this was abandoned with one perfect little cracked blue egg. 
 It was so interesting and simple that I couldn't throw it out!

Below is another lamp made from an old basket wrapped jug.  I used a rawhide shade on this one and the color of the light diffused by this type of shade is really nice.
Below is one of many ice cream bucket lamps I've had made.  You can still find them on Ebay or at flea markets with original paint.
The shades are covered in left over grass cloth wall paper.

These are some decorative jugs with really interesting wicker wrapping.  I got them from a local designers warehouse sale.  They were great just as a decorative item but now wired as lamps they are useful too.  The shades I had made from some vintage hemp fabric, run horizontally.

The shades for these little buckets are really fun.  I usually try to think of how the fabric will be best run on the particular shade shape that I choose.  I like the fact that these have very little in the way of detail.
I am working on a really unique ceiling fixture too and will be sure to share it with you when its all finished.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  1. Your lamps are unique and attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All your lamps are to die for! You have such a unique design style and I'm so happy I discovered your blog.


  3. i can't tell you how many times i thought of you the other day when i was at the "junkyard heaven" that i blogged about. it was full of bottles and crates galore! one day i hope to be as creative as you!!! i LOVE the lamps! xoxo

  4. They are all gorgeous Kelley! If only I had room for those big lamps in my teeny tiny home. Your shades are so unique as well. I love seeing inside your home(s)!!

  5. Hey Grace, Yes I read your post and just about died!!! I think if I had been there with you I would have tried anything to get that guy to part with some of his "junk" happy you discovered the blog

    and thanks T and Elizabeth too!

  6. I love your lamps! I make lamps also. I made one yesterday and hope to post it on my blog later today. When you get a chance check out my blog I made a lamp out of a vase. You need to do a tutorial, I would love to learn some of your tricks!

  7. Your wonderful lamps have always been something I've noticed in all of your photos. I love them all!

  8. Your lamps are wonderful! My kind of decor. So unique!


  10. hi kelley,

    i'm loving all your lamps. i always love everything you do. i really like the way you mix the fabrics too. what i would really like to see more of is that bamboo furniture! it looks gorgeous.


    ps ~ ha! i finally found something i collect that you don't, birdnests, go figure!

  11. The shutter behind the awesome ice cream lamp are my two favs. I need some time to absorb the water bottle lamps; they definitely unique.

  12. Hi Kelley,

    Loved this post with all the different lamps. Loved the ones on your sideboard. Very nice and the scale of them in the crates with the lampshades are perfect. So many different ones, completely nutty over them 'cause they can be the finishing thing, with the height and style etc., actually just about to head out the door to go and pick up another lamp that I just had to have....not sure where I'll put it yet!! Am enjoying all of your posts Kelley, I was a bit short on time and didn't comment about the previous post but know that I did enjoy it very much. Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Will call in again soon.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  13. Wow, I love all the lamps but especially the water bottles in crates. I love to see someone think outside the box and create something wonderful.

  14. LOVE those lamps!!

    As for the Mexican pottery - be careful about putting edibles in those as most Mexican pottery is made with lead paint (even today) and is intended to be used decoratively and not for edibles.

  15. Hi Kelley,
    All of your lamps are wonderful. I especially like the new ones you made. I was wondering if you drilled a hole to run the wire through. I love making lamps too and must confess that I have a serious lamp fetish! Lately though, I can't seem to get away from alabaster lamps. They make my heart sing. However, seeing yours makes me want to add something new. Your new ones would be wonderful in our wine country house.
    Have a fabulous weekend--the weather should be good for once!
    xo Delores

  16. Those lamps are amazing.

    I have a collection of that Mexican pottery, and it is actually very collectible and sometimes pricey.

    I just love the colors, don't you?

    White Spray Paint

  17. The old water bottles are gorgeous. I have a thing for old glass bottles

  18. Check out the lamp I made. It's so fun having one of a kind lamps! Thanks for sharing.

  19. i love all of your lamps an shades... i am always looking for wonderful objects to make into lamps... so fun xx

  20. I love all your lamps - I can't even pick a favorite. You've got a great style!

  21. Excellence - is the one word I would use to describe your blog. Great use of an old item - I love to repurpose anything and just love everything you posted. Thank you

  22. Where did the Boston Terrier come from. Love it.


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