Michael S Smith Style...my (zero) budget

Remember this little post here
love this fabric...lot's of ideas...fun stuff
Pretty good I think....
  1. I want to live there, I'm moving in tomorrow. See you then. Melaine

  2. Love that fabric, too! it's perfect on these benches.

  3. Are you kidding me Kelley, you know I want to comment. Love the fabric that you chose for the stools/benches. Not a floral person by any means but really love your choice here. I hope you show more soon of your fabric selection. From what I have seen of the room it's all looking gorgeous! I noticed the..dare I say bucket sitting beside the chair in the last photo. LOVE that, that's not a firkin is it?? Anyway, as always thanks for sharing.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  4. love the ottomans....
    and i really like the McCoy collection! I'm not familiar w/McCoy's, but now I'll keep my eyes open for those & research!
    I noticed in your older post, that you have a cowhide rug in that living room....we have one too! In fact, it was MIA for a long time, then about 4 mths ago we found it in our storage unit, and it's a great addition to the room now.

    Have a great day Kelley!

  5. I love them! I keep telling Scott I want an old bolin push suzani for the bed. I found huge ones on ebay that of course cost a small fortune, and take 30 days or more to get here ... but really, I see posts like these and I think - WHY DON'T I BUY THAT!?!? LOL!

  6. I love keeping it simple and I love how you still include prints and color; not just defaulting to solids. That fabric reminds me a bit of the Italian pottery: Majolica (which I love in small doses!)

    PS you have helped inspire me to start a blog on a subject near and dear to my heart: food! I linked to you there - hope that is ok!

  7. kelley~
    i've never commented before but have been reading a while now. since you asked for comments, i think it's fabulous! i have to say, and i think this is the highest compliment one could receive about their home, your style is so well put together, but uniquely YOU. it does not look over decorated and looks like it has grown over time. your blog is beautiful and i love your spirit that shines through!
    all my best,

  8. Love that fabric!! Super cute...
    I would even look cute if the chairs were painted white!
    I know I like to switch things up every once in awhile:)
    PS...I am doing a giveaway on my blog!! Stop on over:)

  9. Such beautiful fabric! It's so fun and fresh! Happy to have found your blog :)

  10. what a pop of brightness those bring to the room, just pefect.

  11. Hi Linda & This P Life and Salty Tots I don't think any of you have left a comment before now, thanks so much.

    I wanted to tell you a bit about how we made those little cushions. The suzanni's are relatively small about 50" square. So we took the entire thing apart using the prettiest part for the top and extras for the sides. The bottom is done in plain burlap. But I really like how fun these are...sort of 60's maybe?

    xo kelley

  12. hi kelley,

    it's all very gorgeous as usual. love the way you considered the outside/landscape for your decor choices. k ireland has nothing, nothing i say, on you.


  13. gah!!! love it. those stools. those chairs. i am drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kelley,

    They're beautiful!
    PS My parents were in the Ojai last weekend, and my mom called telling me I'm never allowed to visit bc I'll want to move! I told her all I knew about Ojai is that there is an amazing white cottage with the most incredible garden there - she was a little confused! : )


  15. Oh love love love! I am looking for some great fabric like this for pillows in the LR...

    You are GREAT! Love you!

  16. Gorgeous about the fabric!It make me smile.... such as the floral designs,its beautiful and bunting that add such a personal and fun touch to this FAB Pieces!!great post indeed!


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