A Simple Idea: family photos

"Simplicity is the essence of Happiness"
~Cedric Bledsoe

I have had a few things happen lately that have been a bit humbling.  
It has made me really think about simplifying my life  more and enjoying my family.
While I really enjoy this little blog project...most of the time...: )
sometimes I feel a pang of guilt when I post about a new lampshade or a trophy bath tub.
It seems pretty silly, really.

So I thought I would share a few simple, funny, family photos.  
No faucet ideas or furniture, no fabric, flowers or fruit.  
Just some things that make me smile.

My son David and his gorgeous girlfriend Gina.  Do these kids have the best teeth?
Millie/ball/Millie/ball....etc etc
I am finally here....almost naked no less, why am I doing this? AAARRGHHH!
Greg, Mr P Pebble at the helm of the 6 foot rubber yacht
Did I tell you that I golf...well yes, sort of.  I like hanging with the boys!
I Fish and fish and only catch a cold
 Mexico and margarita silly
Dad being Dad with a Grad
Brothers and Sisters
 golf carts and giggling

Did I tell you that when I get nervous I talk too much and laugh alot.


I'm much better and like this simple stuff

next post...probably another bathtub



  1. Kelley your real! Love your picture... Those 5 miles a day really paid off for you... You look great, amazing & beautiful! Beautiful family picts too!!! Yes, their teeth are perfect! Money well spent on your sons. lol I do have to say that Millie is the winner in my books. So cute...

    I actually do the same thing... Talk way too much when I get nervous and scared. My husband just looks at me with the glair and then nudges me. Ahhh well the little things make us so special. You’re special Kelley. ha ha

    Loved your post...Blogs are about expressing ourselves in many different forms... I love your lampshades & your family too. Keep up the posts!!! Look forward to seeing another bathtub post!


  2. What a beautiful family. I like it when bloggers get real once in a while. Your son looks just like you, imho.

  3. Hi Kelley,

    I agree with the above. Blogging is such a small portion of our daily lives and can be an escape from the everyday, I do think we need a little escape. I think like most things it's trying to establish a balance. Hope that whatever has happened that you and your family are okay! It's so nice to see you!!! To put a face to the name. You have a very beautiful family Kelley and might I add, when my children are grown if I look half as good as you I'm going to throw me a PARTY AND YOU'RE ALL INVITED!!!!! HAHAHA
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  4. Love that you shared your precious family & adore Millie!
    ..your hubbie reminds me of our Texas beachhouse builder, Nick Lorrette.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great wknd Kelley!

  5. Kelley, as one other person mentioned, it is nice to put a face with the words and images behind the posts. I thoroughly enjoy when other bloggers decide to let us in on their real lives. That may be a professional hazard, as I am a therapist. I always prefer the real-ness of life, no matter how messy it may be. All the loveliness we create and foster through these blogs has therapeutic value also. You have a lovely family. The picture of you by the river is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these images. Happy Friday!

  6. Well that was fun to see another side of you and your life. You have a good looking family and you don't look old enough to have a grown child already! It looks like you have a nice balanced life. That's the best kind.

  7. Hi Kelley,

    I so love it when bloggers I love show themselves in their blogs. It brings such life to the blog itself. I'm always putting pics of me out there and I really don't care what others think. It's my life and my blog! So I'm happy to see you today. Your family is gorgeous as are you. I also golf, ski and play tennis. Do you too? I don't know what events gave you a bit of a humbling but sometimes that's a good thing. At least with me it is! Happy weekend Kelley and thanks for sharing.


  8. I do the same thing when I get nervous & it hasn't worked out so well for me when I go on dates!! Yikes,just can't help myself,am always so happy when I get home & put my pjs on! I will probably be single for a long time as I don't want to put myself & poor date thru this again!!lol The simple things are free & offer the most pleasure,I love Millie!! Beautiful family! thanks for sharing,Linda

  9. Thank you for all the sweet wonderful comments...

    xxoo kelleu

  10. I know how to spell my name, most of the time : )

  11. LOVE this! And LOVE being able to put a "face" with your words:) Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life!!

  12. Kelley,

    You have a beautiful family! Like everyone else mentioned above - I love being able to put a face with a blog! Ok personal question - where did your son go to school? Only asking because the building in the back looks very familiar as does the color of his sash. Just curious!


  13. Love the photographs:)
    I think it's great to get to "know" you a little more!!
    Looks like a fabulous life:)

  14. Millie is adorable and so are all of you!!! What a wonderful family!
    Have a great weekend...
    xo Jessica

  15. Your so funny Kelley...and beautiful too. You have a very good lookin' family...it's nice to put a face with the words.

  16. Oh Kelley - what a gorgeous troup you three are? And yes, best teeth award to all of you! :) So nice to finally put a face to the fantastic house, and beautiful personality! :) Oooo, and, I did read the post above this ... and please tell me that you're going to be in a magazine and that you're NOT selling it! :( Well, and if you are selling it - that you let me know and hold the mortgage and allow me to make payments. Ummm, preferrably low payments - ok, REALLY low payments, and the house comes furnished ... deal!?!? LOL! Thank you for sharing these pics. Beautiful - every one!

  17. As everyone above has said - thanks for sharing. You and your family are beautiful. But more importantly you are gracious. That always comes through even when blogging about a very expensive lampshade etc.
    Besides you serve an important role in many lives...to bring creative and beautiful design inspiration to everyone who reads your blog. Please continue and know that fact in itself is important.

  18. Yay- love this post Kelley!! Thanks for letting us into your world a bit more. Your family is just precious.

  19. Beautiful family, beautiful you. And that dog is a hoot. Her picture should be framed, ball and all. I think it's great to get to know the people who write the blogs I love, it gives a personal touch to see their face and family. So thanks. I loved your blog before, and I love it even more now!


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