Organic Vegetable Garden: Ojai

Well, it was a busy weekend but with some really nice rewards. 

 The vegetable gardens are now really producing and we are never without some greens for a salad and then some! 

 Grab a fork and some bleu cheese dressing 
I pulled up some of the radish a bit too soon, but they were still great and we threw the tiny ones in with the greens attached.  

These are called "cherry belle".
I have planted a wide variety of lettuce; freckles romaine, oak leaf, endive and asian greens and many heirloom varieties which are more available these days. 

The garden did pretty well, in spite of some hard rain and very little sun for about a month.
Above is green garlic.  

It can be planted and harvested like a spring onion.  
You can saute it or chop it up in a salad and it has a similar flavor to a shallot.

The beets are called Choggia and are as delicious as they are beautiful!  

I picked these young too, but they are much sweeter that way and you can saute or quick cook them off in just a few minutes. 

The  spinach and oak leaf lettuce just keeps on coming

Say good bye to the sweet pea's. 

 I know...... I am pulling them out too soon, but I did a terrible job with the supports and the soil really wasn't amended correctly.

So.... in go the green beans on both tuteurs. 

 I planted a total of 20 of this interesting yellow and green mix.

Intermixed are squash; 4 or 5 varieties and new potatoes; yellow, red and purple.
The swiss chard has really taken off and is so sweet and
 I actually prefer it to spinach.

Some other interesting items we started are:   tomatillos, white eggplant and green zebra tomatoes,  honey sweet  mini watermelons and last but not least banana peppers.

All of the starter plants were grown locally and all are organic.

The salad mix above is one that I started by seed. 

It's a great mesculun mix that you can  sprinkle directly on to the soil and let it grow en-mass.  
Simply clip off what you need and it keeps producing! 

 Hence the name" cut and come again"  from Shepards Seeds
All of our beds are organic with no pesticide use or synthetic fertilizers.  

We are working hard on our own  compost  but since it isn't ready to add to the garden just yet, I really like Kellogg products.  

A couple of these bags will really make the veggies take off, in about a months time. 

 I added a similar product to the flower gardens too, but soon we won't be needing these at all.  

I know you can't wait for the compost post! 

 Stay tuned...yawn... 

Your comment 's have been so wonderful lately
I will catch up this week I promise!

  1. Hi Kelley,

    I'm so in love with all your goodies. I'm seriously "green with envy." Anyways, you don't know me very well b/c when you say "yawn and compost" in the same sentence then you are not talking to me. This past week I really was not feeling well but went out to check on the compost and ran inside changed into my gardening clothes and gardened for about 6 hours straight. My compost was finally ready! I can't remember when I was this excited. I had enough to dress my entire front yard. I guess that sounds a little crazy but man was I happy.


  2. What a gorgeous garden! Mine are not quite as quick as yours but I am hopeful! Have a good week!

  3. What a wonderful garden you have. So perfect. And all the fresh stuff sounds yummy.

  4. Hi Kelley,
    Your garden looks so incredible. I can't believe you have a yield already.
    We just spent two days planting and amending our raised beds in Asti. Yes, we did get a lot of green garlic and a little red lettuce, but not much else. I have cute bamboo supports for the tomatoes, but love your wood obelisks more. Like I said, your garden is just splendid. Having rock walls instead of wood makes a huge aesthetic difference too.

  5. Hi Kelley,

    Can't believe your spoils!! Fantastic. So satisfying to grow this yourself. I agree with above Vignette Design. The rock walls do make all the difference instead of the wood. Several years ago my husband was already to put in railway sleepers up the backyard until I told him I didn't really like the look so we ended up putting in the semi-circle stone walls. You have put me to shame two are not filled and I have been outvoted 'cause everyone else wants to put vegies in the two semi-circles...looking at how you have set yours out, does look so pretty. I thought I would put in box hedges around the outside to give a little structure. Have a great week Kelley and thanks for sharing.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  6. Looks yummy and yes, blue cheese dressing please. I'll bring a bottle of California's finest...
    Happy Monday Kelley~

  7. Your garden and veggies look amazing!

  8. Beautiful garden, but please be careful about using Amend -- apparently Kellogg uses sewage sludge to make it. I found this online:

  9. Hi Anon and thank you for that link and info. Very interesting stuff. Even when we read a label it can be deceiving. A bit sad because Kellogg has been around for so long and their products really can make the garden pop. ~kelley

  10. What an awesome garden you have. I can only dream of all this produce now, we only have some tiny little sprouts yet...

  11. I can see why folks live in California! Here in New England we are just grateful for days above 50 degrees at this time of year- never mind the garden!!!!

  12. Another dreamy project magically woven in your tapestry of beauty up there, Kelley! You really are my hero. I love everything you do.
    xo Isa

  13. Oh GIRL! Not only do you live surrounded by EAT beauty. I wanna be you when I grow up!


  14. oh how i wish i could steal you for a weekend to help me plant a veggie garden! you are so lucky!

  15. Hi Carol, I know know we have some good weather here but we also put up with some other nutty things, so I guess it all balances out. 50 degrees and sunshine isn't all that bad either, is it? : )

    Isa and Linda. many thanks again!

    Grace, I don't think you need my help because I've seen how great your yard is looking! All you really need is about a 5x5 foot area for veges and you will get sooo much out of it.

    Hi 24, I have looked at your property too and I am so amazed by where you are living, really beautiful.

    kelley xxoo

  16. Oh my goodness your garden is amazing! Wow! First time visiting and really enjoying your blog! have a wonderful day!
    Take care

  17. Kelley, how wonderful, I can just taste the freshness of you veggies!! Your garden is beautiful!

    Art by Karena


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