Ojai Farmhouse Interiors: Simple & Bright


The whole point of having a little getaway is to relax.  
Life is full of so much stress sometimes, I'm surprised that we all haven't completely lost our marbles.

We are trying hard to keep this place pretty simple.

 The yard is actually the "work" part of our weekends but I'm not sure planting vegetables and raking leaves is work.

 My husband can fill an entire pickup full of oak leaves in about 3 hours.  We take them to the local compost company, about a mile up the road and pay him $15 dollars to dump it.
That's not work is it?
  I picked this great bouquet from the garden on Easter:  tulips, ranunculus, Iceland poppies, lilac, sweet peas and freesia.

  I love the bight colors in that bouquet and think this house needs a bright interior with plain white walls as the backdrop. 
The pillows on the couch (pottery barn) are from old rag rugs and I just started collecting little aqua McCoy pots for fun. 

The lamps are vintage ice cream maker buckets and the wicker table is from Williams Sonoma Home
I really haven't ever used colors quite this bold but I think it will be great in this little house.  
My inspiration came from a wonderful historic house up the road from us, known as the Libby Stables. Designer Kathryn Ireland owned and completely renovated it.  She chronicled the process in wonderful book called Creating a Home and her interiors throughout the house were bright and fun and comfy.

While the style of the two homes are completely different, what they have in common are the surrounding country side, filled with old majestic Oaks and wonderful groves of citrus.  The Ojai stone we used in all of our walls is a cornerstone to the look of our little farmhouse, as it is with the Libby Stables.

So here are some of my new ideas, different from Kathryn's  yet somehow similar:

The 3 swatches across the top will be for drapery for the living room and adjacent dining area and a few pillows.
I purchased a vintage Suzanni shown in the center and will be using it to cover cushions on the little wicker ottomans (2 side by side) for some extra seating, from Mainly Baskets

The final item is a small Moroccan inspired side table to use near the couch or perhaps between the striped chairs.  The table is by Wunderley and I got it for $119 dollars on One Kings Lane {thanks Brooke : ) }

I will have this all pulled together in a couple of weeks and will share the finished product with you then...so stay tuned 

In the meantime:   here's to keeping it simple!


  1. I love to see pictures of your Ojai home. I love the simplicity and restfulness of it. We try to do the same thing at our home in Asti. I was wondering if your other home is completely different or similar to your Ojai home? Ours is completely different.....

  2. Hi Kelley,

    Don't be surprised if the next time I'm at the Oaks walking with the morning group I don't slip off and am ringing your doorbell! Your home is that inviting! I love all your choices and your garden is sublime.


  3. Oh Kelley, just to have a different space to get away to must be relaxing. Plus, with your garden and gorgeous interiors ... oy! Oooo, LOVE those striped chairs by the way - and I can't wait to see your transition into the suzani's. I've got my eye on one ... we'll see how that works itself out! :) Stop by when you can ... changes to the foyer. Big, but worth it!

  4. I love your use of color, ethnic textiles, vintage things, wicker - all of it! I just bought the same little table from One King's Lane. I was so excited to find it! Good luck - can't wait to see what you do next.

  5. Hi Kelley,

    All looks exciting. Love the sample board that you have shown us. I think it will all look beautiful. Can't wait to see how you do it. Will call in again soon.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  6. Oh gorgeous! Love her book, and wondered how close that beautiful hacienda was to you?! I love everything you are doing! Beautimous!

  7. Hi Janet, that's so funny about stopping by because Shelia Cluff still does the morning group walk on Mondays and she walks right by the house! I just know one of these days you will knock on the door. We will go to lunch..how fun!

    Hi Hill C H G: glad you found one too!

    Hi again Janine, hope all is well and thanks again


  8. LILACS! I am sooo jealous! We are at least a month away from Lilacs in New England. They usually go into full swing around mothers day/graduation weekends.

  9. Once again love Ojai!!! I love the colors with the white walls & on that subject Kelly was wonderin what white you use on your walls etc? Can't wait to see the new look,it fits! Linda

  10. My oh my Kelley...I don't know what's prettier, the incredibly cozy yet chic family room OR the gorgeous trees, gardens, and strikingly green grass?!!! I adore those old ice cream bucket lamps and your botanical pics on the wall to the right.
    Thanks for sharing your little slice of heaven with us.

  11. Hi Carol: these are the first lilacs I have ever planted in California. They don't need a hard freeze in order to bloom so it will be interesting to see how they do.

    Linda, I actually have two colors on the wall. The first is Bright White by Behr and is available premixed at Home Depot. The other color is Benjamin Moore White Linen. Its more of an off white. They look nice used together I think.

    Hi Morning T; What a nice comment and I agree, Ice cream buckets are really fun and not a very expensive little collectable

  12. Kelley, I LOVE reading your posts but my husband is going to hate you because you are going to cost us a lot of money redecorating! Melaine :)

  13. Love the board and batten siding on your little porch...and the turquoise McCoy...and the seltzer bottles...oh, and the pools of stones around your trees. I could relax there. Steve

  14. Kelley, Kelley, Kelley... Why do you do this to me!?!?! Love your exterior & interior! I think I will take your lamps {ice cream buckets} & your coffee table, so if their gone you know who has them. LOL


  15. I'm LOVING those blue, striped chairs! - To DIE for!!!!



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