The Tomato Chronicles: Chapter 1


 Over the last three years I have had my share of success 
 growing tomato's
in the vegetable garden

 I realize this is not something really earth shattering
because tomato's will pretty much grow 
anywhere they are planted

 but what is astounding is how many tomato's 
the average garden geek
 (which would be me)
 can get from a single plant

 It seems like it's a never ending 

So this year I have 9 plants in the garden already...  
most are heirloom and interesting varieties

but I have a few of the old favorites like 
San Marzano, Better Boy and Sweet 1000's

Then today this arrived...what the...?
It came from Burpee

I completely forgot that I had ordered this special 3 pack of tomato plants 
called SuperSauce 
way back in December!

so here is the pitch:

this tomato is a Burpee exclusive 
and when mature, each tomato is supposed to weigh 2 lbs 
and be 5 inches high
it's virtually seedless

are you kidding?

and it makes great sauce?
no wonder I ordered it!
 When I finally pulled the saucy little plants out of their plastic space suit 
they looked a bit tired and dehydrated
not so super
 the instructions say to feed them luke warm water 
and let them rest for a day
 and then plant them
 so that's what I'll do you think they will be a super star in the world of tomato's?
a SuperSauce star?
a big fat dud?

You now have read the first chapter of 
The Tomato Chronicles

more chapters to follow

  1. Too cute! I have tried planting tomotos for the past 2 years. No luck! Oh, I get a few, but not anything like I'd imagined. This year I had the soil tested and treated. Hope I do better! Good luck with you Burbee's!

    1. Gosh, sorry to hear you haven't had any luck with tomato's. Ty an Early Girl, it is a proven winner. Tons of tomatoes and they ripen in about a month or so.

      Cheers, Kelley

  2. I have not put in any tomatoes this year (yet) but will do so soon. The only thing better than a farmers market tomato is one you have grown yourself! I'm looking forward to the next installment of the Chronicles....

  3. Can't wait to hear more. I have never grown "great" tomatoes in Chualar. I have had decent luck with Cherokee Purple and cherry tomatoes, when the deer haven't devoured them! I am trying them at the lake this year where it gets hotter. I am anxious to hear your favorite varieties.

  4. I'm going to watch with you! Taking notes!
    I swear by "fish emulsion" feedings.


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