New Ideas For The Garden


 Spring is here and the garden is at it's happiest
 This year we have started planting and working on a new area of our property...
It sits way out in the back
 There are three really huge oaks back there 
and it gets wonderful filtered sunshine
 This old lady is one of the most beautiful
 I think
 The plan for this area is to use all California native species of plants
with winding pathways and areas to sit and watch the birds 

 A creek divides the property and you cross over little bridges to get back here
 I like this spot for a garden shed

 and over here maybe some chickens 
just across from the vegetable garden

I have tons of ideas saved to a Pinterest board called "coops and sheds"
and there are some  amazing and creative little buildings being built 
by people all over the country
 I think simple is probably better for us
like a nice little board and batten shed with a metal roof

and just for about a "spool"
that's a spa pool!
This one happens to be from a wonderful landscape company 
Grace Designs
check out her work here

 but today...
it's back to work in the vegetable garden

 I hope you are enjoying some spring gardening too!

  1. Your garden images always kill me and make me want to move to California! And I want a spool...who knew?!

    xo Kat

    1. Thanks Kat! I cute is the spool!

      xxx kelley

  2. You inspire me to get out in the garden! If only the day had a few more dozen hours in it! Love to hear about the plans; I absolutely adore the large old oak trees....

  3. Oh Kelley, I love all your ideas. A spool? Why not, it would fit perfectly out back under the oaks. Can't wait to see it all take shape! You inspire me always! ~Delores

  4. Hi Kelley! I view your blog in RSS and I noticed the change in your signature. What a fun new Blog design! Love all your gardening. I live vicariously through you as I am garden-challenged and have a brown thumb! You have a golden-green thumb! Spring equals Kelley-garden-a-licious posts! You plant 'em, I paint 'em!
    xoxo, Chris

  5. OH wow you have the Wisteria!...yeah! I can't wait to see what you do about the chicken coop, I like the first one! The "spool" idea is kind fun!

  6. a "spool"...yep that's what I want...and your house and looks amazing!

  7. Oh my word, just when I thought your yard was perfect end to show us this. Your ideas are perfect and that's a great idea to use California native plants. What a stunning piece of property.

  8. I can't wait to see what you build....!!!

  9. Your garden is so good Kelley, it is heartening to see you enjoying it so much. I have finally terraced my ravine and am now laboriously adding topsoil and biochar - even during the day while I am working there is a part of my mind happily bumbling around my soon-to-be garden - I think as an obsession it is cheaper than a yacht, but not much!

  10. Your property is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!


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