Buckets I Have Loved

Recently I came to realize that I have a thing for buckets
I mean really?!
 are you kidding?!
 no she's not kidding!
I can't even take a nap on the porch with out having a bucket in my face
 look over there....there's another one
she's nuts about those stupid buckets
why not collect Frisbee's or tennis balls...or something useful and sensible
like chewed up slippers
I can't even talk to her right now 
I'm so sick of the buckets...and ya know what?
She hides my toys in one of those buckets
 I have ice cream buckets
 bread buckets
bucket lamps

 buckets of flowers
 I even wrote a story about 
the five little buckets

 this bucket found its way into a catalog

 I'm not really picky about the color either
 did I mention that buckets are really useful
 they are great for holding just picked oranges
 this is a cool old coffee bean bucket
which is now a little table 
 I love this bucket...I bought it off another blogger
(I bet she misses this bucket)
ha....now it's mine
it is on my porch full of flowers
 I still love the ice cream bucket lamps

 and the blue ones are always perfect for flowers

 did I say flowers in buckets?
yes in dee-dee
flowers are great in buckets

 Firkins are also known as sugar buckets
 these look great just about any where you put them

 even in the laundry room
next to the stinky socks
 this is a big tall bucket...
it's like the Abraham Lincoln of my bucket collection
tall and honest! 
 a few of my favorite photos are
 of big gobs of roses in this
 blue firkin bucket

so there you have it....
a big batch of bucket-liscious-ness

just a few of the 
buckets I have loved

  1. I love your buckets! I am going to the storage room to get a set of a dozen Target dollar bin buckets I used for a school event to paint and distress them. You just inspired me!

    1. Hi Cindy, I'm so excited...I can finally leave a reply to a comment!!!!

      Sometimes the hardware store dollar bucket become my favorites too

      thanks for stopping by

      kelley ; o )

  2. Those are amazing! I also like buckets. Great inspiration post! I will revel in my bucket love and keep on collecting:-) I have to say that baskets come in a close second...

  3. Wow! You have buckets of buckets! I'm a little obsessed with collecting vintage buckets and baskets so I understand! They work so well when organizing!

  4. So many buckets they are so vintage
    they look nice around your home.

  5. I have a thing for them too. My fave is a giant flour bucket. It might actually be a flour barrel. Barrel, bucket, love them both. It's a big metal, gold bucket with a black sripe at the top and bottom and says flour in black letters across it. I like enamel buckets too, surprised you didn't have any here!

    1. I like enamel buckets too! I have a few somewhere....probably in my garage under something dirty like gardening gloves and a shovel ; o )

      xo K

  6. You had me laughing out loud! Too funny!! (and love your dog.) I am going to have to look out for buckets now that you have pointed out all their beauty to us. Great post!

  7. thank you! I'm a little nuts about baskets also

    : O )

    kelley and millie (she is speaking to me again)

  8. I love buckets, too! You have some great ones. I think the green one with the geraniums in the first pic is my favorite.

  9. Wow, you really do have a lot of buckets, but I can see you put them to good use. I especially like how they look with flowers in them.

  10. Oh my gosh girl...you have a great collection of buckets! Love all of them and the flowers are gorgeous....

  11. How I wish I had some ice cream buckets and firkins! I have a load of galvanised buckets, use them as waste paper baskets throughout the house, and lidded buckets hold treasured but messy things (like my stash of sulphate of potash). I scavenged most of them, one even from the freeway.

    1. Hi Tricia...I love buckets for trash cans too. My favorite are the old enamel "commodes" or potty buckets...I know right, weird but they are usually really pretty!

      Cheers, Kelley

  12. haha, love it....i have alot of buckets too, but your collection is great. speaking of buckets, we had to use them yesterday under the new front porch b/c we have torrential rains (finally) at our farm. We need to put a gutter on the porch, but yesterday the rains created a flooding mess on the porch and so we had our buckets holding the water in a couple of areas....think green acres,haha !!
    But we're so grateful that Austin , finally, has started getting some rains and the garden/trees are lovin it....

    btw, your new profile pic is adorable!!!

  13. I love your buckets too, especially the firkins (learned a new word today) and the lamps with the RL shades. I also love the fact that your sweet dog has such a good sense of humor. BTW, I like your new profile picture.

  14. bucket envy. i may never pass up a bucket again... you've been warned.. there's competition in town :)

    1. Please don't buy up all of the buckets...save a few for me! Like I need another ones right!

      xo Kelley

  15. I love all your buckets! They all look great throughout the house. I just found a really old wooden bucket painted bright green at an antique store. It's the first for my soon to be collection and I think it will go great with the oil can collection I bought from you :)

  16. Somehow missed the story of the 5 buckets...made me smile. Just bought yet another galvanized bucket this week...he will be decorated with a happy number 4 this weekend.

  17. What a great job you have done with those buckets. I am inspired to look for some interesting buckets for myself.

  18. Replies
    1. Hi Judy, not really...I have a kind of "I'll try anything once" list, even thought I may chicken out.

      Cheers, Kelley

  19. I just bought 2 David Austin roses, and what I would like to know about your buckets is ... how do you get your roses to fit so beautifully into them? Do you tie up the bouquet before you put it in? Do you use florists foam? Any tricks?

    1. Hi L, you will love your roses. I don't really use any floral supplies for the roses. David Austins are really top heavy when they bloom so the trick is to not have your stems too long and allow the vase or what ever to support the blooms at the top of the stem. They don't last all that long either before they start to drop their petals. But....they are magical and you will not be disappointed!

      xo kelley

  20. Love seeing all your buckets! You make them look so good! I have a few too, mostly galvanized. Like Tricia, I use them as garbage cans, etc.

  21. gosh, I love your style !!!!! and I love the buckets, love your home, love the ice cream buckets with the floral shades...really loving them!!! love it all!

  22. okay, this is just uncanny...I started reading this as I was listening to Dylan sing
    Buckets of rain, buckets of tears
    Got all them buckets comin' out of my ears
    Buckets of moonbeams in my hand
    You got all the love, honey baby
    I can stand...
    Ironic, no?
    I have a thing for bowl and boxes...I always say a shrink would have a field day trying to figure out what I need to "keep contained"! I think it just shows we like to keep things in their rightful place.


  23. i just love your aesthetic so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful!

    1. Hi Joni! I love your's too....Especially your love of slipcovers!

      Cheers, Kelley

  24. Uh those doors made my heart pitter patter...loudly! thanks for sharing:)

  25. VERY cool!! I love your buckets too! :D Who wouldn't?! Thanks for sharing your beautiful buckets! :)


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