A Snake Bite

It's that time again....peak orange season

 This year the orange orchard is incredible....
the fruit is literally pulling the branches to the ground 
and every tree is in full blossom....what an incredible smell

crazy wonderful

so what to do with all of that orange juice?
I'm not much of a mixologist 
but I love tea and especially tea with lemonade

not long ago I ordered an "Arnold Palmer"
from a little cafe and the server said:

"do ya see any golf courses around here?...it's called a snake bite up this a way"


So here is my version of a 
Snake Bite

Mix together:

a nice large pitcher of your favorite ice tea 
(make about 4 quarts)


4 or 5 tea bags of 
Coconut Chai Tea
(I use Zhena's Gypsy Tea which you can find at Trader Joe's
or use a tea that has a lot of spices like Constant Comment)

let this sit overnight in the fridge

When ready to serve/drink:

add 4 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice 
to your pitcher of ice tea

 fill some nice large glasses 
about half full with ice
now you can drink this
"as is"

but to add some 
to your drink

I like to top it off with a shot of 
Captain Morgans Spiced Rum

I stick a big slice of lime on a wood fork
(you can find these bamboo disposable forks at Target and most grocery stores)

float the shot of rum on the top of the tea
and swizzle with the lime slice


  1. Oh- My- I would be snake bit and under the table-lol I have NO tolerance for alcohol at all! Beautiful images here- xo Diana

  2. HAVE to make this. A client gave me a bunch of grapefruit from her yard...I need a drink suggestion.

  3. hey all! either way (no alcohol or with the rum) it is super good....if you have never tried Zhena's tea, please do, you will not be disappointed !

    Happy Easter


  4. I will have one please, it is so delish and refreshing...thanks for sharing that..

  5. Oh yum! I'll take two please ;) Lovely!

  6. OH, this sounds delicious! I will have to try it. My go-to drink is a mimosa, so I think this might be a new favorite. = )

  7. I am not a drinker, but i am definitely making this without the rum, YUM!!! I love fresh fun drinks to serve my guest and this looks like a winner to me! Thank you for the recipe, Happy Easter weekend,

  8. Sounds good...I'm going to have to it with a shoot of rum!

  9. Those sound amazing! I am sending this to my brother in law...he loves Captain Morgan. I have to say a snake bite sounds way more interesting than an Arnold Palmer!

  10. Perfect! Totally excited to try out this one got a lot of oranges from my pops. Got my eye on your next posts.

  11. We just got back from Scottsdale last night. So many of the streets there are lined with mature citrus trees. Loved rolling down the window and taking a big whiff.

  12. Goodness, that looks refreshing and tasty. Your pictures are wonderful.


  13. Yum! I have to try this. I love Arnold Palmers. I'm sure with the addition of the spiced rum it is even better.


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