a little shopping

Thanks for stopping by today!
 Sorry for the lack of blog posts...I have quite a list of things going on 
and now that spring is here.... 

 the garden is screaming for attention
so I just had to get outside and get a little dirty
 I have most of the vegetable beds planted
 and I'm hoping to experiment with a few new varieties of vegetables this year
....especially some really interesting new tomatoes

but today....lets go shopping!

I haven't really shared much about vintage shopping on the Internet
but....if you like vintage 
you will love 
Second Shout Out
there are dozens of sellers
 with all the things I love...like rusty buckets
pillows and pottery

and I have been selling there too!
here are a few things from my shop

if you like vintage ....
visit Second Shout Out

 and next Tuesday
I will have a really fun post to share
along with some other really creative and talented

It's a chance to build my dream home!

where will I live?
what will it look like

better start working on this one right away

see you soon


  1. your sweet little garden start makes me pine!

  2. I'm off to check out Second Shout Out, your items are wonderful! And you know how I envy your garden...so I'm working on one of my own...YAY! I can't wait to see your dream house, even though you are already living in a dream house...:)

    xo Kat

  3. I have never heard of it, but am heading over now.

    Your pictures and home look gorgeous!

  4. what a lovely selection of items... I wish I could afford (ALL) of the botanical pressed frames... ADORE!

  5. I dream of your garden! It is the best garden ever--design wise and how prolific your veggies grow! Checking out Second Shout Out...

  6. It is so nice to see something growing in someone's garden! We still have huge snow banks here. I can't wait to see you "build" your dream house. I always love visiting here- xo Diana

  7. love the pillows, if I weren't already overstocked in that category I would be shopping for sure!!

  8. Second shout out was a great place! I will be visiting them again. It is still very cold here...and snow on the ground with more flurries expected. I am so ready to see pansies!

  9. Your garden is so beautiful, love to see all the little plants getting their spring start! And all the shopping too!

  10. What a great shop and your wares look perfect in there. Good luck on doing well in this shop, it looks like the perfect match for you.


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