Spring Green


 A weekend drive

 This is a working ranch about 10 minutes from my home
heading South toward Santa Paula
 We usually drive out this way on Saturdays 
to our favorite little burger joint (picnic tables)
for great burgers (they grind their own beef)  
great milk shakes  (no body does malts like this any more)  
and awesome fries...yum
 I am always inspired along this drive by the beauty of the Oaks in the hills,
 the  amazing clear blue sky and the vastness of the ranch land...
and today
the beauty of spring 
 These are walnut trees, perfectly spaced,
 aligned like wooden soldiers
soon to be green and loaded with fruit
The yellow mustard won't last long 
but who really cares?

today it is beautiful and perfect
and it reminds me 
to be thankful 


  1. Love that area and your pictures are just beautiful, the colors are amazing...the burgers and fries don't sound too bad either...

  2. My husband and I love to make that same drive from Ojai to Santa Paula. We call it the "back way" home to Thousand Oaks. It's always lovely though and we, too, stop for many photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. My favorite time of year in Ventura Co.! What's the name/location of your "favorite little burger joint"? We'll check it out & tell them you sent us!

  4. So beautiful...I have to show my hubby this...he rides his bike up there!

  5. So beautiful! Thanks for a dose of California beauty this morning. I posted some shots of the beautiful Rockies today from our trip there last week. Your photos are frame worthy and perfect images for landscape painting!

  6. Oh my gosh Kelley...these photos are extraordinary. Wow. So much beauty in our great state! No place like home.

    And seriously craving a burger, fries and shake...that place sounds amazing.

    Thanks for this little nature break today!


  7. ahhh, upper ojai! those pics are just a few miles away from where i grew up and where my parents still live! would the burger joint just happen to be the one up by Summit school? lots of happy memories there!

  8. Makes me long for the time we spent in California...

    Have a wonderful week, and thanks for this little bit of springtime.


  9. I fell in love with CA, on vacation 2 years ago...can't wait to come back and explore some more. I could adjust to the weather quite easily!

  10. Gorgeous photos! You've gotta' share your burger place I need to make a drive out that way :)

  11. Kelley...what is the name of the place...would love to try it next time we are down there...and yes...let's connect next time you are up this way it would be so fun!!

  12. missing your posts!
    hope you're ok!
    I've got some photos of my new decor up on the blog - hope you'll stop by and tell me what you think!
    Here's to spring!

  13. I live in California too! Up north by San Francisco. We recently drove to Carmel and we saw the same sights, nothing like the spring green of the grass as a backdrop to the amazing bright yellow of the mustard. Your images truly captured its beauty,


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