Laundry Room Ladder Project


Hey there!!!!!

I must admit to having a serious case of writers/bloggers block...and it's not for the lack of trying

I counted at least 8 drafts that I started writing and never finished posting 
in the last two weeks...hey what is up with that?

So on to my projects...
I counted at least 20 projects that I started working on and have not finished in the last two weeks...
OK is it something I ate?

But I did manage to finish one little project for the laundry/mud room area
It's a laundry ladder

Now I won't even begin to take credit for this great idea
 because I have seen this done on some other blogs and on Pinterest 
and I loved the idea

Most of the others who used this ladder idea 
suspended it from either chain or some sort of rope/pulley system 
which all looked good and worked out well.

But on my weekly trip to the hardware store 
I spotted these:

this is a turn buckle

I love these things!
and who was the genius that invented it....?
how wonderful she must be!

you may remember that I used a wire and turn buckle system to support my grape vines
if you're interested you can read more about that project here

but on to the laundry/mud room

I have a big open area which we recently renovated

 plumbing, electrical, windows, flooring doors etc started out small and grew into a monster
but I digress....lets talk about the ladder!

 Initially, I thought I would leave it the natural wood 
but then I got it up
and it looked a little to rustic and unfinished....
so it got a nice couple of coats of bright white paint

 the ceiling in this room is the original ceiling 
from a breezeway between the garage and the back door

 the walls on either side of the room are the original exterior walls of the house
so as you can imagine
 that was a huge part of the renovation too 

scraping, sanding, removing paint and glue and 
getting all of the board and batten siding into shape again 
because this is now an enclosed interior room

 once the ladder was up it needed some nice S hooks for baskets and hanging things

I purchased these from a blacksmith on Etsy
and they are really nice and beautifully made
 the turn buckle system is really solid and sturdy 
and I think it fits nicely with the vintage and somewhat modern style of this room

the lights are from Barn Light Electric 
the windows are Anderson

 I have a nice collection of these old English baskets 
which make great laundry baskets because they are big and really sturdy

 another of my favorite laundry "must haves" are these rolling canvas laundry carts...
they can be stacked, 
are interesting looking 
and are virtually indestructible...
and did I mention that small children like to get into these and get pushed around?

 the little laundry ladder 
will work for herb and flower drying in the summer much better than the front porch
the total cost for the laundry ladder 
was around $100 dollars... 
which includes the ladder, hardware and S hooks
but you could probably do this for less if you shopped around a bit more

hope you have a beautiful and busy weekend!
( I will be in the garden )

I will share more projects and ideas soon!



  1. It looks fantastic Kelley and will be so functional. Love your laundry room and miss your posts...glad to see you today :)

  2. The ladder looks wonderful hanging! I love your baskets, the laundry cart and the green cabinet...everything. I just love it all.

    Question..what are the bucket things sitting on your cabinet? Very cool...

  3. So pretty!

    Where did you find the rolling laundry carts???

  4. Fun project! I just got three of these baskets from RJ Imports to contain my fabric stash. Have you been there? It is up your alley and they are so nice in there!

    I think many bloggers have writers block these days. All the blogs I read have really scaled back over the past year and I have to say I'm the queen of incomplete projects!

    Have fun gardening! I hope to do the same :)

  5. What a great idea, for many rooms. Very smart.

  6. Have been missing your posts! Almost makes me want to tackle the laundry!
    Love the little bottle crate. I just bought one off etsy and using it for extra water bottle storage in the kitchen. Kind of into has to be pretty and serve a function right now!

  7. Welcome back. Your laundry room looks great. All the details, so carefully chosen, make the difference: the rolling canvas laundry cart, the beautifully designed hand-made hooks, the over-sized wicker baskets. It all seems easy, but really takes a talent like yours. Thanks for sharing.
    XO, Victoria

  8. So glad to see you back! I am always checking for new posts. Would still love to see your finished kitchen :)

  9. Kelly...that was brilliant....what a great idea and its so decorative.


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  11. I LOVE your laundry room and you're right; whomever invented those toggles, she was brilliant. I hold my clothesline up with them which makes tightening the cord easy. Your laundry room makes me want to do laundry. What, what??

  12. Just saw this featured on Tidbits and Twine from ages ago.. but I love it and may copy this exactly! Do you remember the Etsy store name?? THanks!

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